Dancing on Ice's Faye Brookes is being secretly coached by her Coronation Street pals including Jane Danson

FAYE Brookes is being secretly coached by her Coronation Street pals – including former Dancing on Ice contestant Jane Danson.

The 33-year-old told how she's been getting huge support from her former co-stars ahead of her stint on the show.

"I haven't had one person who hasn't wished me well", said Faye.

"Especially the Corrie girls. A lot of them have taken part in Dancing on Ice and they all know what it's like to do the show and see how hard it is and the fact it's live every Sunday.

"They've sent so many supportive messages. Jane Danson gave me the best advice.

"Like myself she completely fell in love with ice skating and has kept it up ever since she left the show.

"She even saw me at the rink and told me to 'keep going for it and enjoy every second of your time because you just don't know when it'll be your last skate'.

"Then I'll get an old friend checking in and tell me not to fall – hopefully I won't."

Other Corrie stars to have signed up to Dancing on Ice in the past includes, Samia Longchambon,Anthony Cotton, Brooke Vincent and Hayley Tammadon.

This Sunday Faye will join the second batch of celebrities to perform their first solo skate.

But she admits she's had more than a few tumbles on the ice as she throws everything she's got into training.

"I fall every day of training," said Faye.

"Usually I'm going straight into the barrier and I can't stop.

"I am definitely having to buy a tube of Arnica cream every week. I have got so many bruises from falls.

"We are using our bodies in such different ways – we're being challenged like no other.

"If you do have a tumble you tend to fall in a good way. Adrenaline gets you through."

"I'm just making sure I take care of my body when I do have downtimes so for the next day I'm prepared.

"I have the compeeds for blisters, knee pads on, extra thermal layers in case it's really cold. I've just been extra prepared for anything."

Faye – who is in a relationship with personal trainer Joe Davies since her split from Gareth Gates – has also been surprised by how much her body has changed since training on the ice.

"I'm using muscles I've never used before," said Faye.

"I love to train and keep fit, I love to dance and do different classes, shake it up with a home workout, I'm up for anything. But this – they say it's hard, but it's more than that. It's so challenging.

"The good side to it all is that I'm keeping in shape and probably the best shape I've been in for a while.

"Mentally and physically I am being challenged. Your body is in harmony, there's a balance somewhere.

"Over the past year with the gyms being shut people haven't been able to train and take care of their bodies.

"Because people are stuck at home, maybe they're eating more and their diets changed so they're putting on weight.

"That can affect your mentality.

"We're so lucky to be in a competition, yes, but doing this job that is giving me these wonderful memories and challenges ahead, but how great I can challenge my body and my mind and feel really good about myself."

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