Dancing On Ice fans seriously confused by Libby’s promised skate-off ‘surprise’

During the Dancing On Ice semi final, Paralympian athlete Libby Clegg ended up in the dreaded skate-off against magician Ben Hanlin.

It didn't seem to faze Libby, who had already danced two routines during the show like her co-stars, as she teased a big "surprise" at the end of the performance.

However fans were left scratching their heads after it ended and there was no mention of a surprise, with many wondering exactly what was going on.

They rushed to Twitter to ask if they'd missed something, before the official Dancing On Ice account confirmed what the surprise actually was.

One viewer said: "So what was Libby's surprise she had in store? Did I miss it?"

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Another wrote: "Bah! I fast-forwarded through the skate-off because I was convinced Libby's surprise was for her to propose to her partner."

A third tweeted: "So I'm guessing we don't get to find out what Libby's surprise was then?"

Someone else commented: "Yawn, thought she was going to propose or announce she was pregnant."

And a fifth added: "Whatever Libby's surprise was going to be, Holly did a good job of gently dismissing it."

However the Dancing On Ice account revealed: "So there's the surprise – a headbanger from Libby Clegg and Mark Hanretty!"

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The athlete, who is registered blind, performed the dangerously tricky move with her pro skating partner Mark.

It saw Mark swing Libby around by her feet, with her head centimetres away from the hard cold rink.

It's really no surprise, then, that her risky addition to the routine impressed the judges and won her a place in next Sunday's finale.

Dancing On Ice continues next Sunday at 6pm on ITV

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