Dancing on Ice Caprice forced to seek help after source leaked ‘hurtful’ stories

Four weeks after leaving Dancing On Ice, Caprice Bourret has bravely opened up about a recent difficult period in her life, facing internet trolls and "slanderous" stories.

The 48-year-old beauty appeared on the twelfth season of the hit ice-skating competition earlier this year, but unexpectedly left the series on February 2.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the supermodel revealed she sought professional help to deal with stories leaked by "unknown sources" in recent weeks.

Caprice was formerly partnered up with pro skater Hamish Gaman, but their partnership was severed before Caprice performed for one final show with Oscar Peter.

Speaking out after her exit, she explained that certain contracts prevented her from defending herself against "slanderous" stories.

She said: "I recently had an unknown source leaking a lot of slanderous and very hurtful stories about me and I think they were taking advantage of the fact that contractually I couldn't talk.

"I just had somebody leaking crazy stories about me left, right, and centre."

The former Celebrity Big Brother star confessed to seeking professional help in her hour of need, which helped her to overcome the emotional hardship.

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She said: "I couldn't say anything. At that particular moment in time what I chose to do, and some people are embarrassed to talk about something like this, but I had to seek help.

"I got a counselling psychologist and a doctor and I needed some help because I was having a hard time.

"This hits mental health, it hits everyone in all shapes sizes and forms. Don't judge a book by its cover. On the outside it was like, ‘Oh everything's so great,' but on the inside, you're hurting."

Caprice shut down her Twitter account after the stories emerged, as the backlash from vile cyberbullies became too much to handle.

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She said: "For me, when people or individuals – unknown sources – were leaking all this slanderous information about me, and I couldn't defend myself, I had so much hate.

"It was killing me. I had to shut down my Twitter account as a result. I couldn't have that negativity in my life."

Advising others to seek help, she added: "Support is really important. Kindness goes a long way. Now I'm speaking out."

If she hadn't turned to professional help, Caprice said she could "have gone down a really bad rathole".

Before adding: "I don't know if I would have come out. At first, I felt shame, I felt embarrassed. But now I feel proud.

"I'm stronger and I'm moving forward with strength and dignity."

Since leaving Dancing on Ice, the mum-of-two is focused on developing her homeware brand, By Caprice, and has also been scouting wellness retreat locations in Ibiza.

Her new homeware range, produced in collaboration with Appletree Living, was released this month, featuring a line of glamour-inspired duvet covers and cushions for the bedroom.

Describing the collection, she said: "The designs look better in real life than they do in pictures, so it's so amazing. I work with my designers but we figure out according to season the colours that work best for us.

"The material is so soft against your skin. On the top is super luxurious and glamourous. I don't think there's enough glamorous bedding ranges out there and that's what by Caprice is all about."

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