Corrie’s Yasmeen to try to kill Geoff after ‘her escape spirals out of control’

Coronation Street's most controversial plot line is reportedly set to take a painful twist as Shelley King's Yasmeen finds herself on trial for attempted murder.

Finally pushed to her absolute limits by cruel Geoff's coercive control, it's said that Yasmeen will attempt to leave him, sparking a train of events that sees her in cuffs.

Geoff has been controlling and manipulating poor Yasmeen for over a year, during which he has ground her down so much that she no longer has access to her friends or her own money.

A source told The Sun Online that Yasmeen determine to leave Geoff.

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"There's an explosive incident," they told, "And Yasmeen has no choice but to do what she does.

"She will be arrested and charged for the attempted murder of Geoff."

They added that actress Shelley has filmed courtroom scenes.

ITV refused to comment when approached by Mirror Online.

The storyline has had a mixed reaction from fans – with one especially brutal episode seeing a spike in callers to ITV's helpline.

Geoff killed Yasmeen's pet chicken, named Charlotte Bronte, before feeding it to her.

He recently became determined to keep Yasmeen away from anyone – announcing that they would be leaving the Cobbles for a move to Cyprus.

Yasmeen's granddaughter Alya even reported the villain to the police, but dropped the charges after Yasmeen opted to stay with him.

Geoff's also recently forced his wife to eat crab shell from the bin as he branded her "fat Yas" and "thunder thighs", before locking her in a magic box for hours despite her claustrophobia.

Despite the controversy, Shelley stands by the plot line.

"People ask why she doesn't recognise Geoff's evil nature," she said, "You can look at it many ways. She's vulnerable, he's fragile.

"Many, many reasons, and I see these reasons from people who have written to me in similar circumstances."

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