Corrie's Sam Aston reveals the most 'epic' part of Chesney and Gemma's wedding

As Gemma and Chesney’s (Dolly Rose Campbell and Sam Aston) wedding looms in Coronation Street, we’re preparing ourselves for a lot of drama.

In the lead up to the wedding, Gemma and Chesney have battled with funding the day of their dreams, with Gemma turning to brother Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) for help.

What Gemma doesn’t know is that Paul is not only in serious debt, but also dealing with a diagnosis of motor neurone disease.

With the family trying to do things on the cheap, Gemma has gone to great lengths to find the perfect wedding dress, something which Sam Aston revealed was the most ‘epic’ part of the wedding.

Though the bright orange dress seems a little over the top, Sam explains that Chesney doesn’t expect anything less from Gemma.

‘She is bonkers, in a good way. He lives in the house with them and Bernie (Jane Hazelgrove) and [laughing] god bless him, it must be a manic house to live in!

‘I think when it comes to the day, he is just kind of rolling with all of it, for whatever it is and having the best time!

‘Gemma’s dress… The dress is pretty epic, I’ve got to be honest. When you need a drone to get it in shot, I think that says enough!’

Though Gemma and Chesney are clearly very different characters, Sam thinks that this is what makes them work so well as a couple.

‘They are very different, it’s a bit like Gemma just keeps Ches on his toes. She also brings a lot of fun and deep down as manic as it can be, he knows Gemma has got a very kind heart and they just seem to work’, he said.

‘The characters seem to have worked right from the very beginning when she got the job and Chesney rooted for her from the beginning when she first came into the kebab shop. He got her a job and spoke to Dev and they just got on like a house on fire.

‘I don’t even know if they were doing that initially to get us together. I think [the writers] just saw that relationship just worked really well and they balanced each other out nicely.

‘I think Gemma needs that in her life, to slow her down and “hang on a minute Gemma”. They say opposites attract and maybe that’s what it is, I don’t know exactly, they do just work.’

With Gemma and Chesney eager to tie the knot, will everything go to plan?

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