Corrie fans perplexed by Debbie and Kevin’s ‘winter’ wardrobe in freezer scene

Coronation Street villain Ray Crosby has left Kevin and Debbie Webster fighting for their lives, having trapped them inside the bistro's sub-zero freezer.

Thankfully, the Webster siblings have tried their best to stay warm inside the icy chamber, using a woolly hat and scarf to keep their body temperature up.

However, watching from home, certain fans were confused by their wardrobe, as they pointed out Kevin, played by Michael Le Vell, wasn't wearing a hat before Ray's attack.

One Twitter user said: "How the hell when Debbi & Kevin didn't know they would get shut in a freezer have they just Magically got hats & scarves, very far fetched."

"I've never ever seen Kevin wear a woolly hat. Thank goodness he started today," joked a second.

"Anyone else wonder where Kevin got his cosy hat from in the last scene? He certainly didn't get locked in the freezer with one on," a third chimed.

While a fourth wrote: "I thought a freezer stored food not a wardrobe of winter clothing."

During the spell in the freezer, Kevin tried his best to keep his little sister awake, putting their differences aside to help save their lives.

At one point, they reminisced over their childhood, thinking back to watching films together and recalling their memories of their late mother.

Unfortunately, the tender moment turned sour when Kevin accused Debbie (Sue Devaney) of being "spoilt," bringing up her recent dodgy dealings with Ray (Mark Frost).

It previously emerged Debbie had sided with Ray in scamming their neighbours out of their homes, hoping to demolish Coronation Street for a soulless new building development.

The residents managed to halt the operation in the nick of time, but Debbie's involvement with Ray has ruined her reputation in her brother's eyes.

Arguing in the freezer, Kevin then claimed he was happy their mother wasn't alive to see how Debbie had turned out, before walking away in disgust.

Debbie, meanwhile, has been battling to remain conscious, the cool air filtering into her system and sending her to sleep.

Will Debbie survive their entrapment, or has crooked businessman Ray sounded her death knell?

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