Coronation Street’s David and Shona reunite in romantic Christmas ‘wedding’

It seems love is well and truly in the air this Christmas on Coronation Street, as David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) and Shona (Julie Goulding) are set to get back together.

The duo have been working on their relationship after Shona forgot about her life with David following her brain injury last Christmas.

New Coronation Street spoilers reveal that, after locking herself in the Bistro and necking cocktails, Shona is hungover.

She apologises to David for messing things up again and he assures her that everything is fine, though it's clear her behaviour is weighing down on him.

The situation isn't helped when, having seen the CCTV, Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) orders David to drop the campaign against the planning application or he'll report Shona to the police for breaking into the Bistro and stealing drinks.

Soon, David and Shona have a heart to heart but she's left confused and gives the impression she doesn't want to be with him, which upsets him.

As he fights back tears, David tells Shona it's time to accept their marriage isn't working, which further confuses Shona and leaves her feeling isolated.

When Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) reveals the family portrait she's drawn of David, Shona and the kids, Shona gets upset as she explains they have broken up, leaving Nina feeling awful.

In the pub, David confides in Daisy that he and Shona are breaking up, and Daisy is secretly pleased.

Later, David and Shona wrap Christmas presents for the kids and he assures her he'll try and carry on supporting her when she moves out.

But Shona isn't listening and drops everything and leaves, with David becoming frustrated.

On Christmas Day, Max and Lily excitedly open their presents.

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Shona gives David a six-foot cuddly rabbit to replace Barney, his childhood pet – and he loves it.

But Lily gets a jewellery bead stuck up her nose, so they reluctantly head to A&E.

While the nurse sees to Lily, Shona calms the youngster down and makes her giggle.

David watches on with a heavy heart and realises how much the kids will miss her.

Back on the street, David and Shona go to Jenny's drinks stall but Shona storms off when she sees Daisy flirting with David.

David eventually finds Shona in Victoria Garden and the finally clear the air, admitting they still love each other and want to make things work, so he forms a lan.

At home, David and Shona re-enact their wedding day with the help of Max and Lily.

The Platts soon tumble out of No8 as the snow begins to fall.

Shona stares up in amazement, while David gazes at his wife, with his love for her renewed.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV

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