Coronation Street’s Colson Smith shows off huge weight loss as character Craig goes on a diet over police bullying – The Sun

CORONATION Street's Colson Smith wowed fans with his weight loss as he dressed to impress at a swanky awards ceremony.

The 21-year-old soap star looked noticeably slimmer in a slick three-piece suit and trainers at the TRIC Awards in London.

His on-screen character Craig Tinker is dropping pounds after being bullied by his fellow police officers for poor fitness.

The actor's fans were full of praise for his new look, with one commenting on an Instagram post from the bash: "You look ace.!!"

Another wrote: "Well done, you look great xxx."

A third shared: "Amazing achievement .You look amazing Well done you xxxx?❤️."

In December Colson lost a stone a half after getting food poisoning on holiday in Thailand.

He ignored the advice of his soap friends Jack P Shepherd (David Platt) and Ben Price (Nick Tisley), who warned him not to eat some seafood.

But being on the beach, he decided to tuck in anyway – to dire consequences, as he was only able to eat one banana and three slices of toast for a whole week.

Speaking on his podcast Sofa Cinema Club – which he hosts with Jack, 31, and Ben, 47 – the star said: "I was in Ko Lanta. I was sat on the beach and the waiter came over and was like, 'What would you like?' And I said, 'I'll have the prawns to start please.'

"I had avoided seafood [on Ben's advice] but I was sat on the beach and I was like, 'How can you not have seafood on the beach?'

"Well, anyway. I'm not doing that again. I've lost about a stone and a half. In seven days I've had one banana and three slices of toast. I'm on the mend now."

This wasn't without warning, as his older castmates tried to warn him of the dangers before he visited.

Colson said: "Ben told me off because I only booked my flight three days before I went and then Ben said, 'Have you had the jabs?' And I was like, 'What jabs?' "

Ben added: "[Colson said], 'What jabs? I've taken some paracetamol, I'll be fine.'

"The second thing I mentioned was, 'Don't eat the seafood.' Because you've got to be a bit careful."

The three Corrie actors are firm friends outside of their life on the ITV soap.

Colson lived with Jack for a year in Manchester until January, where Jack moved in with his girlfriend.

So Colson swapped him for his on-screen half-brother and moved in with Ben instead.

Jack previously mentioned how much he helps Colson around the house, saying: "I live with Colson – and that's a challenge.

"I have to teach him about life and things, and I do his washing."

He added: "He's like my little project – my nickname is 'Dad'."

Colson, Ben and Jack started their podcast in May of this year. In it, they all sit down to watch a movie together.

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