Coronation Street fans sickened as Ray Crosby tries to rape Faye Windass

CORONATION Street fans are sickened after Ray Crosby tried to rape Faye Windass in the Bistro office.

The businessman – who is played by actor Mark Frost in the ITV soap – pounced on assistant manager Faye after luring her into the office for a drink during the power cut.

In harrowing scenes he locked her into the office and forced himself on her.

She was left screaming for him to stop, desperate for someone to help her.

Fortunately her brother Gary walked in on Faye shouting at Ray to stop – and demanded he open the door to the office.

Furious he got Faye to safety before ripping up the contract to sell the factory in front of the property developer.

He told him there was no way he was getting his hands on the factory now.

“You stay away from her and me,” Gary said.

“Oh and the factory – well you can shove the factory so far up you can taste Times New Roman.”

With that Gary ripped the contract up and threw it to the floor.

Ray was left squirming that it was a misunderstanding – insisting he would print another for Gary to sign.

But viewers were sickened that of all the people Gary has killed – Ray didn’t join the ranks.

One wrote: "Faye you’ve got to report the rapist ray to the police don’t let him carry on doing it to another girl in the future."

A second said: "Faye needs to tell Maria and Gary what Ray has done to her. She had every right to speak out. What Ray did was so wrong."

Another added: "i am SO GLAD gary found faye oh my god what a dirty scumbag ray is.

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