Coronation Street fans disgusted with cheater Tyrone Dobbs for trying to get Alina Pop to leave Weatherfield

CORONATION Street fans are disgusted with Tyrone Dobbs after he tried to force Alina Pop to leave Weatherfield.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Alan Halsall in the ITV soap – kissed Alina a few weeks ago before getting back together with girlfriend Fiz Stape.

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Tonight, after decided he wanted to make a go of things with Fiz, he visited Alina to tell her to leave the cobbles for good so they could move on.

“I’ve heard they’re giving you a hard time at work, I’m sorry,” he told her.

“You don’t deserve any of this – if I could change it, I would I swear.

“Me and Fiz are trying to make a go of things but it’s not really working with you living just across the street.

“How can any of us move on? I’ve got my business and Fiz’s job and the kids are settled at school. 

“You’ve got less ties, haven’t you? And you can’t really be enjoying your job at the moment.”

A shocked Alina said: “You’re telling me to move? I can’t believe the nerve of you. 

“You want me to give up everything I’ve struggled for just to make your life easier. No chance. 

“If I’m such a problem you can move away. At least now I know how little I mean to you. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

Tyrone went home and lied to Fiz insisting Alina agreed to think about leaving, but viewers were disgusted with him.

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One wrote: "Controversial but no Alina shouldn’t have to move just because Tyrone forgot he had a family."

A second said: "why doesn't he just say she slammed the door in my face instead of the "basil fawlty lies"?"

Another added: "You can't ask people to move house because you're uncomfortable. Get real. #Corrie."

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