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CORONATION Street fans are convinced they know how evil Geoff Metcalfe will be caught – and they have five theories about it.

The radio DJ – who is played by actor Ian Bartholomew in the ITV soap – has been terrorising Yamseen for a year, employing coercive control to keep her down.

However he went too far last month by starving her and terrifying her that he was going to kill her, leaving her no option than to lash out to protect herself.

She is now locked up having been charged with attempted murder – but fans are desperate for her to go free and for Geoff to be caught for his crimes.

Soap boss Iain MacLeod has confirmed Geoff will face his comeuppance – and fans think they know how.

The hidden camera

One of the biggest clues dropped of how Geoff will be caught was his hidden camera.

He secretly installed it in the living room so he could watch how Yasmeen behaved when he wasn't around, keep an eye on her movements and ensure she was following his abusive and exhausting cleaning schedule.

However despite her allegedly thorough cleaning she never found the camera.

Nor did the army of police and forensic officers who descended on the house after she nearly killed him with a wine bottle.

The only possible explanation is that the camera is yet to be found and will free Yasmeen at a pivotal point.

And that seems all the more likely now he has been locked out by Alya.

Come on Eileen

Eileen has long harboured suspicions about Geoff's bizarre behaviour.

Ever since she comforted Yasmeen on a day trip to Blackpool – though they only got to a country pub – after Geoff locked her in a box.

She knows something is wrong and after seeing Geoff lock her in the house shortly before the wine bottle incident her interest has been piqued.

But with Geoff's believing son Tim as her boss – can Eileen do anything to save her friend?

Curious Cathy

She might sell kebabs for a living but Cathy has been shown to know when the meat is off, so to speak.

Cathy has noticed Geoff's troubling behaviour but has been manipulated into thinking it was all Yasmeen's fault.

Even Geoff convincing Yasmeen she was an alcoholic didn't register as bizarre in Cathy's playbook – until after the wine bottle smash and stab.

Now Cathy knows what to look out for and she could be the one to bring down Geoff.

Death by Alya

Yasmeen may have started the job – but if there's anyone who can finish it, it's Alya.

She's consumed by her hatred of Geoff and what he's done to her grandmother – and Geoff's already proved he'll threaten her himself.

And with her holding the key to exposing him – though not realising she has the cameras – Geoff could turn violent out of desperation forcing Alya to defend herself and killing him.

Detective daughter in law

If there's one person who won't be afraid to tackle Geoff, it's his daughter-in-law Sally.

She already can't stand him half the time and having been through an abusive relationship herself, she won't hesitate to stand up for Yasmeen.

And with her own experience of being locked up unjustly, Sally will no doubt stand up to her own husband Tim to get justice for Yasmeen.

The ex wife

There has been a lot of talk about Geoff's ex-wife and Tim's mum.

She's been painted as being a violent alcoholic who abused Geoff and made Tim's life hell – but while viewers know the truth, Tim has no idea.

But if she were to have grown stronger in the years after escaping Geoff, her arrival on the cobbles could see her upend his lies, free Yasmeen and win her son back.

Geoff himself

Let's face it – if there's one person going to be responsible for Geoff exposing himself, it's going to be Geoff himself.

He thinks he's more intelligent than everyone else and capable of manipulating all those around him but viewers know better.

They know a host of characters have seen through him and even the police are suspicious of how frequently history seems to repeat itself with him and women.

So it's only a matter of time until he launches into a monologue befitting a confessing Agatha Christie murderer.

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