Coleen Nolan fans convinced they know exactly who mystery diva who 'is lovely on TV but isn't very nice' is

COLEEN Nolan fans are convinced that the mystery diva she recently described as “not being very nice” is Nadia Sawalha.

Last week the 56-year-old Loose Woman star started a game of 'guess who?' when she said that sometimes celebrities who we think are "lovely" are sometimes "not very nice" behind-the-scenes.

Her comments follow hot on the heels of a very public spat her rep Melanie Blake had with Nadia last summer, in which she branded her a “nasty witch”.

Melanie, who is very close to Coleen,made her feelings about Nadia known on Twitter , alongside a video shared by Loose Women.

Nadia was seen in the footage urging women to love their bodies, admitting: "Nobody in my entire life has ever said anything as nasty to me as I've said about myself."

But retweeting the clip, Melanie wrote: "It’s a shame she 'officially' gave up acting because Nadia deserves an Oscar for this speech.

"In 20 years of repping clients I never saw a nastier side to anyone than I did of her & I’m not alone. Her constant 'be kind' etc speeches are so ironic considering she is a total witch."

Coleen appeared to echo her sentiments talking to Melanie last week on her podcast,  Melanie Blake's Girl Talk.

She teased: "I cannot say names because I'd be taken to court, the vast majority are fabulous.

"There's the odd one who yes, on screen, comes across as lovely and the girl-or-boy-next-door and all that, but actually behind the scenes aren't very nice."

Coleen added: "They are quite diva-ish and I find it very difficult to hide my disappointment."

Fans put what they think is two and two together and speculated that she was talking about Nadia. 

One person wrote: “It has to be Nadia. She is totally obsessed with herself.”

Another guessed: “It as to be Nadia I can't watch when she is on Narcissist much.”

While someone else remarked: “So obviously it's Nadia then! They're both as bad as each other but at least Colleen doesn't keep getting her kit off every five minutes.”

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