Chris Ramsay's wife Rosie jokes she's 'aged 900 years' after having second baby as she shares before and after pictures

CHRIS Ramsay's wife Rosie joked she's "aged 900 years" since giving birth to her second baby.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram to share a candid post about how her view on motherhood has changed over the past month.

Rosie shared two snaps of her holding baby Rafe and her older son Robin shortly after welcoming them into the world.

She put each picture side by side and reassured other mums out there that things do get easier as time goes on.

The podcaster told her 765k followers: "Two different babies and two very different looking me’s! I’ve age about 900 years for one!

"I am honestly enjoying motherhood so much more second time around.
I don’t feel anywhere near as worried all the time!

"I used to stress about every single thing with Robin. I would write down how much he drank, how long he slept, how many poos he’d had. THE LOT!"

But now that Rosie is in full-swing of things with five-year-old Robin, she doesn't feel as worried about certain things anymore.

The author added: "With Rafe I’m currently working on a “Oh, he’s crying, he needs something!” type of thing…. And it’s great!

"He has slotted in so perfectly to our family dynamic and I just love him for that (thanks babes.)

"I now realise, being a second child myself.. why I have quite a relaxed view on life. I was basically just slotted in myself! Dragged up I was!! Haha, my mam will kill me for that."

She continued: "Ps… I asked Chris to recreate this pic for me. He looked at the photo of Robin and I just before he took it and still managed to get it completely wrong! Useless.

"Pps… Rafe is TEENY compared to Robin!"

While many flocked to the comments section to praise Rosie for her honesty, others disagreed with her comment about her appearance.

One wrote: "I honestly don’t think you look much different. Love these photos. So cute xx."

Another said: "You look lovely and I don’t see that you’ve aged at all! X"

A third said: "Isn't it odd how we see ourselves, I think you look great in both pics and if you put them individually and hadn't said they were from different years, I wouldn't have known! I do wear glasses mind."

A fourth simply added: "I can’t tell which photo is now and then? X"

A fifth chimed in: "You haven’t aged at all and look wonderful!! Such a lovely read, congratulations!!"

Her post comes after Rosie and Chris welcomed baby Rafe into the world last month.

Rosie took to Instagram to share the happy news with an adorable snap of the tot sleeping.

She wrote: "Hi everyone. This is Rafe Ramsey. Born yesterday afternoon weighing 9lbs 1oz.

"He’s absolutely wonderful and looks EXACTLY like his brother! like, it’s uncanny!

"He’s yet to meet Robin, so once we’re all settled back at home I’ll introduce him to you properly. Hope you’re all ok xx."

Chris and Rosie – who tied the knot 2014 – are also parents to Rafe's older brother Robin.

The excited youngster posed for a selfie with his mum and dad when they shared the news that they were expecting again last summer.

Rosie kept her fans up to date throughout the whole of her second pregnancy on social media and was very open about her worries.

The mum-of-two sadly suffered from a miscarriage back in 2018, which she described as "worst things that's ever happened in my life".

Just days after Rosie gave birth, comedian Chris managed to break his ankle.

They have also had to take the tot back to hospital to undergo a procedure on his "pointed" ears.

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