Charlotte Crosby denies ‘beating up’ ex Josh Ritchie as he launched rant against her on Instagram – The Sun

CHARLOTTE Crosby has taken to Instagram to deny being physically violent with her ex-boyfriend Joshua Ritchie.

In a video, which has since been deleted, Charlotte, 29, fights back tears as she hits back at Joshua's claims that she threw a trophy at his head and tried to beat him up.

"I'm really upset it has come to this but I am not being accused of things that are not true," she said.

"I have sat here now thinking of how to respond but actually I realise if you do argue with clowns you only join the circus yourself. I'm not going to drag anyone through the trash or try and expose anyone."

Charlotte continued: "If I was offered half the money, like someone has suggested. then I definitely would not have gone on that rant.

"I do think everyone knows the reality of what has happened and I have been getting threats for sometime now from numerous people so it's probably best that they got it all off their chest."

The former Geordie Shore star then added: "I just would like to thank you for the lovely messages I am not getting in the hundred in my inbox. Thank you."

Her comments came after Joshua took to his Instagram story to deny that he was in debt and had been bailed out by Charlotte.

"Let’s just talk about this situation, about me being in debt apparently. I’ve never known for me to be in debt, something new," he told his 971k followers.

"Not only that, I’ve never known of anyone paying for me, I don’t think that is the case and I think we both know that.

"I paid for myself, I paid my own ways and, if anything, you used to do the good trick saying, ‘Oh I’ve left my purse at home, oh I’ve lost my bank card’.

“Just to clarify this apparent debt that this certain somebody is saying that I owe. It’s a bond from a house that we shared together and it’s only £700."

Joshua continued: "I would have taken it halfway down the middle and both gone our separate ways. But this certain somebody feels the need to take it to Instagram and tell everybody, it’s £350, get over it, it’s boring."

Going into detail about how Charlotte was allegedly physical with him during their relationship, he said: "The holes in the wall are from when you dragged my walk in wardrobe down and tried it cut my clothes up.

"Not only that, when you put my phone through a wall and tried throwing a trophy through my head."

"The first time it actually happened this domestic violence was when we were on holiday and I didn't say happy birthday to a certain somebody bang on 12 o'clock even though prior to it, I said it about six times," he continued.

"The second time is when they chased me around our villa in Crete with a belt because I wanted go on a lad's golfing holiday, they went mad, wow.

"The third time was not that long ago when they came in after a night out when I wasn't with them. They were off their nut too much, bit paranoid, and tried beating me up when I was asleep."

Addressing Charlotte directly, he then said: "Sit down, shut the f**k up before more s**t starts coming on. Because we all know how much of a psycho you are, you are f**ked in the head, and I hope everyone realises now.

"You tried doing it to your other ex, you tried doing it to you ex before that. You’re a f**king loon, an absolute loon and you try and wreck everything that everyone’s got. So right now I’m not keeping my mouth shut."

Charlotte and Joshua were in a relationship from 2018 until 2019.

The Sun Online has contacted reps for both Charlotte and Joshua asking for comment.

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