Celebrity Gogglebox removed from Channel 4’s catch-up service after Eamonn Holmes slams producers – The Sun

LAST night's episode of Celebrity Gogglebox has been removed from Channel 4's catch-up service after Eamonn Holmes hit out at producers.

Fans attempting to watch the show were disappointed when it disappeared after Eamonn lashed out at producers for editing out his story about his dad's tragic death – and replaced them with a joke.

One wrote: "Watching Celebrity Gogglebox on @All4 and they removed it when it was half way through. Perhaps a re-edit @EamonnHolmes."

A second said: "Celebrity Gogglebox isn't on All4 yet and I'm fuming."

Another added: "Nah that's about 3 times I've went to watch @All4 shows and they've been deleted. I want to watch Celebrity Gogglebox."

The 60-year-old said he was "hurt beyond belief" that he was made to look like he was having a laugh after watching a child resuscitate his dad who was having a heart attack BBC's Ambulance.

Eamonn accused editors at Studio Lambert of refusing to air the emotional moment he spoke of his own dad dying from a heart attack.

Eamonn wrote on Twitter: "In reply to a number of complaints ….I am hurt beyond belief that @C4Gogglebox chose not to use me talking about my Father dying from a Heart Attack at the side of a road and replace it with a funny story following a young lad giving his Father CPR . Idiotic and cruel edit.

"So following a tragedy that has forever haunted my family, I am in no mood for criticising holier than thou mouthpieces on here who haven't gone through what we did. I had nothing but praise and emotion for the Ambulance control room TV programme. An atrocious edit @StudioLambert.

"How my Father died was a particularly horrible experience for my Mother , my younger brother and his friend who were all in the car .

"The resuscitation in The BBC Ambulance programme was as close as could be to my Dad's passing. Yet I am the one edited to make it look like a laugh."

A fan replied: "I hope @C4Gogglebox apologises to you, your mum and family for heartlessly using a joke for such a sensitive and personal subject xx."

"So do I," said Eamonn.

Tonight's celebrity special of the Channel 4 show saw Eamonn's wife Ruth Langsford break down in tears as the tragedy unfolded.

A ten-year-old boy had called for help after his dad collapsed from a heart attack and stopped breathing.

He was given instruction on the phone by medics who helped him resuscitate his dad.

After the clip was shown, Eamonn was shown telling a story about driving Ruth to the hospital when she was going into labour.

He made a joke about getting her there on time and how they'd argued en route.

Some Gogglebox viewers complained about his humorous story following the sad clip.

One said: "10 year old saves his dad and Eamonn Holmes manages to turn it around completely into a birth and his driving skills… plank!"

Another added: "Why did Eamonn make this about him..a 10yr old boy just did the hardest thing he will prob ever do…"

A third said: "Did Eamonn Holmes just compare driving his wife to hospital to a 10 year old child giving chest compressions to his dying dad on #CelebrityGogglebox? Unreal…'

Eamonn hit back at the comments, tweeting: "Please read my posts. I'm then expecting an apology or an understanding from you ….. or are you not man enough ?"

In another tweet he added: "I'm devastated that the Boy, the Ambulance Service and my whole family have been hurt by this …. sometimes I despair at decision making in TV."

After being bombarded with supportive messages from fans Eamonn said he was putting his phone down and going to bed.

"Thank you everyone for seeing what happened tonight," he said.

"Just awful that it did and that I have had to explain. Anyone who works in The Ambulance Service or who has experienced the impact of Sudden Death will understand. I now need to put my phone down. Goodnight."

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