Carlton and Aunt Viv Shoot Down Hopes Of Fresh Prince Reboot (Exclusive)

Alfonso Ribeiro and Daphne Maxwell Reid coincidentally ran into each other aboard a flight — and neither was headed back to Bel Air.

There will be no fresh "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" — not according to Carlton and Aunt Viv, anyway.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Daphne Maxwell Reid coincidentally both ended up at LAX on Tuesday after boarding the same flight — and both were adamant it wasn’t a clandestine meeting about a reboot of the much loved ’90s sitcom.

"Nope. No chance," Ribeiro definitively replied when asked about a possible return for the original cast.

"It’d be a lot of fun but… you know, it’s just never going to happen."

Reid, who played his mom Vivian Banks for the second half of the six season run, was of the exact same opinion.

Like her on-screen son, she confirmed everybody from the show has stayed in touch. "We get together whenever we feel like it," she said.

While a reboot would undoubtedly do well in this era of reboots, the reason the cast would never do it was a melancholy one.

"You can’t recapture magic," she said. "We have no James Avery."

Indeed the actor, who played the beloved patriarch of the Banks family, Uncle Phil, sadly passed away on December 31, 2013, aged 68.

Reid’s role of Aunt Viv originally belonged to Janet Hubert-Whitten, who was fired after season three, reportedly after clashing with lead star Will Smith.

On the subject of a reboot, Smith agrees with his former co-stars, once claiming in 2016 that the likelihood was "…pretty close to when Hell freezes over."

However in October The Hollywood Reporter said that Westbrook Inc., a cross-platform company overseen by Will and wife Jada Pinkett, was developing a spin-off series based on The Fresh Prince instead.

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