Britney Spears tells fans she has to perform with 102 fever in resurfaced video before court fight against dad Jamie

BRITNEY Spears was seen telling fans she had to perform with a 102-degree fever in a resurfaced video.

The singer, 39 – who will confront her conservator dad Jamie in court today – said she was "sick" and "about to pass out" during a gig in Atlantic City in July 2018.

A fan shared a video from the Piece Of Me tour, in which Britney said onstage: "It's getting really, really hot over here, I'm warning you.

"I'm about to pass out. I'm sick. I have actually a 102 fever right now."

The clip reemerged after The New York Times revealed Britney had been forced to perform while sick with a 104-degree fever.

The singer called the performance "one of the scariest moments of her life", in a closed-door court hearing in May 2019, the outlet reported.

The fan who shared the video wrote: "Dear @britneyspears ….I feel like we owe you an apology.

“We bought into the whole hype of BRITNEY the performer, without much consideration for how Britney Jean Spears, the person, was coping through each day.

“Looking back now, I remember you saying this in front of me… and I just thought ‘Wow, she’s such a trooper and cares so much to put on a show for her fans.’

"Now I can see with clear eyes that this was a dig at the people controlling you, making you go onstage, performing under high powered lights, all while you had a high-grade fever.”

Other fans were outraged by the clip, with one tweeting: "She was sending signals all along, hoping her fans would find this weird enough to look more into it…"

Another posted: "Small acts that took years to paint the whole picture. The stability, patience, and strength that takes is unimaginable if you are not experiencing it."

Also in the New York Times article, it was revealed that Britney thought her father Jamie had "too much control" over her life.

The singer said her father "restricted everything from whom she dated to the color of her kitchen cabinets," making it difficult for her to make simple decisions by herself."

“She articulated she feels the conservatorship has become an oppressive and controlling tool against her,” a court investigator wrote in the closed court report that year.

The system in place held “too much control" over her life she allegedly told the investigator, urging: “Too, too much!”

Britney will speak out virtually against Jamie today in court amid her conservatorship legal battle.

Her attorney, Sam Ingham III, sought permission from Judge Brenda Penny to give Britney a chance to talk, according to Page Six.

He told the judge: “The conservatee has requested that I seek from the court a status hearing at which she can address the court directly. My client asked that it be done on expedited basis.”

Back in April, Britney asked a judge to permanently end her father’s control over her $60m fortune and personal life.

The star's attorney filed for Jodi Montgomery to officially replace Jamie as the permanent conservator over the singer's personal matters.

She also asked her estranged father to resign from his role overseeing her personal life.

Additionally, the legal documents stated that Britney reserves the right to eventually request an end to the conservatorship completely.

While sources have said Britney's life "would drastically change for the better" if Jamie is removed, his lawyer Vivian Thoreen previously claimed the conservatorship "saved" the singer's life.

Members of the Free Britney movement have been campaigning for Jamie to lose control over the star for years.

However, many were recently informed about the legal battle following the Framing Britney Spears documentary.  

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