Bridgerton library scene: How did Daphne actress Phoebe Dynevor feel about filming?

Bridgerton: Phoebe Dynevor slammed for ‘giving away’ plot

Bridgerton stole the number one spot on Netflix shortly after it was released, and it has continued to gain a huge following. The series, set in Regency London, follows Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) as she attempts to find the perfect husband. There is one scene in particular that left fans gobsmacked, and actress Dynevor has opened up about how the intimate library moment played out.

How did Phoebe Dynevor feel about filming the library scene?

Bridgerton is based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, but even those who have already read the romance novels could not prepare themselves for some of the more intimate scenes.

The series tells the story of the affluent Bridgerton siblings, as they attempt to find the perfect suitor during the marriage season.

Daphne Bridgerton was desperate to uphold her family’s reputation and she yearned for someone to make her mother happy.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Page) was keen to keep himself out of the public eye by creating the illusion he was in a relationship.

Daphne and the Duke came up with a plan to make the whole of Mayfair believe they were suited, but the façade soon developed into real love.

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The pair became husband and wife, and they returned to the Duke’s estate to start a new life as husband and wife.

Daphne was naive when it came to the consummation of marriage, but the Duke made her feel at ease.

In episode six, titled Swish, Dynevor and Page take part in a sex scene in a library, and this particular moment has sparked wild reactions from fans.

The steamy scene was actually one of the first scenes Dynevor ever shot for the series, and it was overseen by intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot.

She told Access Hollywood: “So there was obviously such a like a lovely, friendly connection between them when I first started because I don’t think they’d actually been doing a huge amount of work together before I got involved.”

Dynevor told Refinery29 she spent six weeks rehearsing the sex scenes, which were equally as well-choreographed as the grand dances.

Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the scene, which showed the newlyweds getting intimate up against a ladder.

One said: “The sex scenes in Bridgerton are honestly poetry. I’m obsessed.”

Another said: “Just got to Ep 6 of Bridgerton, the honeymoon episode…wow the sex scenes have certainly fired up…too much for lunch break viewing me thinks! [sic].”

Dynevor told Glamour Magazine she would rehearse every sex scene “like a fight scene”.

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She said: “Weirdly the hardest scenes I had to do were the ones on my own, that were quite sexually driven because there’s no one to sort of vibe off.

“Those scenes were so essential to Daphne’s journey as a woman and finding her sexuality, sex for the sake of sex is fine but when it really feeds the story, which it did for Daphne… it all felt like it really needed to be there.”

The actress said it was a great experience filming the library scene, as well as the other sex scenes, as she felt she was in a safe and fun environment with Talbot supporting her.

Intimacy co-ordinators are relatively new roles in the world of film and TV, and Dynevor said it helped the experience feel more co-ordinated.

She said it was a freeing experience as she never felt worried about what they would have to do next.

The actress said the library scene was one of her most memorable, as it was the first scene she and Page filmed together.

They may have only just met on set, but their chemistry was clearly on fire and fans continued to praise the stars for their performance.

One said on YouTube: “I think they are the most passionate, romantic, real looking intimate scenes I have ever seen.”

Viewers were shocked to hear the star’s most awkward scene was not a sex scene at all – it was in fact a moment when all eyes are on Daphne as she descends a staircase to greet the Duke.

One fan said: “Funny that of all scenes, it was the one of her walking down the stairs that made her feel most uncomfortable haha. It was an epic scene!”

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