Brassic’s Joe Gilgun defends professional thieving as ‘hard day’s graft’ and insists ‘it’s alright to be a f*** up’ – The Sun

BRASSIC'S Joe Gilgun has defended professional thieving, describing it as a 'hard day's graft.'

And the straight-talking actor is also keen to tell struggling youngsters that 'it's alright to be a f*** up.'

Joe co-wrote and stars in the Sky One comedy which follows Vinnie (Gilgun) as he deals with crime, gangsters and friendship.

It's based on Joe's own upbringing in Chorley, Lancashire.

Joe, 36, made the comments as he spoke of his dislike at the tendency to portray the working classes as lazy and shy of any hard work.

He told The Telegraph: "Me and my mates were productive.

"We stole all your shit but we’re still up at f***ing 7am to do it, and we wouldn’t get back until after half nine at night."

He added: "That’s hard graft. And you make f*** all money doing it."

And in a message to any children experiencing a similar upbringing to his, he advised: "It’s alright to be a f***-up. Don’t put pressure on them to be something they’re not.

"You’re entitled to be a f***-up. It’s what the world does to you. But don’t, and I really mean this, be a lazy f***-up."

Joe, who has had his own drug and mental health problems, explained: "I can’t do a single thing right. I’m a f***ing drug addict reprobate. I can’t stand myself. But I’m never lazy. I make my bed every f***ing day. I write until my hand is sore.

"Whether you want to be a f***ing criminal selling weed, a f***ing actor or a f***ing lawyer or a doctor in an office, work hard and you get what you want by will alone.

"But don’t be a lazy f***-up."

Joe stars in the series alongside former Corrie and Our Girl actress Michelle Keegan.

With the second season currently airing, Joe has already been given the green light for a third.

It was hoped that series three would be ready for 2021 as filming is currently scheduled for August, but due to the pandemic, there may be delays.

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