Billy and Susie Married At First Sight Australia: Are Billy and Susie still together?

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Billy and Susie were one of the final couples to get married on the sixth season of Married At First Sight Australia. The reality series aired back in 2019 and the pair were introduced at the midway point, providing an exciting twist for fans. has all you need to know about whether Billy and Susie are still together.

Are Billy and Susie still together?

Billy Vincent, who was 28 at the time, was paired with Susie Bradley, 25, by the panel of romance experts.

Billy was a barista from New South Wales and Susie was a care nurse from Queensland.

In episode 18 Susie and Billy were married in Sydney and they spent their honeymoon in Shoalhaven, New South Wales.

Fans were wondering how their relationship would fare having joined the experiment late.

The first time they had seen each other in person was at the altar at the commitment ceremony.

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Sadly the couple decided to break up before the end of the experiment and they are still separated to this day.

Billy had left Susie’s home following an argument and they were not interested in continuing the relationship.

Susie has since gone on to find love with her new boyfriend Todd Carney and they are now engaged.

Todd is a formal professional rugby player and he is expecting a child with Susie in March 2021.

Susie has since deleted her Instagram profile, so fans are unable to find any new updates.

As for Billy, he is still on Instagram and he has more than 50,000 followers keeping up to date with his fitness regimes.

Fans have wished him well having caught up with the series and they have shown him support.

One said: “I’m watching MAFS and am shocked by your then partner’s behaviour towards you. Most women would be so impressed by the qualities that define you (kindness, empathy, integrity).

“You’re an absolute catch and I sincerely hope that her vile attitude and attempts to diminish you haven’t impacted your confidence. All the best xx”

Thankfully it is understood he has since managed to find love having left the series.

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In February 2019 he shared a photo of himself waiting for his bride on MAFS, saying: “Just breathe… 1, 2, 3. You’ve got this bro.

“Lock your knees they’re getting a bit wobbly… HEY what did her dad just say?! – Just an excerpt of what was going through my head in this moment… #MAFS”

A month later he shared a photo of himself in a blue blazer and pink bow tie, saying: “I do love a good bow tie. Don’t know if Susie’s dad would approve of the stubble.”

He kept in touch with some of his MAFS, co-stars, attending the engagement party of happy couple Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant.

Fans went on to call him a “great guy” and they were glad he has moved on.

The other couple to join the experiment alongside Billy and Susie was Dan Webb and Tamara Joy.

Like Billy and Susie, they got married in Sydney and spent their honeymoon in New South Wales.

Also, like Billy and Susie they decided to end their relationship before a final decision could be made.

The series may only have produced a couple of long-term relationships but thankfully the individuals have moved on to find happiness elsewhere.

Married At First Sight Australia airs on E4

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