BBC Hospital viewers heartbroken as show airs man’s final words before he died

BBC Hospital viewers were left heartbroken and devastated after the emotional show aired a man's final words before he went into surgery and tragically passed away.

The gritty series aims to shine a light on the tireless work NHS staff members do 24/7.

During the latest episode of the programme, 81-year-old Joe's journey through Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital was followed.

The emergency patient had suffered a heart attack, which left a hole in his heart.

It had been hoped that emergency surgery would close the whole, however, tragically the gentleman didn't pull through.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Joe explained how he was shocked by the heart attack as he had always been "fit and healthy".

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Explaining the situation to Joe, Consultant Cardiologist Dr Suneil Aggarwal said: "We have to have a frank discussion…

"This procedure itself still has a high risk attached… even if it works, it's still 50/50 whether we can get you out of hospital in a good state."

Looking pensive, Joe replied said: "Fingers crossed, let's hope for the best."

Speaking in an off camera interview, Joe later added: "I'm just me and I think about who I am, what I am and this is another challenge.

"I've got a lot of people who love me and I love them… it's important that I battle on."

Welling up he added: "I'm lucky enough to say that I've had a decent sort of life.

"I don't want to lose it.'

As he was wheeled into the operating theatre, Joe poignantly said: "Say t'rah to my family."

They were his final ever words.

Taking to Twitter to talk about the gut-wrenching scenes, one viewer said: "I'm already emotionally drained why the hell did I put Hospital on?! Absolutely sobbing."

A second added: "Absolutely heartbreaking again, can’t believe how amazing these humans are.

"Treated that man with such respect and care right until the very end. Heartbreaking, I’m devastated."

"Hospital, that was so sad to see that lovely man die, brilliant Doctors for trying love the #NHS," a third continued.

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