‘Bachelorette’ Recap: Tayshia Adams Attempts to End Drama Between Bennett and Noah

Meanwhile, Tayshia and Zac have their first date in which they play dress up for their date as they have a fantasy wedding photo shoot with the help of creative director Franco Lacosta.

AceShowbiz -A new episode of “The Bachelorette” season 16 aired on Tuesday, December 1. In the episode, former “The Bachelorette” star JoJo Fletcher visited leading lady Tayshia Adams to give emotional support. Additionally, JoJo would took place Chris Harrison‘s hosting duty as he stepped away for a few days to take his son to college. Tayshia opened up to JoJo about her fear, saying that she didn’t want to go through a failed marriage.

As for the first date, it went to Zac. They played dress up for their date as they had a fantasy wedding photo shoot with the help of creative director Franco Lacosta. When asked about what a wedding day means to them, Tayshia called it something that she wanted to be cherished. Zac could see that Tayshia looked hesitant, but he tried to make her feel better. They shared a kiss as they changed to several outfits.

During the night portion of the date, Tayshia and Zac had dinner together as they enjoyed the warm while sitting down in front of a fireplace. Zac opened up about his health issue and his failed marriage. He told Tayshia that his ex-wife left him after he got arrested for DUI. He also talked about how he was in rehab and Tayshia thanked him for being honest to her. She gave him the rose.

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It was then time for a group date in which they had to do a body painting. In the middle of the date, Ben claimed that he forgot something and left the room. He later came back after taking off his clothes and only donned a robe. He asked Tayshia to see a small part of him, prompting her to walk out of the room and start to cry. She then returned and told the men that she’s the luckiest girl in the world.

The next morning, Tayshia and Eazy had an amazing date in which they went ghost hunting. Eazy was easily scared but that was still fun. During dinner, Eazy told him that he’s falling in love with her. She thought Eazy was a good man but she didn’t think she was where he was. Much to his surprise, Tayshia left him.

Later, Tayshia asked Noah and Bennett to meet her to end their drama. At the cocktail party, one of them would go home. Bennett gave Noah a gift which consisted of a red bandana, mustached socks and emotional intelligence book. Tayshia told the two that she liked them both, adding that she had feelings for both for different reasons. The episode ended when Tayshia asked what was in the gift box.

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