Antiques Roadshow uncovers value of rare football items from 20th century ‘Fantastic!’

Antiques Roadshow: Ring with royal links valued at £5,000

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Tonight’s episode of Antiques Roadshow had been filmed in Newby Hall, near Ripon in North Yorkshire and Fiona Bruce and the team were back valuing treasured and beloved items. Expert Wayne Colquhoun was delighted to explore a collections of football themed memorabilia on the popular BBC show when a guest brought along the collection which had belonged to her great grandfather, footballer Ned Liddle. As for how much the collection was worth, Wayne put a price tag of £2500.

Wayne began with: “Well I grew up a stones throw from the famous football ground of Anfield so of course when I saw this fantastic collection – it’s almost a history of the 20th century of football.”

The guest explained the objects had originally belonged to her great grandfather, footballer Ned Liddle.

“He was born in Sunderland in 1878 and he played for Sunderland where he started off,” she added.

“Then he moved to Southampton, Clapton Orient, Southend and then finally Arsenal. He played from 1914 to 1920.”

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“My uncle passed away recently and we’ve been clearing the house out and we found a lot of the photos there,” the lady revealed.

Wayne began looking through the photos in the collection, saying: “We have a great atmospheric picture of him there for Queens Park Rangers.

“This is a life really tied up in football. We go from his early career when football league was just starting.

“This was a time when footballers played with handlebar moustaches, big baggy shorts, you know,” Wayne detailed.

The guest told the expert how Liddle stayed in football throughout his life and was more than just a player: “In fact he was a manager in the 1930’s and then he continued to be a football scout.

“He scouted for most of the major clubs. Tottenham Hotspurs in particular who kept him on until he retired when he was 87,” she added.

Wayne pointed out an item in the collection that had caught his eye: “An interesting thing that I noticed right away is that we have a football contract here.”

Those watching at home will see him read out the writing on the contract later in tonight’s episode.

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He says: “An agreement made the 18th day of May 1914 for the club of Arsenal of Highbury.

“And here inside it says ‘on behalf of the club hereby agrees that the said club shall play to the said player the sum of £3 a week.

“You can’t even get a coffee for that price today,” Wayne commented.

As for how much the items were worth on today’s market, Wayne said: “From what we see on the table here, a tray hallmark silver, I can estimate it to be seven or 800 pounds.

“His medals, £500 each on those solid gold medals.

“The contract that’s a hard one. That’s got to be in a museum. That could be worth 800 to a thousand pounds in auction,” the expert continued.

“So what we are looking at on the table here today is two or two and a half thousand pounds.”

He concluded with: “There’s a lot of people really interested in this and I’d like to think it could go to a museum.”

Antiques Roadshow is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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