Antiques Roadshow guest staggered at value of old silver spoon collection

An Antiques Roadshow guest was left gobsmacked by the value of her old silver spoons and jewellery after taking them to be appraised at Culzean Castle in Scotland’s Ayrshire.

Gordon Foster, an expert on the BBC One show, showed viewers the silverware made on the island of Iona and explained the romantic history behind them in the episode on Sunday night (February 7).

Examining the valuable spoons and necklaces, he said: “We are of course looking at the work of husband and wife team Alec and Euphemia Ritchie from the magical island of Iona, off the West Coast of Scotland.

“This group of Scottish silver is something that is very dear and close to my heart and I am sure it is to yours too.”

But the guest said she never wore the jewellery because it was not “contemporary” enough for her tastes.

“I bring it out of the drawer every so often and I just look at it,” she admits.

The guest began collecting the silverware after coming across an old Alec Ritchie broach belonging to her mother and deciding to get it repaired.

She researched its designer and became quite fond of the story of the silversmith husband and wife.

Rifling through the treasures, George then pointed out a headband made of “solid silver” and said it probably dated to 1920.

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Finally, he dropped the bombshell of how much the collection – which he estimated included 25 pieces – was worth.

“We’re looking at a combined valuation of £5,000 to £8,000,” he said.

“Oh gosh – that would buy quite a few pairs of shoes wouldn’t it?” the shocked guest replied with a laugh.

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