Antiques Roadshow expert impressed by ‘stolen’ rock T-shirt

Antiques Roadshow: Pair of The Clash t-shirts valued at £400

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Antiques Roadshow visited Scone Palace in Scotland in a classic episode of the BBC staple, where more guests shared precious heirlooms to be valued by the team of antique appraisers. Experts were shown a number of unique items including an “ugly” family brooch and a book dating back to the 15th century, but it was one guest’s 30 year old concert T-shirts that captured Hilary’s attention. 

Roadshow veteran and rock memorabilia enthusiast Hilary was intrigued when a guest showed up wearing a “snug” looking Clash T-shirt. 

“I haven’t worn it in 32 years,” the guest told Hilary, laughing at the T-shirt that was visibly too small for him.

While she joked with the guest about the appearance of the rock band’s merchandise, she showed admiration for the items and his “passion and enthusiasm” for the band.

She went on to point out the “iconic images” displayed on the graphic tee, while also noting “The Clash are no more, but The Clash live on.”

With the band breaking up in 1986, Hilary hinted at an ample valuation for the collectibles. 

The guest revelled in the nostalgia of the items, implying it would take a hefty valuation for him to part ways with the cherished goods. He told the expert: “Putting this T-shirt on and thinking about the gig in Glasgow where I bought them, the back of my neck is actually tingling thinking about it.” 

“They’re rock history and they’re design history,” Hilary affirmed as she inspected the T-shirts, further teasing a high value. 

While the guest displayed a second Clash T-shirt for Hilary, he went on to admit the other one belonged to his brother.

“So he’ll never know you’ve actually stolen his t-shirt,” Hilary said to the guest laughing. 

As an aficionado within the realms of rock relics, Hilary praised the boundary pushing ways of the band and the “anarchy” they represented. 

“It was about, you know, bringing down the system. It was about waving things in people’s faces,” she explained to the guest, possibly in reference to the rebellious act of stealing his brother’s T-shirt.

While she was clearly impressed with the items, Hilary did acknowledge that the t-shirts were made from “rubbish material,” which would likely impact the final cost should they make it to auction.

However, she was impressed at their condition, telling the guest: “They were not designed to last 30 years but they have and they have a value.” 

Having seen similar T-shirts selling online, she went on to reveal how much she thought the items would be worth.

After doing some calculations in her head, Hilary valued the t-shirts at £450 for the two. 

The guest raised his eyebrows at the value, but didn’t seem overly enthused. 

Unsure of whether he could part ways with the literal T-shirt on his back, Hilary went on to joke perhaps he could “do a deal” with his brother for them.

While the Clash super fan looked amused he seemed unsure if the value matched that of their sentimentality. 

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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