Amanda Redman asked by creepy TV bosses to take off jeans during BBC audition

Amanda Redman claimed she was asked by TV bosses to take her trousers off during a BBC audition in the 1980s.

The Good Karma Hospital actress, who was 22 at the time, recalledthe moment she was told her jeans ‘would look better on the floor’.

Speaking on Radio Times, she explained: ‘I had one – this wasan audition for the BBC – I walked in and the guy said, “Those purple velvetjeans look lovely on you, but I think they’d look better on the floor, wouldyou take them off please?”’

Unfortunately, these incidents were a frequent occurrence forthe star.

‘It happened every day,’ she continued. ‘I didn’t take themoff, obviously. I burst into tears and I ran.

‘I remember exactly who it was, but I won’t be saying. That was the norm then. I was 22 as well – a baby, really.’

Amanda previously spoke on the harassment women would have to endure when trying to work in the industry, claiming that turning down sex with directors harmed her career.

In 2018, she told Woman magazine: ‘I don’t think there’s anywoman of my age who didn’t get sexually harassed at work. It was so the norm inthe eighties and early nineties in British theatre and TV.

‘If you didn’t give out to a director, you got bullied onset and humiliated constantly. That really damages your confidence as aperformer and it isn’t pleasant. Without a shadow of a doubt, it hurt mycareer.’

Meanwhile, Amanda is convinced British people find sexscenes between older people ‘repulsive’ and calls more representation in it.

The actress said that American audiences are a lot more comfortable with intimacy between older leads.

‘I was thinking about the fact that the Americans seem lessfrightened of intimacy between older couples,’ Amanda said.

‘I’m watching Madam Secretary, and the two leads are intheir late 50s and have a really healthy sexual relationship. And it’s notrepulsive. We in Britain tend to shy away from that. There’s ageism involvedthere.’

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