All the details on BBC’s The Bidding Room from presenter Nigel Havers to the expert dealers

If you’re looking for a new daytime show to watch to keep you entertained then The Bidding Room could be the answer. The BBC programme, which started this week, is described as a hybrid of Four Rooms and Antiques Roadshow, with the heartwarming charm of The Repair Shop – whose creators are behind the show. Want to know a bit more about the latest instalment from the BBC? Here’s all you need to know…

What is The Bidding Room about?

The Bidding Room is a new daily series that sees members of the public bring in some of their most intriguing possessions to be valued by an expert, before facing five dealers who then bid against each other to purchase the item. The teams see a range of unusual items brought through their doors including a 1930’s hairdryer, Edwardian scientific scales and a battered teddy. The owners of the possessions are told how much to expect for their objects and are often offered more than they bargained for!

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Nigel welcomes the participants on the show

Who is The Bidding Room’s presenter Nigel Havers?

The new show is presented by actor Nigel Havers. Nigel is perhaps best known for his on and off role as Lewis Archer in Coronation Street from 2009 until 2019. The 68-year-old has also appeared in other TV show Don’t Wait Up, and the 1981 film Chariots of Fire, which earned him a BAFTA nomination. The presenter revealed that while taking part in the new BBC show, he was often tempted to take a few things home for himself but his wife, Georgiana, who he married in 2007, refused! “Out of 138 objects, my favourite was a bottle of Chateaux Palmer 1959 which four of us clubbed together, bought and drank. It tasted of angel’s breath! I was also rather taken with a bed of nails, but not remotely tempted to buy it. But I’m an inveterate collector and my wife is always complaining that we’ve got too much ‘stuff’ so if I tried to sneak anything else into the house I would be killed.”

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Professional auctioner Simon (right) appears as well as five expert bidders

Who are The Bidding Room experts?

Before the participants face the five dealers, they first speak to expert auctioneer Simon Bower. Simon values their items and advises them what to highlight and emphasise to the bidders in order to get the most from them. Simon is a senior auctioneer and director of valuation company Morgan Evans & Co. from Anglesey and The Bidding Room is his first TV role. The dealers on the show are Adi Higham, Ian Humphries, James Gooch, Jane Cave and Tash Francis.

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