Ali's Coronation Street exit explained following showdown with Gary Windass

ALI Neeson departs from the cobbles next week in Coronation Street after Gary Windass’ antics put him in hospital.

Gary discovers Ali slept with Maria and gives him a taste of his own medicine by drugging him with diazepam.

When is Ali leaving Coronation Street?

Ali is set to leave Coronation Street next week after Gary Windass finally gets one over him.

James Burrows – who plays Ali – is departing from the cobbles after two years playing Ali.

The character’s exit comes just three months after his on-screen mother, Michelle Connor, quit the soap after discovering her lover Robert had cheated on her.

Unlucky-in-love Ali is set to follow her footsteps as he leaves the cobbles single.

What is Ali’s exit storyline?

A final and brutal rejection from Maria seals Ali's exit next week in Coronation Street after months of being in a love triangle with her and Gary.

Villain Gary discovers that Ali has slept with Maria and asks Sharon to teach him a lesson.

But Gary is shocked when he sees Ali being rushed into hospital and phones Sharon to tell her she’s taken things too far.

When Ali regains consciousness, Ryan tells him he’s overdosed on diazepam.

But a confused Ali swears blind that he hasn’t taken anything and reckons Gary must have spiked him.

Ryan doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s in denial.

Later, Ali traps Maria in his car and tries to convince her that Gary is evil and that he spiked him.

But Maria tells him he’s talking rubbish before pulling at the door handle and begging Ali to let her out.

He eventually lets her go and realises their relationship is well and truly over.

He later tells Ryan he can’t bear to watch Maria marry Gary and that he’s leaving the cobbles.

Ali then says his goodbye before making his exit.

Will Ali return to Corrie?

Corrie is yet to announce any details of Ali’s return to the ITV soap.

But it’s looking like he won’t be leaving the soap next week in a body bag, as fans had been fearing.

Instead, the door will remain open for his return.

Off-screen James has just welcomed his first child with fiancee Sophie Coates.

The pair welcomed their daughter Betty in April.

James kept the news under wraps until June when he announced that they'd had their first child on Instagram.

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