Adil Ray confirms new scholarship job as he takes break from role on GMB

Good Morning Britain host Adil Ray has announced his next career move as he takes a break from his job on the ITV news show.

The early morning presenter will be returning to our screen on May 17 after some time away from the show.

Alastair Campbell has taken over the reigns in his absence, and Adil has put his time away from the studio to good use.

The 47-year-old, who created and co-writes the BBC comedy Citizen Khan, has become the first Patron for the new Screen and Film School Birmingham, which will open its doors in September 2021.

Viewers have been split since he replaced Piers Morgan on the flagship breakfast show.

But Birmingham Live report that the ITV man will have a £30,000 scholarship in his name.

He said: "I hope the Adil Ray OBE Scholarship will open the door for someone who might think the film and television industry is closed to them.

"Growing up in Birmingham, I would sit in my room thinking up ideas for comedy sketches and television shows. I would travel past the local television studios on the school bus, never thinking it was an option for me.

"I am pleased to say the industry is beginning to change. Still, we need to do more to enable those with financial or social barriers to accessing higher education, training and support to make the industry vastly more inclusive."

Adil added: "I am incredibly proud to be a Patron of the Screen and Film School Birmingham. This school is an incredible asset to the Midlands.

"I want to help students find their voices and instil in them the self-belief and motivation needed for a successful career.

"We share a passion for helping shape a new generation of filmmakers, enabling diverse young creative minds to flourish.

"I want families to know that things are changing in the industry and that a career in film and television is possible; even if you haven't been reflected on-screen while growing up, it is achievable.

"Screen and Film School Birmingham is on my doorstep, so I'm expecting to be involved as much as I can."

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