A Big Lebowski Spin-Off Movie Was Released, And It's Really Cheap Right Now

After three years of collective proverbial dust on the shelf and having a less than stellar theatrical run, The Big Lebowski spin-off movie you didn’t know existed has been released digitally. Titled The Jesus Rolls, you can rent this movie for mere pennies, and it might still not be worth the price.

Taking into consideration that the movie already debuted back in 2016 at the Rome Film Festival and finally hit Italian theaters last year it’s only just recently hit American theaters back at the end of Februrary.

The Lebowski spin-off has received little to no fanfare on the release, but word of mouth hasn’t been great either.


On Rotten Tomatoes, The Jesus Rolls has an approval rating of 21% based on 28 reviews, with an average rating of 4.67/10. The website’s critics consensus reads: “The Jesus Rolls limply into the gutter in its misguided attempt to belatedly explore the saga of a supporting character better left on the margins.”

The weirdest thing about the film is that it’s not so much as a Big Lebowski sequel (which the Coen Brothers were not on board with originally) as it is a remake of a French film Going Places, which in itself is an adaptation of a novel.

John Turturro, who reprises the Jesus Quintana role from the original Big Lebowski, had campaigned to somehow, someway play the role again for almost 20 years. However, since Turturro essentially made the character his own, the Coens allowed him to use the character again in 2014 when the spin-off was originally announced.

Without the Coens’ involvement or approval, The Jesus Rolls seems like a cheap imitation to a continuation for a one-note character. However, if you’re feeling especially morbidly curious, The Jesus Rolls is available right now to own on Amazon for $8, but to rent is only $1.

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