16 And Pregnant Update: Are Madisen And Christian Back Together?

Madisen admitted on the season premiere of 16 and Pregnant that she had a hard time “moving on and letting go” after splitting with with her baby daddy Christian. But at the end of the episode, Camille’s mama predicted that despite her breakup with the young dad, the two would “work it out” and co-parent their little girl. So have the former cheerleader/football player reconciled, and are they boyfriend and girlfriend again?

“We are working things out now,” Madisen reveals in the recently filmed catch up video above. “He’s living [back here] with me and the baby. So far things are going pretty good.”

How is Madisen’s dad Nick — who appears in the clip as well — adapting to life as a grandfather? And is Madisen still residing in the “tiny house”? Watch the “where are they now?” update to find out, and tune in to 16 and Pregnant tales every Tuesday at 9/8c (immediately following brand-new installments of Teen Mom 2).

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