11 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Dan’s horror allergic reaction and Jamie’s cheating scandal

EMMERDALE fans should brace themselves for a medical emergency after Brenda’s wrap gives Dan Spencer a nasty allergic reaction. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in Emmerdale next week…

Wendy needs support

As the day of the babies’ joint christening arrives, it’s all too much for Wendy. 

The grandmother breaks down in tears over her lost son. 

But she's touched when Bob and Luke console her and when Victoria goes over to her and gives her a big hug. 

Victoria has regrets

Victoria grows closer to both Wendy and Luke, and she then asks Luke if he fancies an early night.

The following day, Luke is clearly on cloud nine but Victoria is acting awkwardly.

Has sleeping with Luke proved too much for her too soon?

Chas humiliates Paddy 

Paddy and Chas are still reeling from Paddy's parenting blunder that saw him leave Eve alone in the car seat while he rushed after Marlon into hospital.

Paddy is mortified when Chas announces that he left Eve alone in the car to the whole pub.

Paddy rushes out, full of self-loathing.

Later, he continues to punish himself for the mistake.

Paddy lets Chas down again

Chas despairs when Social Services turn up and Paddy is nowhere to be seen. 

A desperate Chas tries to cover for him, but will they risk losing Eve for good?

And could things be over for Paddy and Chas?

Brenda and Pollard flirt

Eric Pollard sets about impressing Brenda with his healthy snacks and offers her an array.

Meanwhile, Jacob watches on and starts to suspect that Pollard might like Brenda a little more than he’s making out.

And when Pollard offers to buy Brenda a drink, Jacob's suspicions are confirmed.

Are real-life couple Chris Chittell and Lesley Dunlop about to have a relationship on-screen too?

Dan has an allergic reaction

Eric welcomes everyone into the cafe for its menu relaunch.

Dan and Matty take the opportunity to get sozzled on the free booze.

And when Dan forgets his wallet Brenda asks him to make the wraps to pay off the debt.

But disaster strikes when Dan nibbles on one of the snacks later at the garage.

The mechanic starts to feel his face go red and throat grow itchy.

When he reaches for his phone, he loses his balance and is left crying out in agony.

Brenda watches on in horror as Dan is carted off to the hospital.

Could the cafe be closed down?

Jamie cheats on Andrea

On a call out to the vets, Belle takes the opportunity to vent at Jamie for getting back together with Andrea. 

But Jamie shocks her when he says he’s only with Andrea out of guilt.

Jamie and Belle then give in to their temptation for each other and lean in for a kiss. 

Later, the reality of what they’ve done hits them when Jamie spots a number of missed calls from Andrea. 

Liam has to choose

After Jacob and Leanna grow increasingly suspicious that Liam and Leyla are back on, Leanne confronts her dad. 

Leyla and Liam sit down Leanna and Gabby and try to explain their relationship to them. 

But Leanna is furious and issues her dad with an ultimatum, insisting he pick between her and Leyla. 

What will Liam do?

Aaron is back 

Next week features Aaron's return scenes as he arrives for the christening. 

Upon his return, he can’t help but notice rising tension between Paddy and Chas. 

Aaron tries to talk to Paddy and get him to fix things with Chas, but will he succeed?

Zak is back 

Zak Dingle makes a dramatic comeback next week and is pleased to be back with his loved ones around him.

The Sun Online exclusively reported last month that Zak had been spotted filming on set. 

Fans have been wishing for his return for months and hoping that he’d help Cain and Nate make peace. 

Actor Steve Halliwell had been taking a break from the show following a heart operation.

Pierce calls Rhona

Rhona’s lost for words when Pierce calls her and tells her he’s been imprisoned for life. 

Fans were shocked by the chaos Pierce caused when he got released early from prison at the beginning of the year. 

The brute murdered Graham Foster, before kidnapping Vanessa Woodfield and blackmailing Rhona.

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