Karlie Kloss Tells Us Why She's Committed to Getting Girls to Code

It’s not unusual to see celebrities start projects or initiatives that initially get lots of attention but ultimately fall apart (sorry not sorry, Blake Lively and ‘Preserve’) or fade from memory. This hasn’t been the case for supermodel Karlie Kloss, who turned her coding side hustle into a major opportunity for girls all over the country through the program Kode With Klossy.

Kloss, a former Victoria’s Secret Angel and the current host of Project Runway, started her coding initiative in 2015 and has been amazed by its reception and growth over the past five years. To make it accessible for all, the two-week summer program is free for women ages 13-18 with an interest in coding. Last year, Kode With Klossy had its most diverse cohort yet, with 70 percent of scholars identifying as people of color. Kloss truly means it when she says you don’t need any prior experience to get into the program, either. Three out of four scholars had no previous exposure to computer science prior to camp, and almost all the scholars reported wanting to continue studying code following the conclusion of the program.

For Kloss, it has been the honor of a lifetime to see her scholars make their own coding dreams come true. These young women have gone on to internships at companies such as Apple, Amazon, and AT&T, and two scholars in particular went on to launch their own coding initiative. In fact, 30 percent of scholars have started a coding initiative following Kode With Klossy. The hard work Kloss has put into Kode With Klossy is evident in these success stories.

Ahead of the 2020 Kode With Klossy camp, which will take place this summer and is currently accepting applications, I had a chance to ask Kloss about her love for coding, the evolution of Kode With Klossy, and what she has learned over the past five years managing this initiative. Here’s what she had to say.

When you launched your program five years ago, did you think it would be as successful as it has become today? Has it surpassed your expectations?

I took my first coding class in 2014 and was instantly hooked. For the first time, I discovered how accessible and creative code was and I wanted to share that learning experience with other young women. What Kode With Klossy has become
since then far exceeds my wildest dreams! In five years, we’ve helped over 2,500 young women across the country learn to code and have seen them go on to do amazing things when they leave camp. Many of them have started their own
coding clubs, launched their own apps and businesses, and competed and won in hackathons. They’ve also formed this incredible community that sticks together and supports one another long after the camps, which is so powerful and not something I ever expected when we first created the program. 

Do you see any overlap between your career as a supermodel and your work in coding?

I think many people have a hard time making the connection between fashion and STEM, but the two industries are becoming more intertwined every day. One of the reasons I decided to learn code was the technology transformation I was witnessing
within the fashion industry — from the prominence of social media to e-commerce, wearable tech, and more recently, sustainable tech. Given tech’s vast reach, it’s important now more than ever to teach the next generation vital skills such as code, because this knowledge is so widely applicable.

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If a program similar to your own had been around when you were younger, do you think you might have pursued tech as opposed to modeling?

Growing up, I always had a passion for math and science but, there weren’t many STEM-related programs, and definitely not any coding programs back then. If something like Kode With Klossy existed back then, I would have absolutely participated, which I definitely believe would have led to Kode With Klossy being a few years older, way larger and we’d probably have scholars all across the world — which of course is a major goal of ours!  

Of all the scholars you’ve seen through the years, are there any whose stories or experiences in the program have stood out as particularly memorable to you?

Every year, I feel so lucky to meet a new talented group of Kode With Klossy scholars and watch their journey through code. What amazes me most is their drive to continue to pursue code after camps are over. Our scholars take what they’ve learned and create
projects designed to solve some of society’s toughest problems like voter education, access to health resources and so much more. We had a pair of sisters leave camp and start a coding club for young women at their local library, scholars have taken their talents to internships at big tech companies like Apple, AT&T and Amazon, and 65% of our scholars go on to study computer science in college, compared to just 3% of women nationally. 

What sort of qualities are you most looking for in an applicant for Kode With Klossy?

A Kode With Klossy scholar is someone who is curious, passionate and not afraid to go outside of her comfort zone and try something new! Most of our scholars don’t come in with any coding experience, however, by the last day of camp, 90% of them say they
want to continue pursuing computer science education. Our scholars have gone on to apply their newfound coding skills to whatever it is they’re passionate about — whether that’s fashion, technology, sports or community activism—  and we help provide the tools and support systems they need to thrive in today’s tech-driven world. 

What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in the five years since you started Kode With Klossy?

Learning to code can definitely feel intimidating, but it’s actually a really creative and collaborative skill set with so many real-world applications. The entire Kode With Klossy team has spent a lot of time thinking through ways to create an inclusive environment where young women feel empowered to take on a difficult task and experiment with their budding interests in STEM. 

I’ve also learned that there is nothing more powerful than a network of passionate and driven women. Throughout my life and my career, I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and being mentored by strong, successful women, so it was important to me that we exposed our scholars to women making strides in STEM. Something we think a lot about is the idea that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see,’ so throughout the camps we aim to spotlight women with interesting careers in STEM and show our scholars the many opportunities they can pursue with their coding skills.  

Finally, I’ve learned that code is an amazing superpower! It is my true passion and each year it brings together an astonishing group of young women who all have interesting stories, innovative ideas and a powerful understanding of community. I love seeing our Kode With Klossy scholars take what they’ve learned at camp and apply it to real-world projects they’re passionate about and I am so incredibly honored to be part of this community of talented young women.

These are the children’s books every strong, smart girl should read.

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Ashley McBryde Tells Stories of Career Struggles and Small Town Drama on 'Never Will'

With Jay Joyce returning as producer, the heartland rock of Girl Going Nowhere is the primary palette, but McBryde shows off more of her varied influences this time around. The LP’s most exciting tracks sound like little else on country radio: “Velvet Red” is an Emmylou Harris-gone-bluegrass ballad about an Appalachian Romeo and Juliet. “First Thing I Reach For” conjures the Telecaster wisdom of Merle Haggard.

Despite her first-person songwriting safety zone, McBryde is at her best here singing about other people, telling tales of forbidden romance, small-town piety, and honky-tonk hair of the dog. Transgressive lust is a defining theme, from the adulteress murder ballad “Martha Divine” to the dark sensuality of “Voodoo Doll” (“Feel the pretty black dress slipping off her back”) to the straightforward portrayal of casual sex on “One Night Standards.” “How it goes is/Bar closes,” McBryde sings on the latter, “There’s no king bed covered in roses.”

Popular on Rolling Stone

McBryde’s small-town heroes are as iconoclastic as she is. In “Shut Up Sheila,” a family sits around a hospital room with their dying grandma; when someone’s churchy girlfriend suggests a chorus of “Amazing Grace,” these smokin’, drinkin’ unbelievers shoot back with their own agnostic gospel: “We just go about letting go in our own way.” Going her own way is what McBryde does best.

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NHS doctor tells of heart-wrenching decision to ‘give up’ children for three months to join coronavirus frontline fight – The Sun

AN NHS doctor has been forced to "give up" her two children for three months as she battles coronavirus on the NHS frontline.

Dr Adele Holland, a single mum to Evie, six, and Harry, four, sent her daughter to live with her mother and her son to live with her ex-partner so she could continue working.

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Her heartbreaking decision came after Harry's nursery closed and her childminder was no longer able to work.

Around 50 per cent of nurseries in the UK have shut down during the Covid-19 crisis, forcing some key workers to stay at home to care for children.

But with Britain facing its greatest crisis since World War Two Dr Holland decided she had to join her NHS colleagues fighting the deadly virus.

And as the country stays under lockdown and and her mother – who is aged over 70 – shielding at home Dr Holland knows she may not see her kids for months.


Dr Holland told Sky News: "My choice was either stay at home with my children and not work, knowing that all of this including the shortages of NHS staff was going on.

"Or the other option was to lose my children for three months.

"It's hard because my kids are everything to me. They are my world and I miss them so much.

"I cried a lot, Evie rings me at night sometimes, she uses my mum's phone.

"We just lay in bed with the phone next to my face. For her, three months is such a long time."


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Britain's coronavirus death toll rose again today by another 563, taking the total number of fatalities so far to 2,392.

The number of people who have tested positive for coronavirus in Britain has also gone up from 25,150 to 29,474 as the pandemic continues to rampage across the country.

During the deadly pandemic only parents who are key workers can send their children to school or nursery.

Up to 85 per cent of healthcare staff are "unnecessarily self-isolating" because of the government's failure to ramp up testing.

The NHS could carry out 100,000 coronavirus tests a day – but still don't have the necessary kit, a senior official has warned.

Chris Hopson, the head of NHS Providers – which represents all NHS trusts in England, said that labs have the capacity to process around 100,000 tests a day.

Yet a "reagent and swab shortage is currently limiting this to [around] 13,000 a day", he added.

Mr Hopson warned that the health service is suffering “some of the highest staff absences” ever seen – and suggested most of it was unnecessary.

In a Twitter thread, he revealed the results of the first tests carried out on NHS workers over the weekend found one in four doctors and nurses are currently off work over fears they may have the bug.

He said: "Intriguing data from v small sample size…only around 15 per cent of those in 14 day isolation tested positive so other 85 per cent could come back to work."

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Harry Styles Tells Fans to Find 'Moments of Happiness' Amid Coronavirus

Speaking from the heart. Harry Styles encouraged fans to keep a positive mindset during the uncertainty of the coronavirus scare.

The “Adore You” singer, 26, dropped some words of wisdom during a FaceTime call with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Thursday, March 26, and shed some light on how he’s been spending his time in self-quarantine.

“I think we’re kind of adjusting to the new normal,” Styles began. “I think for a lot of people, the reality’s setting in … At first, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re all in and we get to watch movies and eat burritos,’ and live the kind of meme life. And then you speak to people around the world … it’s really scary.”

The “Two Ghosts” crooner continued, reminding people that while they’re staying home, they don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the negativity and confusion in the news.

“If you’re in your house, you get to remove from it a little bit,” he added. “But you get that humbling moment where you remember this is a very serious thing. It’s important to have conversations with friends, laugh, and have those happy moments right now … that’s the stuff that will get you through everything. It’s a time when everyone is on pause and gets to have a minute to reassess.”

While following the guidelines put in place by health officials and politicians around the world, the former One Direction member is taking some time to appreciate the little things in his life. Styles revealed to Lowe, 46, that his days have been filled with meditation, reading and running to keep his energy up. Though he confirmed the previous day that his upcoming European tour would be postponed, Styles is feeling the creative power of having extended periods of free time.

“I’ve been writing so much,” the ex-boybander admitted. “I think a lot of powerful music is going to come from that because ultimately you have people who have a need to express themselves through music and writing and film and so many different ways, who are now having a lot of extra time with no distractions … It gives you an ability to have almost a bird’s eye view of the world and your life.”

The “Watermelon Sugar” singer isn’t the only artist who’s been feeling inspired during their time at home. On Monday, March 23, Styles’ friend and mentor Stevie Nicks took to Twitter to thank him for his second album, Fine Line.

“Way to go, H,” the 71-year-old Fleetwood Mac singer wrote. “It is your Rumours.”

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Piers Morgan tells ‘attention seeking’ Sam Smith to ‘get a grip’ as they document their coronavirus meltdown – The Sun

PIERS Morgan has told "attention seeking" Sam Smith to "get a grip" after they documented their coronavirus meltdown on social media.

The 27-year-old singer took to their Instagram page last night to share photos pretending to cry and have a breakdown in their pyjamas.

Sam captioned the post: "Stages of a quarantine meltdown."

Piers, 54, retweeted a link to an article about the star's post, seething: "FFS. I can't take any more of this celebrity attention-seeking bullsh*t.

"Get a grip, the lot of you."

He added: "This is a war, not an Instagram story op."

Celebrities have been coming under fire throughout the pandemic, with A-listers including Natalie Portman and Cara Delevingne slammed  yesterday for "not helping" after they came together to sing a rendition of John Legend's Imagine.

Gal Gadot, 34, shared the video amid the global coronavirus pandemic which has forced many people to self-isolate at home.

Viewers were horrified by the clip and mercilessly mocked the celebs online as they urged them to donate money to help the cause instead.


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Coronavirus has become a worldwide pandemic, with thousands of people stockpiling through fear of having to self-quarantine.

So far, 3,269 Brits have tested positive for the dangerous virus, with 144 patients in the UK losing their lives.


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US government tells citizens to come home from abroad now as coronavirus spirals

US State Department officials have advised all American citizens who are currently abroad to return home as the coronavirus crisis worsens.

They issued an unprecedented Level 4: Do Not Travel advisory on Thursday.

The advisory explains: ‘The Department of State advises all US citizens to avoid all international travel due to the global impact of Covid-19.

‘In countries where commercial departure options remain available, US citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period.’

State Department officials also advised US citizens living abroad not to travel internationally amid as the number of travel bans grows across the world.

It explained: ‘If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans may be severely disrupted, and you may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite timeframe.’

The advisory came after US imposed a travel ban on non-citizens arriving from Europe and Canada last Wednesday.

Announcing that crackdown, President Donald Trump said customs officers would continue to allow US citizens and green card holders back into the country.

Thursday’s announcement appears to suggest that those people may soon be blocked from returning home as Donald Trump’s administration battles to contain the pandemic, which has infected more than 11,000 in the and caused economic chaos.

Airlines across the world have been badly hit by the travel bans, with America’s biggest airlines American and Delta both warning that they face bankruptcy without government assistance.

Diagnosis numbers rocketed to more than 11,600 on Thursday afternoon, with 171 confirmed to have died of Covid-19.

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Surgeon General tells young Americans to donate blood and save lives – The Sun

THE SURGEON General urged people to donate blood as the coronavirus pandemic continues to see increasing cases across the U.S.

"We know many of you are home practicing the President's guidelines for social distancing, but one thing we should all consider – especially our Millenials and Gen-Z – is donating blood," Dr. Jerome Adams said at a COVID-19 press briefing at the White House on Thursday.

"As an anesthesiologist who still practices at Walter Reed taking care of our wounded warriors and our soldiers, I know donated blood is an essential part of caring for patients – and one donation can save up to three lives," Adams said.

"Blood centers are open now in a need of your donation," he added urging people to go donate as the country faces the pandemic.

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpassed 10,000 on Thursday, with at least 168 deaths.

Although many people around the globe are working to social distance and take precautions to limit virus spread, Adams urged people to take time and help those in need.

He assured that blood centers are also taking extra precautions to prevent COVID-19 spread.

"I want America to know that blood donation is safe and blood centers are taking extra precautions at this time based on new CDC recommendations, including spacing beds six feet apart, disinfecting surfaces between patients, temperature checking staff, and encouraging donators to make appointments ahead of time so we can space them out," he said.

"Social distancing does not have to mean social disengagement. So give blood. Today.

You'll feel good about it, and you'll be helping your community and your country during this crisis. And you might even save a life," he added.

Adams' comments came the same day as he begged social influencers like Kylie Jenner and Kevin Durant to urge their fans to stay home and avoid going out unnecessarily.

Many young people – particularly college students – have continued to go out in groups and ignored pleas from officials to practice social distancing.

Even if they get coronavirus, some teens said they will continue to party in Florida amid the pandemic.

At the White House press conference Thursday, Trump changed his former rhetoric of praising Chinese President Xi Jinping's swift response to the coronavirus, to one of blaming China for covering the outbreak up, as he claims.

"It would have been much better if we had known about this a number of months earlier," he said of the COVID-19 outbreak.

"It could have been contained to that one area in China where it started."

Trump has called COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus," referring geographically to where it originated.

He has been slammed as "racist" and former Vice President Joe Biden slammed the President for "xenophobic fear-mongering" with the name.

The virus has spread to more than 100 countries around the globe and affected people of all races, with Italy on Thursday surpassing China's total death toll.

For the first time since the outbreak peaked, China reported no new domestic cases of COVID-19 yesterday.

The President and FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn also informed the nation at the press conference that two FDA-approved anti-malarial drugs, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine – are undergoing clinical trials as possible COVID-19 treatments.

Trump said the drugs have shown "tremendous promise" in treating coronavirus, and "could be a game changer."

The drug remesdivir – which is not FDA-approved is also currently undergoing trials for COVID-19 treatments.

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Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee tells her kids grandma is ‘never coming home’ after tragic cancer death in heartbreaking video – The Sun

TEEN Mom star Mackenzie McKee told her kids their grandma is "never coming home" after she died from cancer.

The distraught 25-year-old was seen fighting back tears as she broke the news of her mother Angie Douthit's death in a heartbreaking preview clip from Teen Mom OG.

Mackenzie's mom died in December after battling cancer for two years.

The reality star, who paid tribute to her beloved mom at the time, is now reliving the tragedy as the scenes play out on her show.

In a harrowing teaser, the mom-of-three's seen emotionally preparing her kids for Angie's death.

“Nanny’s not going to get to come home from the hospital, OK?” Mackenzie tells her seven-year-old son, Gannon.

When he asks if she’ll “never, ever, ever” get to leave, she explains that this is the end for his grandma.

“I think it’s time for her to go to heaven,” the tearful reality star says.

Mackenzie and her husband Josh have three children Gannon, seven, Jaxie Taylor, five, and Broncs Weston, three.

Angie was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2018 and just a few months later, the disease had spread to her lungs and bones.

She began chemotherapy in June and seemed to be doing better, but the cancer returned last year.

Back in September, Angie revealed she had 10 tumors in her brain and other "tiny" tumors in her lungs.

She stopped chemotherapy in August and died four months later.

Mackenzie has since paid tribute to her mom in several searingly emotional posts on social media.

The day after Angie's death, she shared a snap of her mom taking part in a race and wrote: "Momma @angiedouthit has crossed the finish line.

"She did not lose the battle, she won. She is healed and running in heaven in eternity.

"[I don’t know] anyone who left earth with such an impact.”

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Jose Mourinho tells Tottenham board to choose between Premier League or Champions League but NOT both amid injury crisis – The Sun

JOSE MOURINHO has told Tottenham to choose between the Premier League and Champions League due to their injury crisis.

His most realistic hope of ending Spurs' 12-year trophy drought came to an unexpected end on Wednesday night.

Norwich booked their place in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup and set up a date with Manchester United or Derby thanks to their penalty shootout win at White Hart Lane.

Speaking after the Norwich defeat – Spurs' fourth in a row and sixth in 2020 – Mourinho said: "I am thinking already about what next and I am really, really worried about playing in two days.

"Trying to give my boys a chance to go to Leipzig with a minimum of conditions to fight against a fresh team, a team with incredible solutions and options and rotations.

"I have to think about a Saturday match and a Tuesday match and try to decide which one is the priority and which one is the one where I can give some of my boys under huge fatigue the best possible chance."

It means Spurs are now battling on two fronts: in the Prem and in Europe.


SPURS NEWS LIVE: Follow for the latest news on Spurs

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Michael Barrymore tells of his 'pain and agony' in first TV interview since cops re-opened Stuart Lubbock murder probe

MICHAEL Barrymore today broke down as he opened up about his "20-year hell" over the death of Stuart Lubbock at his mansion in 2001.

The TV star has continuously denied any wrongdoing – but police insist Stuart, 31, was raped and murdered in Essex 19 years ago.

In his first TV interview since a new police probe was opened into Stuart's death, Barrymore slammed "Poundshop detectives" on Twitter as he spoke of his "pain and agony".

Voice breaking, the 67-year-old told ITV's Good Morning Britain: "The only reason I got through the last 19 years, coming up to 20 years, is the massive support out there from fans and my mates.

"They know I'm not a wrong'un.

"How many times am I supposed to be kicked, how many times am I supposed to take it?"

Stuart's death was explored last month in Channel 4 documentary Barrymore: The Body In The Pool.

On the programme, three pathologists cast doubt over whether divorced father-of-two Stuart drowned and it was suggested he could have died from “horrific” internal injuries.

It came after The Sun exclusively revealed Barrymore and his seven pool party guests are still being linked to the rape and murder of Stuart.

Cops said they were investigating a “cover-up” and none of the group could be ruled out of their investigation.

Barrymore, his ex-lover Jonathan Kenney, and dustman Justin Merritt were all previously arrested over the death before being released without charge.

Speaking today, Barrymore said he doesn't believe anyone at the party knows anything over than what they have told the police and revealed he hasn't seen them since.

He added: "The wall of silence is because they genuinely don’t know. Yes I do believe them.

"I do believe [nobody at the party knew what happened].

"I can’t see how…because of going against Essex Police for wrongful arrest, I was able to see every witness statement. I only quoted from facts and that's what my view is.

"Everything I say is not because it's what I wanted to hear because that's the story I wanted to put out there, it's what's in the witness statement. I only quoted from facts."

Stuart's dad Terry, 75, last night urged Barrymore to "come clean" about the death in the interview.

But Barrymore claimed today Terry "knows he is innocent" and said he has met with the grieving dad three times.

He said: "The first time I met him I said, 'You know I don’t have anything to do with this'. He said, 'I know'. So I said, 'Why are you pointing the finger at me?'

"I say, 'Why do you keep having a go at me when we part and pointing fingers'. And everyone else is joining in. A nudge and innuendo.

"It doesn’t matter how bad it is for me it won’t be as bad as Mr Lubbock and his family. Why would I hide and kept anything and put myself through this pain and agony every time this comes up."

Barrymore was also asked by Piers Morgan whether he would believe Stuart's death was "an accident or more to it" if he were in Terry's shoes.

The star replied: "Based on what is there and the evidence I would have to go down the line of it's not what he thinks.

"Why don’t we sit down together, instead of this constant 'I know you have'. Let's deal with it properly as grown ups.

"He knows I have nothing to do with it. He says, 'How else will I get publicity?'."

But when host Susanna Reid pointed out Terry was not there to defend himself, Barrymore added: "If that's hearsay I take it back."

Barrymore is now calling for a fresh investigation into Stuart's death by another police force as he revealed he "wished" he had something to offer cops.

Ex-Strike It Lucky host Barrymore, 67, has always denied involvement but the tragedy saw his £2million-a-year career collapse.

He told GMB: "I've got nothing to hide. I've never had anything to hide. I've got every right to go out and be employed.

"I've got every right to go out and to be employed and work in the business I've worked in without … being kicked in the teeth just because I'm back on the telly."

He said Terry's torment "comes before me and everybody" but added: "I can't live my life. I can't get on with my life."

A 2002 inquest into Stuart's death recorded an open verdict after failing to conclude what caused him to die.

A post-mortem revealed the meat packer had ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol in his system.

The Essex Police detective leading the renewed inquiry says Stuart was raped and murdered – and believes it was then covered up by seven other people present at the late night party.

DCI Stephen Jennings said: “Let me be clear — I believe Stuart Lubbock was murdered. And we will catch whoever did it.”

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