Mandy Moore Sang A Walk To Remember's 'Only Hope' For The First Time In Almost 20 Years

Mandy Moore just transported us all back to our childhood with a very special performance.

On Sunday (April 5), Moore took to Instagram Live with a powerful acoustic performance of some of her songs alongside husband Taylor Goldsmith. But there was one track in particular that had and positively swooning: “Only Hope.”

You may recall that “Only Hope” was the touching ballad first heard in the 2002 film A Walk to Remember, which was featured in the movie. The song first premiered 18 years ago, and Moore has yet to perform it, which was all the more reason for fans to go to pieces over hearing Mandy show it some love once more.

“So I lay my head back down/And I lift my hands and pray/To be only yours,” the song goes. “I pray to be only yours/I know now you’re my only hope.”

The emotional tune is sung by Moore’s character Jamie Sullivan to Shane West’s Landon Carter while the pair perform together in their school play. The film was based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, and it follows a rebellious teenager (West) who ends up meeting Jamie Sullivan (Moore), who happens to be the town minister’s daughter, who’s helping him to complete service projects as penance for being caught partaking in underage drinking with his friends.

As with any good teen romance flick, the pair come together from two very different backgrounds and fall in love before some truly heartbreaking tragedy strikes. It’s a movie that’s definitely well worth watching if you didn’t catch it when it first arrived, especially now that Mandy’s returned to the musical spotlight.

We’re truly getting some of the best content while participating in social distancing. Who’s next to sing something amazing? We’ll be on high alert looking for another Mandy Moore moment.

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Tiffani Thiessen Has Been Sending Eggs to Friends Amid COVID Crisis

Tiffani Thiessen is making the most of self-isolation, and she’s already on her way to cultivating a more self-sufficient life for her family with a massive home garden.

The actress and mother-of-two joined ET’s Katie Krause via video chat from her home, and opened up about how she’s been keeping busy while staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak, including making her own food from her massive garden and her seven chickens.

“But they have been the highlight through all of this, I’ll tell ya,” said Thiessen, who shot a tour of her home garden for ET, including her rows of vegetables, her copious fruit trees and her chicken enclosure. “I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls lately of people wanting produce, and there’s so much citrus happening right now… I’m definitely a hot commodity in the neighborhood.”

Among the many people asking for some fresh food during these trying times are a few of Thiessen’s friends and former TV co-stars, including Saved By The Bell‘s Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who shared a video of himself picking up a bundle of eggs from her house.

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Special delivery and pick up. #buttnuggets

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“He actually came to me. What I did is I actually put them outside our gates and then he actually came by and picked them up because he was out and about,” Thiessen said of the exchange, adding that Gosselaar had previously gifted them with some craft beer. “He doesn’t live far. Maybe 15 minutes, 10 minutes at most. So he’s not far at all.”

Thiessen added that she’s also gone on a few deliveries for friends and family, “Some that worked out great, some that didn’t work out so great.”

“One delivery I actually dropped all of the eggs and cracked every single one of them,” she recalled. “It was pretty funny, my friends were like, ‘Are you trying to egg our house? What are you doing?!'”

Thiessen, her husband Brady Smith, and their two kids — 9-year-old daughter Harper and 4-year-old son Holt — have been in self-isolation due to extensive social distancing protocols for more than two weeks, and the actress says that they, like so many others in the same situation, are just “taking it day-by-day.”

“We wake up every morning feeling thankful that we’re healthy and that we have each other, and everybody in my circle is good,” she shared. “It is what it is and we’re trying to make the best of it.”

One thing that has been a big part of the family’s life since the outbreak began is getting more in touch with cooking and gardening, as the actress said she “really wanted to teach [the kids] where their food came from.”

“I mean, here we are cooking three meals a day, two to three snacks a day, you know? I mean, that’s a lot. I cook a lot already, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a lot more than ever before,” she shared. “It’s given us more of a chance to get the kids in the kitchen with me, which they’ve always been huge about. They’ve always loved doing that, but it’s definitely been more of it because now we’re cooking breakfast, and lunch, and dinner.”

An upside for Thiessen is that having to stay home hasn’t been as much of a challenge from a mental perspective, because she’s always been “very much a homebody,” so not having to worry about getting styled for an event or an interview has been fine by her.

“I love not having to put hair or make up on. I love having my hair in a topknot or a ponytail,” she shared. “I don’t wash it more than twice a week at most, depending on how sweaty I get from my workouts. I never wear make up unless I have to. And I’m usually barefoot! Like, I never put shoes on ever.”

However, while she’s been making the most of a bad situation, Thiessen admitted that the nation-wide shut-down of the entertainment industry has had an impact on her directly.

“The last season of Alexa and Katie, we already shot, so that will be coming out,” Thiessen said of her Netflix series. “But there was a couple of other projects I had. I had a TV project that I was in like a week away from shooting. Another project that was literally two days from shooting. So a lot got shut down.”

Since neither project has been shot yet, Thiessen said she couldn’t elaborate on either one. Fans have speculated that she may have some involvement with the upcoming Saved By the Bell revival — which Gosselaar is confirmed to have a role in — but nothing has been announced or confirmed regarding Thiessen’s potential involvement.

As Thiessen has been gardening, cooking and delivering eggs during this national crisis, she said she recognizes that everyone is having “a hard time mentally grasping the sort of newness in our world right now,” and had a bit of advice for those trying to keep things together.

“The two things that have helped me the most are getting outside — literally just being outside with fresh air, whether you’re in cold, whether you’re in hot right now, it doesn’t matter. It’s just fresh air,” Thiessen said, sharing her tips for mental health while in self-isolation.

“And then secondly, just staying connected. Staying connected to people, to your family, with people that you’re close with, your friends,” she continued. “I’ve been doing these Zoom cocktail hours with my girlfriends. I’m literally going to be talking to my grandmother tonight, who is 94 years old. It’s super important to stay connected.”

Check out the video below for more on the coronavirus outbreak, and how stars have been spending their days stuck in doors while self-isolating.

Keith Urban Describes ‘Vibrant’ Self-Quarantine With Wife Nicole Kidman and Their Kids (Exclusive)

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AB de Villiers: Sporting Genius: From boy wonder to cricket superstar

AB de Villiers is a Sporting Genius.

Cricket is his greatest skill – who can forget his record-breaking 162 runs off 66 balls against West Indies in the 2015 Cricket World Cup?!

But he is also adept at a host of other sports as Nasser Hussain discovered in our three-part series, filmed a few years ago in AB’s native South Africa.

With coronavirus halting live cricket, we are re-running our programme on De Villiers over the next three Saturdays on, so you can marvel at his talent, hear him discuss his career, watch his batting tips, and see what happened when Nasser took on AB at golf and tennis!

In part one, Journey to the Top – which you can watch in the video at the top of the page – Nasser discovers how De Villiers developed from a child prodigy on the school playing fields to a superstar in international cricket.

Running though his batting tips at SuperSport Park in Centurion, De Villiers reflects on his first trip to the ground and how while he always wanted to play sport on the big stage, “never in his wildest dreams” did he expect to play cricket at his home ground.

Explaining his processes at the crease, AB then urges every batsman to be unique but also stresses the importance of head position, and how hitting a ball with a stump in training helps him focus on playing the ball late, and why he prefers short, sharp drills at match intensity.

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'Tiger King' Star Joe Exotic Gives Interview From Jail, Talks Carole

Tiger King star Joe Exotic is answering some of viewers’ biggest questions from jail.

By now, it seems like everyone has heard of Exotic — whose real name is  Joseph Maldonado-Passage — the extremely colorful star of Netflix’s docuseries, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness. The Netflix hit follows big cat breeders and trainers across the country, namely, Exotic, who is currently serving 22 years in federal prison after being convicted for allegedly attempting to hire someone to murder Carole Baskin, his longtime nemesis. Baskin, an animal activist, runs the animal sanctuary Big Cat Rescue.

In an interview from jail that Netflix shared on Twitter on Friday, which was done on March 22, Exotic says he’s actually done with his intense feud with Baskin.

“I’m done with the Carole Baskin saga,” he says over the phone. “It’s now time to turn the tables and Joe get out of jail a free man and exonerated from all these charges.”

As for how things are with his fourth husband, Dillon, he said the two are still going strong.

“I can’t thank my husband enough for standing beside me,” he says.

Exotic still has a sense of humor despite being in jail, laughing when asked if he’s still going to be “as crazy” as he was before once he gets out of prison.

“That will never change,” he says.

“You know, it would be nice if I could actually see me being famous out there,” he adds about Tiger King going viral. “But I’ve seen these same four walls for a year and a half now.”

ET learned on Tuesday that Exotic is currently in quarantine while behind bars due to the coronavirus outbreak. He was transferred from a county jail — where he was being held since his sentencing in January — to a federal prison in Fort Worth, Texas. Due to concerns surrounding the nationwide COVID-19 outbreak, the Tiger King star was quarantined as a safety precaution upon his arrival at the prison, which is currently a standard procedure for all inmates currently checking into any prison due to the circumstances.

ET has recently spoken to a number of Tiger King‘s cast members via video chat, including Jeff Lowe and his wife, Lauren Dropla, who discussed their portrayal in the Netflix docuseries. The couple is seen taking over Exotic’s zoo prior to his arrest and conviction, but Lowe denied to ET that they set up Exotic.

“We did not do anything. We did not rat on Joe,” he insisted. “We did not snitch on Joe.”

“It’s sad that people think that we set him up, but what we did was we protected ourselves,” he continued. “Lauren and I didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m not about to take the fall for Joe’s crimes. When the feds started investigating Joe and we were tipped off by the confidential informant… we knew that we had no choice. We had to tell them what we knew. We handed them over our cell phones, our bank accounts, whatever they asked for we gave them, cooperated fully.”

Watch the video below for more:

'Tiger King's Jeff Lowe Believes Carole Baskin Is Responsible for Her Ex-Husband's Death (Exclusive)

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Why WWE Decided to Still Hold WrestleMania: 'It's Not Going to Be Perfect,' Paul Levesque Says

Aside from the absence of fans and the change from a one-night event to two, WrestleMania 36 will take place somewhere no other WWE event of this scale has been held — at the company’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, which is typically used as a training facility for future prospects.

This is quite the change in size from WrestleMania’s original location, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, which can hold more than 65,000 fans.

But while the NBA, NHL and MLB swiftly announced decisions in March to indefinitely suspend their activities amid coronavirus, WWE has been criticized for moving forward with events that make it impossible for their performers to abide by social distancing recommendations.

To that, Levesque says the company has taken precautions to minimize risks and protect its performers and staff. Additionally, in a previous statement to Sports Illustrated, WWE says everyone involved in WrestleMania has been required to “participate in medical screenings” before the event.

They are also testing for heightened body temperatures and implementing “pandemic-level cleaning” inside the training center.

Outside of superstars including The Undertaker, John Cena, Edge and Becky Lynch, only essential personnel will be on the set for the event, which has largely been pre-taped.

“For us, first and foremost as this was all happening, was the health and safety of not only our performers but also our staff and our crew to make sure that they were all as healthy as possible and that we weren’t risking them,” Levesque says. “But after that, we wanted to try as hard as we possibly could, without taking too much risk, to try to continue to entertain people.”

One major superstar has pulled out from the event — 34-year-old Roman Reigns, who is immunocompromised after battles with leukemia over the last decade. He has not publicly specified why he decided not to participate.

So far, there have been no reported cases of any of WWE’s performers testing positive for coronavirus.

In addition to the uniqueness — and strangeness — of watching WrestleMania without a live audience, the event will be hosted by former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, known for his outgoing and rambunctious personality.

“I think we’re just kind of all living in Gronk’s world,” Levesque tells PEOPLE while laughing. “And he’s the plan. I think he will bring the hype and he will get people excited because it’s just who he is as a person.”

When asked how he thinks history will remember this weekend, Levesque — a 30-year veteran of the professional wrestling business — says he hopes people will recall how WWE did what it could to momentarily ease fans’ fears during an unprecedented and uncertain time.

“Some people will obviously criticize, some people will love it, but I think that as time goes on — when you look back at this 20 years from now — it’s hard for me not to see it and say, ‘Look, when the whole world was shut down, when everyone was boxed up at home, the WWE still was out there trying to entertain us,’ ” Levesque says.

“At the end of the day, there’s also something to be said about trying to move forward and give people some normalcy,” he adds. “And I think over time, especially for us because there’s the entertainment factor, I think people will look back in hindsight favorably upon that.”

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'Tiger King' Jeff Lowe Denies He 'Set Up' Joe Exotic (Exclusive)

Jeff Lowe is speaking out following the release of Tiger King. In an interview with ET’s Lauren Zima via video chat, Lowe and his wife, Lauren Dropla, discussed their portrayal throughout the Netflix docuseries, in which they’re seen taking over Joe Exotic’s zoo, prior to his arrest and conviction. 

In the show, the couple’s role in Exotic’s eventual downfall is questioned, but Lowe insisted, “We did not do anything. We did not rat on Joe. We did not snitch on Joe.”

“It’s sad that people think that we set him up, but what we did was we protected ourselves,” Lowe said. “Lauren and I didn’t do anything wrong, so I’m not about to take the fall for Joe’s crimes.”

“When the feds started investigating Joe and we were tipped off by the confidential informant… we knew that we had no choice. We had to tell them what we knew,” he continued. “We handed them over our cell phones, our bank accounts, whatever they asked for we gave them, cooperated fully.”

That cooperation began after Lowe and Dropla moved to Las Vegas because they “couldn’t deal with” with Exotic anymore. When they discovered that Exotic was changing passwords on their bank accounts, though, they returned to the zoo.

“We came in, we snuck back into town, went to the bank to get our bank statements, and the teller said, ‘You know, I am probably not supposed to tell you this, but the feds are watching your bank account,'” he said. “So we knew at the time that they had been monitoring the bank account, looking for money coming in from Joe selling tiger cubs.”

“We did not say anything, we just went over those bank statements and that’s when we found out that Joe was embezzling [and] forging my name 50 times on $50,000 worth of checks,” Lowe added.

Viewers saw Lowe confront Exotic on the series, in a video that was taken by Dropla.

“We were already planning to confront Joe that day… As soon as I opened the door, Joe came busting in and he actually pushed me up against the wall with the door and it just went off from there,” she explained. “So I just automatically started recording. I said, ‘We need to cover our a**.'”

Lowe added that his wife “records everything” and that the portion of the argument seen on Netflix is “just a tiny, tiny clip of that entire situation,” which was actually hours long. 

“That is I think effectively what saved us from the scrutiny of the federal investigators. Because, initially, I would have been a suspect in cub trafficking because my name was on the park and Joe was breeding all these cats here and selling them,” Lowe said. “We were in Las Vegas. We knew he was selling tiger cubs, everybody in the industry knew… but I couldn’t say anything. He was breeding his own tigers. They weren’t mine. It was none of my business.”

Despite the intense argument and all the problems that followed, Lowe said that he and Dropla “never set [out] to hurt Joe.”

“We came here to actually save Joe… We came back and we bailed him out. We got the park back on its feet,” he said. “… It’s a very small family, the exotic animal industry.” 

“You see all these beautiful animals, knowing that someone like Carole Baskin was going to possibly get all of them,” Lowe added of Exotic’s fiercest foe. “I didn’t want that to happen… We did not want her getting a hold of these tigers because she would have either made money or figured out a way to put them down.”

Overall, Lowe said that he and Dropla “absolutely” feel that they were exploited by the series and that they were “not at all” portrayed accurately.

“It’s aggravating because we lived it. We know where the mistakes were. You wanna get up and hit the TV,” he said. “… They misled all of us… They just twisted around on us. They tried to make us look like we were complicit.”

Watch the video below for more on Tiger King.

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Chris Cuomo Reveals He's Lost 13 Pounds in 3 Days From COVID-19

Chris Cuomo is still suffering some serious symptoms during his battle with the coronavirus.

The TV newsman’s nightly show, Cuomo Prime Time, was preempted on Thursday by a CNN town hall special about the coronavirus outbreak, but he still joined fellow CNN anchors Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and opened up about the physical impact COVID-19 has had on his body in a matter of days.

“I’ve lost 13 pounds in three days,” Cuomo revealed. “Now, I’m a big guy, I started off at 230 pounds…. [but] I’m eating and drinking constantly. I’m just sweating it out, and it’s just the sickness.” 

He also explained how his symptoms, particularly his fever, seem to get worse as the day wears on.

“The beast comes at night,” Cuomo said. “My fever has gone up a couple of degrees in like the last 30 minutes. Nights are tough.”

“It is responsible journalism to say that 80 percent of people who get this, statistically, wind up OK, meaning they don’t get a hospital, they get through it,” Cuomo continued. “It is not humanly responsible, though, from an ethical perspective.”

The veteran journalist went on to explain to anyone watching who is still underestimating the effects of the coronavirus, “You suffer when you have this at home, unless you are ridiculously lucky, statistically, and maybe karmically as well.”

Cuomo, who was officially diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tuesday, went on to reflect what he’s learned from having a serious case of the illness, and what has worked for him when it comes to dealing with the symptoms.

“Chicken soup is not just anecdotal,” he shared. “That has worked for me, I believe.”

He said he’s also been “counseled to try to endure fever as much as I can, because the fever is the body’s fighting mechanism. [And] I’ve also learned there is so much BS on the internet that are being sold as cures. Fake pills, fake tonics… I think we have to be very careful about people preying on desperation.”

Cuomo is working out of his basement, where he is still in quarantine to stay separated from his wife and their children. 

Earlier this week, he opened up to Gupta even more about the severity of his fever, and explained, “I’ve never seen anything like it… I’ve had a fever, you’ve had a fever, right? But 102, 103, 103-plus, that wouldn’t quit. It was like somebody was beating me like a pinata.”

“I was shivering so much … I chipped my tooth. I was up all night. I was hallucinating. My dad was talking to me,” added Cuomo, whose late father, Mario Cuomo, died in 2015. “I was seeing people from college, people I haven’t seen in forever. It was freaky what I lived through last night, and it might happen again tonight. Doctors said it could happen, like, five or eight times.”

For more on Cuomo’s diagnosis and his battle with the coronavirus, see the video below.

Don Lemon Gets Emotional Talking About CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo’s Coronavirus Diagnosis

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Sky Cricket Podcast: Graham Gooch on Sir Ian Botham greatness and England highs and lows

Graham Gooch reflects on his time as England skipper, the highs and lows of his international career and just what it was like to play with “superstar of cricket” Sir Ian Botham in the latest episode of our Captain’s Log series.

Gooch hails Botham as “the greatest England cricketer I’ve ever played with”, but Botham’s own stint as captain in the early 1980s was a fraught one that ended when he was dismissed for a pair in the Lord’s Ashes Test of 1981.

Gooch looks at where it went wrong for Botham as captain, and shares his memories of that incredible summer in which a rejuvenated Botham inspiring England to a 3-1 series win in what will forever be known as ‘Botham’s Ashes’.

Listen in the player above, or by downloading here – you can also listen at this link.

The former England opener also explains what he gleaned playing under Mike Brearley for England and Keith Fletcher for Essex, his biggest influences as captain.

  • Captain’s Log: David Gower
  • All Sky Sports Cricket Podcasts

Gooch gives insight too into his leading of a rebel tour to South Africa in 1982 – a decision that earned him a lengthy ban from Test cricket – and England’s trip to Pakistan in 1987/88, in which then-captain Mike Gatting became embroiled in the Shakoor Rana in incident.

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Taylor Swift Keeps Nashville Record Store Afloat amid Coronavirus Pandemic: 'An Angel,' Says Owner

Before Swift’s aid, Davis tells PEOPLE he received assistance from David Macias, the CEO of record label Thirty Tigers, who first wrote him a check and challenged other local Nashville labels to do the same. Davis says he was able to pay his employees for their final shifts using the money from Macias.

“We’re all Taylor Swift fans now, let me tell you,” says Davis, adding that one of his friends began listening to her album 1989 after learning of her donation. “Maybe some day we’ll have a Taylor Swift event some time in the future. We have already stocked her records. I don’t know what else I can do to pay her back. It’s just amazing, and I saw that she’s just been gifting people on social media that are struggling. What an angel, it’s amazing. They need to make her ambassador of Record Store Day next year.”

Hospital Staff Claps As 93-Year-Old Man in Spain is Discharged After Recovering from Coronavirus

Grimey’s New and Preloved Music has served celebrity guests including Kesha, Jack White, Jason Isbell, Emmylou Harris, John Prine and Robert Plant. Davis says Swift’s publicist even confirmed that she’s bought records from the store before.

Davis is hopeful that his small business will withstand the economic plummet caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and urges people to continue supporting them.

Says the store owner: “Record stores are still extremely vital and robust community cultural centers in every town that has them. The idea that [our store] was something Taylor Swift wanted to help just blows my mind.”

As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, PEOPLE is committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments. To help provide doctors and nurses on the front lines with life-saving medical resources, donate to Direct Relief here.

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Ed Smith says England want Moeen Ali to return to Test cricket – Sky Cricket Podcast

Ed Smith said he was desperate not to lose Moeen Ali as a Test cricketer as he discussed the art of selection on the Sky Sports Cricket Podcast.

England national selector Smith and fellow selector James Taylor joined host Michael Atherton for a show you can listen to in the player below or by downloading: iTunes | Spotify | Spreaker

All-rounder Ali is on a self-imposed break from Test cricket after losing his red-ball central contract having been dropped from the five-day game after the first Ashes Test last summer.

But Smith said he hopes the 32-year-old – still involved in England’s white-ball squads – will return to all forms as he explained how the player-selector relationship works.

“Definitely not,” said Smith on whether he wanted to move on from Moeen. “You want access to the most amount of talent and the individual case of Moeen is that he is a very valued, respected and talented England player. We would like him to be at his best and available for all formats.

“The same applies to England cricket generally. You want to bring talent back to the table rather than rule things out and put lines through people. That’s not the way we operate.

There are three selectors, myself, James and the head coach. Ashley [Giles] sits in and, absolutely, the captain is central to that whole conversation, so both Joe Root and Eoin Morgan. I feel very strongly that you have to have the captain there and he has to be involved all the way through.

Ed Smith

“In the case of Moeen, James [Taylor] and I went and saw him in Birmingham at the end of last year and had a very natural conversation over a cup of tea.

“It shouldn’t feel like a selector-player distance. They understand we have a decision to make and we understand they are not always going to like it but you should be able to have a conversation.

“We say, ‘if you want to have a chat tomorrow, that’s also fine’. We aren’t going anywhere. Every day of our lives we are professionally engaged with trying to select the best England squad we can.

“Where there is a change to a team, when someone has come in or out, the player should hear first. That’s not always possible – sometimes things get out and that is frustrating.

“After a selection meeting, it’s me who makes the call to the player who drops out or comes in before it is announced publicly and there is a press conference.”

Smith also developed on how the character of a cricketer comes into account when selecting players, a trait he says is not easy to distinguish.

“Character is not binary – it’s not ‘he has it, he doesn’t’. That’s clearly not appropriate, just as physical strength doesn’t work like that,” added the former Kent, Middlesex and England batsman.

“There is a spectrum even when we have agreed what we mean by mental strength, which is very hard to define.

Character is near on impossible to measure numerically but what we like to see is how many games these individuals are winning for their side, either with bat or ball. Adapting to the situation, knuckling down, taking the game to the opposition – showing character in different kinds of ways.

James Taylor

“I think you are after a broader understanding than someone having a take on a player and that player being written off forever.

“Humans are subtle, develop at different rates and you should always have an open mind as a selector that some may become more resilient and show more character at different stages of their lives.

“As a selection panel, we have sometimes made bold decisions on young players. There were five players 24 or younger in the Test XI in South Africa, which had never happened in the history of English cricket.

“It’s easier to make an apparently bold decision if you know a lot about that young player, everything about the cricket they have played and if they have been assessed by a number of different people – team-mates, opponents, coaches, opposition coaches, scouts, selectors.

“It ends up not feeling so daunting and you sense that confidence and character is there and that that player will probably cope fine. You never know how it will play out on the day but you have more information than you might have done.”

Also on the Sky Cricket Podcast…

– How Smith picked Taylor as a selector as he wanted to surround himself with fearless and brave people who challenged him

– The selection process in detail and how Smith wants to make selectors more accountable and available

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