Mum’s heartbreaking coronavirus warning as baby son ‘hospitalised with killer bug’ – The Sun

A MUM has issued a harrowing coronavirus warning to stay indoors after claiming her baby son was struck down with the killer virus.

Katie Price posted a series of devastating pictures of son Hudson in hospital on Facebook as cases in the UK continue to rise.

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The mum urged Brits to follow government advice and not leave the house unless absolutely necessary in order to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

She wrote: "I can't believe it, for everyone that isn't isolating then think twice!! Our baby boy has been diagnosed not with just an infection going through his body but also coronavirus!! I have had to sit next to his cot and watch him go through the absolute worst!!

"People need to start staying in and realising that this is really happening."

Katie, from Monmouthshire, Wales, said little Hudson appears to be on the mend alongside the heartbreaking snaps of him in a cot in hospital.

She added: "He is the first baby to be confirmed at Nevill Hall, I'm an absolute wreck and feel sick with worry!!

"We are currently still in Hospital, Hudson is doing better than expected thankfully!!! We can't wait to be home with daddy but right now we are in the best place. I can't wait to have our naughty Norman back to his naughty self."

Her Facebook post has now been shared more than 5,000 times and liked by more than 3,000 people wishing the youngster a speedy recovery.

Katie is not the only mum who has begged the public to listen to Boris Johnson's drastic lockdown measures.

Yesterday, mum-to-be Karen Mannering told how she was "fighting for my baby's life" from a hospital bed in Kent.

The heavily pregnant 39-year-old could be heard struggling to breathe as she revealed she has pneumonia in both lungs.

She said: "It's not worth going out.

"I'm telling you now, if you're going to see your friends for a stupid beer on the sea wall because the weather's nice, you're going to take this home and you're going to kill someone; one of your family members.

"Stop going out, and listen to Boris. Stop going out. It's not worth it."

While Lauren Fulbrook, 30, has also warned Brits to take the killer virus seriously after claiming her son had coronavirus.

The mum told of her panic as she rushed her five-year-old son to hospital when his temperature spiked.

The carer took to Facebook to speak out and urge parents to "stop brushing it [coronavirus] under the carpet".


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It comes as police today launched coronavirus checkpoints to spot-check drivers in a desperate bid to stop non-essential travel.

Cops across the UK have been asking drivers where they are going and why they are going there.

They have also been handed new powers to fine Brits up to £1000 for breaking rules for being outside their homes from today.

It comes as the UK death toll from coronavirus hit 477 after 12 more people died in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland today.

The Government said it expects 10,000 coronavirus tests per day to be carried out by the end of this week – despite testing just 6,643 on Wednesday.

They include the Prince of Wales, who is self-isolating in Scotland after testing positive with what Clarence House described as "mild symptoms".

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Celeb mums spoiled on Mother’s Day – with Abbey Clancy, Lucy Meck and Christine McGuinness celebrating – The Sun

CELEBRITY mums are being spoiled this Mother's Day – with Abbey Clancy, Lucy  Mecklenburgh and Christine McGuinness celebrating the occasion.

Families are being forced apart all over the country today as millions self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

For the lucky ones able to spend the day with their mum or children, they've been making the most of their time together.

This morning, new mum Lucy shared an adorable snap of her and fiance Ryan Thomas cradling their newborn baby Roman.

She wrote: "My first Mother’s Day with my special little man. Love you so much Roman."

Meanwhile Peter Crouch's wife Abbey showed her four children had delivered her a heart-shaped pancake for breakfast in bed.

Abbey said: "Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. Stay safe everyone x."

Christine McGuinness shared a sweet video of her children with husband Paddy playing with their toys on the floor.

She posted a heartfelt message as she reflected on what's important to her in life.

She said: "From the moment I became a mother, my purpose has been to love and protect my children with everything I have. ⠀
"They are my everything, I need them more than they need me. #MummysDay #StaySafe."

For others however, they can't see their mums like they normally would on this special occasion.

Susanna Reid had to wish her mum a happy Mother's Day from isolation in a heartbreaking video tribute today.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 49, is currently in self-isolation with her sons Finn, Jack and Sam after one of her them showed COVID-19 symptoms.

Others posted throwback photos on social media as they spent the day apart from their loved ones.

As it stands Britain's coronavirus death toll rose to 233 – with a 41-year-old becoming the UK’s youngest victim yet.

The 56 new deaths were recorded for the whole of the UK in the biggest 24-hour leap yet.

Writing for The Sun today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: "This Mothering Sunday, the single best present that we can give — we who owe our mothers so much — is to spare them the risk of catching a very dangerous disease.

"The sad news is that means staying away. This time the best thing is to ring her, video call her, Skype her, but to avoid any unnecessary physical contact or proximity.

"And why? Because if your mother is elderly or vulnerable, then I am afraid all the statistics show that she is much more likely to die from coronavirus, or Covid-19. We cannot disguise or sugar-coat the threat."

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Mum's banana bread recipe sparks a furious debate online

Mum sparks a furious debate online after revealing she bought gluten-free flour for her banana bread recipe – but who is in the right?

  • A mum sparked a furious debate online after saying she used gluten-free flour 
  • She said she did this because she couldn’t find regular flour in the supermarkets 
  • The post triggered a heated debate amid the coronavirus panic buying issue 
  • While some were outraged by the woman’s actions, others were sympathetic 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

A mum has sparked a furious debate online after she shared her recipe for a four-ingredient banana bread and revealed she used gluten-free self-raising flour. 

Posting to an Australian Facebook group, the woman revealed she bought the gluten-free flour because coronavirus panic buyers had left the shelves stripped of regular flour.

‘I attempted the four-ingredient banana bread in the slow cooker tonight,’ she wrote.

‘I actually was a bit worried because I had to use gluten-free self-raising flour because every crazy person in Australia is now hoarding flour, but it turned out pretty good.’ 

A mum has sparked a furious debate online after she shared her recipe for a four-ingredient banana bread and revealed she used gluten-free self-raising flour (pictured) 

However, it wasn’t long before the post triggered a sequence of comments from other home bakers who were furious that the woman bought gluten-free flour despite not having an intolerance.


Should the mum have bought gluten-free flour?

Should the mum have bought gluten-free flour?

Now share your opinion

‘Ah sorry but this made me mad. My daughter is coeliac and it is now extremely difficult to get her food as people that do not need to be gluten-free are taking it,’ she wrote.

‘I know this isn’t relevant to this page, but consideration please of those that actually have a serious illness.’

Another added: ‘Please be mindful in these difficult times that gluten-free products should be left for those who need them due to health reasons. 

‘Many friends have expressed the shortages like lots of products but unfortunately these people can’t just choose something else to eat.’

A third said: ‘Totally agree. I am coeliac. So hard to find gluten-free right now. There is no “other” choice for us’.

The woman hit back to defend herself and said she is simply trying to feed her family.

‘For everyone jumping up and down at the fact I bought one packet of gluten-free flour get over yourselves,’ she said.

‘I’m not one of these panic shoppers who has gone out of my way to stock up on food or anything for that fact I myself actually balled my eyes out the other day because I could not buy nappies, formula or even wipes for my 14 week old son!’

‘I too have a family to feed and provide for and my daughter doesn’t eat much food to begin with, so if I have to find other alternatives I will because, like the rest of us, we’re just trying to feed and keep our kids happy!’ 

The mum also said: ‘Maybe you should think before you go throwing accusations at someone you don’t even know’. 

While some were infuriated by the situation, others sympathised with the mum.

‘I understand your frustration but people have families to feed in this crises and if that’s all that the shops have to offer then that’s all she can get! 

‘I had to get lactose free milk not because I wanted to but it was my only option and like I said I have kids so it is what it is.’

Another wrote: ‘Wow I can’t believe how rude some people are being over a single packet of gluten-free flour. This world has gone mad. Not even a month or two ago we were all helping Australia out for fires and now everyone is against everyone. Let’s all be nice to each other.’ 

Others said the banana bread looked delicious.

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Mums slammed for feeding babies dangerous ‘knock-out’ bottles packed with cereal, rice and even MEDICINE to boost sleep

MOTHERS who have taken to social media to boast about feeding their babies "knock-out" bottles to make them sleep through the night have come under fire from experts.

The "dangerous" concoctions, which are made from formula or breast milk mixed with cereal, baby food and even in some cases medicine, have been called a "choking hazard" by child nutritionists.

It comes after a mum from New York, posted on Facebook to say the method – which included adding Tylenol when her little boy was unwell – had worked "every time".

Sharing a snap of the concoction, the woman called Alexis wrote: “Y’all parents today!! Don’t know these knockout bottles! S**t worked every time. Especially when [the baby] is sick, add some Tylenol. Awww man out like the kite.” 

The controversial post attracted a storm of criticism from other parents, who voiced their concerns over giving solid food to babies younger than six months.

The NHS recommends that until this time babies are fed solely by breast or formula. Adding "extras" to baby’s formula powder can cause constipation, dehydration and undernourishment.

This goes far beyond bad parenting.

The post, dated from November, has resurfaced after being shared thousands of times online. 

A fellow mum hit back over the resurfaced concoction on Facebook, arguing: “Cereal is NOT made to be bottle fed!”

Another wrote: “I’ve never used rice cereal in or out of the bottle. There’s no nutritional value. Learn to love the babies' cries at night because one day you will look back and miss it and wish you could have that back.”

A third person branded parents "idiots" for using "knockout bottles", writing: “That is disgusting, and very dangerous to any child!!! Who let these idiots ever take a baby home from the hospital!?! This goes far beyond bad parenting.”

However, other mums spoke out in support, admitting they had fed their babies the concoction to help them sleep, with some revealing they mixed formula milk with apple sauce, chicken, cereal, fruit and jar food. 

One added: "Knockout bottle? Honey almost every bottle Myah had was like this – she was GREEDY! & she loved it so."

GP warning on 'knock out' bottles

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and Clinical Director of says:

"There are very good reasons why every single guideline recommends only feeding your baby breast milk or formula designed for their age group – ideally until they’re 6 months old.

Babies’ digestion is very immature and they are extremely prone to digestive problems such as constipation.

What’s more, because they’re so small, even small amounts of the wrong ingredients (such as salt) could be very damaging to their kidneys and general health.

And of course let’s not forget that babies need to learn how to swallow solids, starting very slowly.

Food like this is a completely different consistency and could lead to choking.

Adding medication which has not been prescribed for your child, or without good reason, is also an extremely dangerous idea.

Medicines such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can be extremely useful if your child is in pain.

But they are not recommended  just to bring down a fever if your child isn’t distressed.

And they are most certainly never recommended because you want your child to sleep."

Another posted a photo of a bottle concoction, writing: "This is a real 'mommy had a long day son, I love you but good tf night bottle."

A Twitter user revealed: “I couldn’t get my teething four month old to sleep through the night to save my life and I just started working again so I desperately needed sleep. 

I mixed some cereal in a bottle with [medicine] benadryl and melatonin. Put him down, let him scream for about two hours and he was OUT for the whole night.

“I mixed some cereal in a bottle with [medicine] benadryl and melatonin. Put him down, let him scream for about two hours and he was OUT for the whole night. For any of you that needed some tips on how to get your infant to sleep.”

A third admitted: “Cereal milk bottles knock my son out! He will be asleep for 5-6 hours straight!”

And a fourth added: “My baby is only four months and already finishing 8oz bottles with cereal.”  

However, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, a nutrition consultant who specialises in maternal, infant and childhood nutrition, said: “Knock-out bottles put babies at risk of choking.”

When can you start your baby on solid foods?

Introducing your baby to solid foods, sometimes called complementary feeding or weaning, should start when your baby is around 6 months old.

At the beginning, how much your baby eats is less important than getting them used to the idea of eating.

They'll still be getting most of their energy and nutrients from breast milk or first infant formula.

Giving your baby a variety of foods, alongside breast or formula milk, from around 6 months of age will help set your child up for a lifetime of healthier eating.

Gradually, you'll be able to increase the amount and variety of food your baby eats until they can eat the same foods as the rest of the family, in smaller portions.

Source: NHS

She explained: “It’s not ideal and not recommended to offer babies solid foods from bottles. 

“The action of drinking milk is very different to the action of swallowing solid foods, and therefore this could potentially put babies at risk of choking. 

“Additionally, formula milks need to be made using very specific measurements and so it’s not ideal to alter the proportions of milk/water in a baby’s bottle.”

Renowned baby expert, sleep consultant and health visitor Jill Irving agreed and said any child health professional would strongly advise against "knock-out bottles". 

The action of drinking milk is very different to the action of swallowing solid foods, and therefore this could potentially put babies at risk of choking. 

“The main reasons being it can cause choking or a baby to overeat and hence have an inappropriate weight gain,” she said.

“Parents who add food to their baby’s bottle are often doing so prior to 26 weeks which is when a baby should be weaned and not before. So this is also a big no. 

“There are absolutely no guarantees that a baby will sleep just because food has been added to the bottle.

“Also no medication should be added to a bottle unless otherwise advised by a medical practitioner. 

Why wait until six months?

  • Breast milk or first infant formula provide the energy and nutrients your baby needs until they're around 6 months old (with the exception of vitamin D in some cases).
  • If you're breastfeeding, feeding only breast milk up to around 6 months of age will help protect your baby against illness and infections.
  • Waiting until around 6 months gives your baby time to develop so they can cope fully with solid foods. This includes solid foods made into purées, cereals and baby rice added to milk.
  • Your baby will be more able to feed themselves.
  • Your baby will be better at moving food around their mouth, chewing and swallowing it. This may mean they'll be able to progress to a range of tastes and textures (such as mashed, lumpy and finger foods) more quickly, and may not need smooth, blended foods at all.

Source: NHS

“So for example if a baby has reflux then the GP/HV will advise that something like Infant Gaviscon is added to the milk. 

“If a parent routinely adds medication to a bottle and then the child doesn’t complete a feed then they have no idea if the drug has been taken. 

“To summarise to add anything to formula milk unless recommended by a child health professional is a big ‘no’.” 

Specialist paediatric dietitian and founder of UK Kids Nutrition, Bahee Van de Bor, admitted she was "shocked" by the photos. 

She advised: “Adding solids into a formula bottle increases babies risk of choking. It can also increase a baby's intake of calories (above and beyond their requirements) and wouldn't necessarily promote sleep. 

“It's perfectly natural and normal for babies to wake up two or three times overnight.  

“It's a natural instinct to try to stop babies from crying at night, but research suggests that letting babies cry a little bit with your loving support to teach them to learn to fall back to sleep, could help babies learn to soothe themselves when they do awake.”

In other parenting news, we told you how a mum explained her "genius" trick for persuading her kids to eat fruit and veg using Disney stickers.

We also revealed how a mum of an 18st teen says she "didn't realise" he was obese until his hip collapsed.

And a mum has made her daughters cheap personalised costumes for World Book Day inspired by their favourite authors.

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Mums rave over Aldi toy range launching on Thursday – with CBeebies, Peppa Pig and Toy Story favourites

CALLING all parents – Aldi is launching a huge new toy range on Thursday, featuring characters from your kids' favourite TV shows.

The new Specialbuys line includes characters from CBeebies, Peppa Pig and Toy Story, among other shows.

You can pre-order the goodies online from today or head to your local supermarket on Thursday, but you'll have to be quick to nab the best bargains.

One mum announced the launch on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK yesterday, and it soon racked up thousands of likes and comments.

Raving over the deals, mums gushed: "oh bloody hell, looks like need a bus ride to there then" and tagged their mates to ask for a shopping trip.

Prices start at just £1.49, for Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine sticker books.

Parents can also pick up a range of cartoon PJs for £3.99 and soft toys costing £8.99.

Or you can buy a Peppa Pig preschool breakfast set – including a plastic bowl, plate and cup – for just £4.99.

Some other great bits we saw include a Toy Story duvet set, priced at £8.99, or Mr Tumble carry along playset, just £9.99.

Kids can play and learn with goodies like the Bing shape sorter, costing £14.99, or In The Night Garden number puzzle, £8.99.

The new Specialbuys line also includes lunch bag sets – including a lunchbox and water bottle – costing £5.99 for characters like Teletubbies.

Yesterday, one mum stocked up on Ted Baker bargains in Debenhams – and everything’s reduced to a fiver.

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