Savvy mum transforms her daughter's bedroom for under £400

Savvy mum transforms her daughter’s bedroom into a pretty pink haven for under £400 – using stickers from eBay and a rug from Dunelm

  • Nicole Roberts, 25, from Shropshire, transformed daughter’s room for £400 
  • Mum-of-two bought materials and accessories online from budget brands 
  • Shared photos as inspiration to other parents self-isolating and in lockdown 

A thrifty mum has told how she created her daughter’s dream bedroom for under £400 – using bargain products from the likes of eBay and B&M.

Nicole Roberts, 25, from Shropshire, designed the Instagram-worthy haven for her daughter Lilly, four, which is the perfect blend of stylishness, elegance and femininity. 

‘My daughter Lilly’s room was the first room I started to decorate when I moved in,’ she said, speaking to money-saving community ‘I always knew I wanted a pink overload in here with swans.’

‘I didn’t really look on the internet for inspiration on this room – I just had an idea in my head that I stuck to. I wanted something that wasn’t going to be too babyish for my little girl so that she could grow up in the room.

Nicole Roberts, 25, from Shropshire, transformed her four-year-old daughter Lilly’s room for under £400. Pictured, before the transformation

The mother-of-two shared snaps of the finished transformation (pictured) to help inspire parents self-isolating and in lockdown

The savvy mum (pictured) had an idea in her head and stuck to it, as she wanted something that wasn’t going to be too babyish for her little girl so she could grow up in the room

The hairdresser and mum-of-two continued: ‘Over the past two years, I have slowly added lots of accessories into this room, like the bed and the shelves which are both from Ikea.

‘I shopped small for this bedroom too as I love supporting small businesses as much as I can.’

Nicole managed to transform the bedroom using budget buys from eBay and B&M, as well as shopping from small businesses before the coronavirus lockdown.

‘My main goal for this room was to keep the room feeling bright and spacious which I think I achieved by using light pink and gold shades,’ she explained.

Nicole completed the transformation using budget buys from eBay and B&M, as well as shopping from small businesses before the coronavirus lockdown. Pictured, the finished look

The thrifty mum said her main goal was to keep the room feeling bright and spacious, which she achieved by using light pink and gold shades. Pictured, after the transformation

‘I used polka dot stickers from a small business called Owlandbrolly which is also where I purchased the small house stickers.

‘When placing the polka dots I didn’t follow any pattern – I just stuck them on randomly and took a step back to see if they looked right.

‘The small dressing table was a cute added touch as my daughter loves playing dress-up. I purchased it from B&M for £39.99.

She continued: ‘I started by buying the polka dot stickers which are really cheap from eBay at £4.99.

‘The chest of drawers were from Argos but I up-cycled the handles to these beautiful crystal ones which were a bargain at £3.99 from B&M.

‘The gorgeous crochet rug is from a small business called heidibaskets and was around £80. I made all the shelf decor myself from MDF shapes purchased on eBay.

Nicole (pictured) is over the moon with how the transformation worked out, and says her daughter is very proud of the space

The thrifty homeowner used polka dot stickers from a small business called Owlandbrolly, which is also where she purchased the small house stickers. Pictured, after the transformation

‘I think with this room, it’s all the small details that bring it all together such as the doll’s house which is from Asda.

‘The gold frame was purchased from Home Bargains for under £10, and the swans are all from eBay for under £8.

‘The tutu basket is from TK Maxx and was £8, the fluffy rug was £10 from Dunelm and I hand-made the toy box with stuff I bought off eBay again. In total, I’d say this room cost roughly £350 to £400 for everything you see.’

Nicole, who shares her home transformations on Instagram at @my_persimmon_home, is over the moon with how the transformation worked out, and says her daughter is very proud of the space. 

She also adds that the lockdown caused by coronavirus marks the perfect time to carry out some simple DIY at home and similar items can be found online with home delivery.

‘I set myself a small budget each month to buy something little to add to this room slowly so that I wasn’t breaking the bank which worked perfectly for me,’ she explained.

Speaking of her daughter, Nicola said: ‘Lilly is four and absolutely loves her room and says that it’s her beautiful princess room and that no boys are allowed.’ Pictured, the room after the transformation

Nicole bought the gold frame from Home Bargains for under £10, and the swans from eBay for under £8. Pictured, the finished transformation

‘Lilly is four and absolutely loves her room and says that it’s her beautiful princess room and that no boys are allowed.

‘I love walking into this room – it’s just so beautiful and I am very proud of what I have achieved so far in here and love added small bits when I can. I wish I had this room growing up!

‘I find decorating my kids’ rooms so easy with buying everything online. Recently with everything going on with self-isolation, it’s a brilliant way to pass the time and keep my mind occupied on something I love.’

Tom Church, co-founder of, commented: ‘Many of us are going stir crazy at home, making it the perfect time to take on that DIY project you’ve been putting off.

‘Many budget brand such as ebay are still open for delivery, so there’s no need to leave your home at all to create a dreamy child’s bedroom such as Lilly’s!

‘Kudos to Nicole for creating such a girly yet elegant space that I’m sure her daughter will be proud of for years to come.’

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Mum wows the internet with her amazingly organised 'quarantine home'

Inside mother-of-four’s incredibly organised house after she transformed it while working from home – and her tricks for keeping it sparkling clean at all times

  • Ashlee Durand is an interior specialist and mother-of-four from country Victoria
  • She is staying sane during the COVID-19 pandemic by rearranging her home
  • Ms Durand has cleaned every inch of the house to protect against coronavirus
  • People were amazed after she shared photos of her stunning home on Facebook 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

A mother-of-four is keeping her sanity intact while at home amid the intensifying COVID-19 pandemic by rearranging her space and ‘deep cleaning’ it from top to bottom – with envy-inducing results.

Interior specialist Ashlee Durand, 32, organised each room of her country Victoria home with meticulous precision after thoroughly sanitising every inch of the property to protect her young family from coronavirus.

Ms Durand’s styling has attracted hundreds of fans after she shared photos of her immaculately organised home in an Australian parenting group on Facebook.

‘Taking this time to fine tune my organisation and give the house a deep clean,’ she captioned the images which show a spacious home decorated in a grey, white and baby pink colour scheme.

Mother-of-four Ashlee Durand (pictured) is keeping busy during extended time at home by cleaning, organising and restyling her country Victoria home in a chic grey, white and pink colour scheme 

Ms Durand’s styling has attracted hundreds of fans after she shared photos of her immaculately organised home in an Australian parenting group on Facebook 

Her pantry is neatly stacked with clear jars and preserving tins, all carefully labelled to explain what’s inside

What are the products Ashlee swears by for a tidy home?

* Dyson’s stick vacuum: She said she uses this two or three times each day.

* KOH’s cleaning products: Ashlee said she uses these everywhere.

* BI CARB AND VINEGAR: Ashlee uses this to clean out the dishwasher, washing machine and her kitchen sinks.

The pantry is neatly stacked with clear jars and preserving tins, all carefully labelled to explain what’s inside.

Cutlery and utensils are slotted into white and marbled pots, while kids’ sized bags of popcorn and crisps are laid out in trays emblazoned with the word ‘Snacks’.

A basket filled with clean tea towels and ceramic pink jars filled with coffee, sugar and tea are arranged on the kitchen counter.

Even behind closed doors, drawers and presses are arranged with precision, with plastic containers housing cleaning sprays and mesh boxes holding carefully rolled cleaning cloths and dusters under the kitchen sink. 

The bathroom remains uncluttered with hair, beauty and tanning products stashed neatly in boxes beneath the wash basin.

The master bedroom is filled with pristine white pillows and plush grey throws, while a small personal organiser with compartments for pens, notes and personal documents hangs from the side of the perfectly made bed.

The colour scheme is only interrupted in the children’s bedrooms, which are playfully decorated with polka dot wallpaper and their names emblazoned beside their beds.

Drawers and presses are arranged with precision, with plastic containers housing cleaning spray under the kitchen sink (left) and boxes holding beauty and hair care products under the bathroom wash basin (right)

The colour scheme is only interrupted in the children’s bedrooms, which are playfully decorated with polka dot wallpaper and their names emblazoned beside their beds

Despite her seemingly lavish interiors, Ms Durand previously told Daily Mail Australia she only buys clearance furniture and household accessories from discount retailers Kmart, Target, Big W and Adairs.

‘I never pay full price for anything. You can save hundreds by doing this and there are always great sales on and brilliant clearance items,’ she said.

She also trawls Facebook Market for unique artwork and one-of-a-kind fixtures.

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Mum shares her homeschool timetable and people are calling the 3pm ‘mum quits’ section completely relatable

AN EXASPERATED mum has shared her tongue-in-cheek homeschool timetable which involves slots for ‘mum has a cuppa’ and ‘mum quits’.

As parents get to grips with homeschooling their kids amid the coronavirus lockdown, one mum posted her hilarious school timetable online, and it's all too relatable. 

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates  

At first glance it looks like a day filled with learning and fun, with slots for PE, maths, English and reading. 

But on closer inspection, she’s also added in some joke subjects as well. 

In all the 3pm slots she’s written ‘mum quits’, ‘mum needs a cuppa’ and ‘mumeo done’.

And in the section where she’s listed all the resources she’s going to use, for life skills it’s ‘the house’, while lunch is from ‘my fridge nom nom’. 

She shared her brilliant timetable to Facebook group to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where she said: “Survived day 1 of home schooling.

“Few sites used and really was smooth (thank goodness).

“Ask me in a week though, if anyone has any other useful sites will you please add them in the comments, perfect time to come together.”

Her hilarious post has racked up hundreds of likes, as fellow mums enjoyed her realistic schedule

Commenting online, one mum said: “3pm looks good.”

Another wrote: “Loving the 3pms lol.”

A third added: “Your bit for 3pm had me laughing I must admit haha.”

While this parent commented: “Love the 3pm hehe.”

And mums are sharing hilarious memes as they grapple with homeschooling their kids.

Meanwhile, this mum was in shock after buying 18 loo rolls only for her kids to put them all in the bath.

Plus this little boy wrote a hilarious letter calling coronavirus the 'f word' after his birthday was cancelled.

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Mum transforms filthy food-stained high chair using Mrs Hinch's favourite £1 spray

IF there's one thing we've learned by religiously watching the likes of Mrs Hinch and her pal Stacey Solomon, it's that keeping your house looking squeaky clean doesn't have to come at a cost. 

In fact, some cheap cleaning products are so good, they can be used time and time again for various cleaning chores – and one in articular keeps providing the goods.

Chantelle Marie Holland  revealed how she completely transformed a filthy food-stains high chair using the ever popular Elbow Grease cleaning spray, and with just couple of squirts of the good stuff the chair came out looking completely brand new.

In a desperate plea to get the the chair clean again, the mum took to Facebook to enlist the help of other cleaning-mad mums in hope they'd be able to suggest a fail-safe way to get the chair clean again after a very messy tea time.

After successfully cleaning the rest of the chair with ease, the mum was at a loss when she revealed that she wasn't able to remove the stained straps in order to give them a proper clean.

Along with a photo of the food-covered high chair, the mum wrote: "Send help! Any ideas? The straps don't come off this one."

  • Elbow Grease, £1 from The Range – buy here

The chuffed mum later returned to Facebook with an extremely clean looking high chair – complete with squeaky clean straps that looked new again.

After a flood of recommendations suggesting the £1 elbow Grease spray – which is a favourite of cleaning-guru Mrs Hinch – the mum gave it a go  – and she was extremely happy with the end result.

She posted a photo of the results with the caption: "Stuck in the shower with an elbow grease and a scrub. Like new. Thank you everyone."

Despite the known success of the wonder spray, people were mighty impressed with the end results which showed just how versatile one single cleaning product could be.

One person said: "OMG that's amazing! well done mummy."

While another cleaver mum suggested: "Once clean, wrap cling wrap before each clean – problem solved.

In more cleaning news, we recently shared how one mum used the spray after a cat knocks blue paint all over her floor and wall .

And this mum shared stomach-churning photos of her filthy bath water after deep-cleaning her bed sheets.

Plus, professional cleaners raved about a £2 ASDA spray which gets limescale-encrusted sinks sparkling in seconds.

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Mum uses clever emoji trick to get her kids to wash their hands

A mum has come up with a clever trick to help protect her kids from coronavirus by getting them to wash their hands more.

The woman shared her simple idea in the Facebook group Hinch Army Cleaning Tips, and hundreds of people have liked it and said they were going to try it themselves.

The mum posted a picture of her three children holding out their hands – each hand had a cute emoji drawn on them.

‘Drew emojis on my kids’ hands this morning and told them I want to see them washed off by pick up so I know they’re washing their hands,’ she wrote on her post.

One kid had a sad face drawn on one hand and a happy face on the other. Her daughter had hearts drawn on both hands and the third child had the poo emoji drawn on both hands.

Parents can get creative with what they draw, and kids can even pick their favourite emoji to make sure they’re engaging with the game.

The handy tip comes amid the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic across the globe, and official guidance says that frequent hand washing is the best way to protect yourself and others from germs.

But kids are less likely to respond to official guidance from the Government, so this emoji tip is a good way to get them washing their hands for a more fun reason.

The original post on Facebook has now amassed more than 4,000 likes, and parents are heaping praise on the idea.

‘This is a good idea just to see how well they get washed!!’ enthused one woman.

‘Just spoke to my son about when he washes his hands at school and he said they only have to wash them before dinner,’ added another concerned parent.

Someone else wrote; ‘everyone should be doing this! Adults too lol.’

Although one mum does think she might have spotted a flaw in the plan.

‘Great idea! Although my wee guy would want to keep the poo emoji,’ hmm… good point.

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Mum gives tired kitchen appliances a rose gold makeover for just £20 using Amazon bargains

IT'S one the most used and loved areas of any home – but when you get bored of your kitchen decor, it can cost a fortune to revamp.

That said, one savvy woman has revealed how she gave her tired kitchen appliances a pretty rose gold makeover for just £20 – and now we're desperate to give it a go ourselves.

Posting on the Facebook group DIY on a Budget Official, the woman explained how she bought rose gold spray and silver adhesive from Amazon with the intention of just updating her fridge.

But she loved the end results so much that she ended up redecorating her washing machine and dishwasher too.

She gushed: "After upcycling the fridge with rose gold spray paint and silver fablon, I got a bit carried away and decided to try it on my dishwasher and washing machine.

"I know it's maybe not to everyone's taste but I love them. They're much better than they were at least!"

After covering the surface of the appliances in the £10 grey adhesive, the woman then sprayed a coat of the rose gold spray over selected areas for a stylish finish.

What's more, you can pick up the bargain spray for just £11 on Amazon.

Although it takes 24 hours to set properly, you can layer coats of the spray every 30 minutes and it takes just 20 minutes to touch dry.

Then all the mum needed to do was write over the areas she'd covered in the rose gold spray – including the washing machine settings and dishwasher temperatures.

  • Rust-Oleum Rose Gold Spray Paint, £11 from Amazon – buy now

  • Fablon Silver Self-Adhesive, £10 from Amazon – buy now

Unsurprisingly, other members of the group were blown away with the results and the mum's post has now racked up over 1,800 comments.

One replied: "They all look amazing!"

Another added: "Love it. Brilliant idea and very designer looking."

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "That is very cool! Could be a business."

For more incredible home transformations, the Filthy House SOS team overhauled this woman's clutter-filled home to make it look like a whole new pad.

And this mum praised a £2 Wilko spray for making her mattress smell fresh and lifting stains as her daughter struggles with bed wetting.

Plus this mum created a Mrs Hinch-inspired kitchen using £28 Amazon sticky wrap after being quoted £7k for a renovation.

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Mum shows off her VERY organised pantry which is colour-coordinated and claims her husband thinks she's 'crazy'

STACEY Solomon has gradually built an army of loving fans by simply sharing her genius storage and organising hacks online. 

Inspired by the cleaning influencer's ways,  one of her three million Instagram followers has taken things into her own hands and created an enviable pantry that is so organised, even Stacey Solomon would be impressed.

The woman, who uses the Instagram handle @inside_50,  shared two pictures of her colour-coordinated pantry using Stacey's popular 'crisp' hanging method.

The organisation hack involves hanging individual packs of crisps from a retractable curtain rail, which are fitted inside the cupboard in two neat rows.

The woman than neatly placed two storage tubs underneath, which was home to various chocolate and snack bars.

In her post, the crafty mum said that she got the idea from Stacey Solomon, who shared the hack earlier this year –  but despite being super impressed with it herself, the woman claims her husband thinks shes "crazy".

The method, though, proved popular with other storage-obsessed women who didn't hold back from acknowledging her efforts and vision.

A second photo posted separately revealed another kitchen cupboard which was used to store canned goods and various packaged items.

And while curtain rods were nowhere in sight, the pantry appeared so neat and tidy you could easily mistake it for a display home pantry.

The super organised woman captioned the photo: " I like to call this my 'just in case' cupboard."

And with a a selection as good as hers, we wouldn't mind running out of the good stuff if it meant getting a glimpse inside that beautifully presented cupboard.

While the curtain rod method is simply genius to say the least, it's not something completely new to Stacey Solomon who has applied the same storage system a couple of times before.

Aside from the colour-coordinated pantry hack, Stacey also used the same trick to hang dish cloths under the sink – which she shared on her Instagram last month.

And, moving away from her kitchen, the star used tension rods and hooks to hang her shoes, which alowed her to showcase her impressive shoe-drobe.

The star is now considered an innovator in the world of home hacks after following in the footsteps of her pal Sophie 'Mrs Hinch' Hincliffe who, like Stacey, has an army of followers on Instagram who tune in for the clever household tips and tricks.

For more home hacks, this mum comes up with fun way to get her kids doing chores, after before fed up with them leaving clutter around.

We also shared how this mum created her son’s amazing Toy Story bedroom using bargains from Etsy and eBay.

And one mum shares homemade ‘Kinder Egg’ hack using toys her kids already own – and is labelled a ‘queen’ for the crafty move.

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Boozy air rage mum who punched BA cabin crew and screamed ‘you have a massive a**e’ walks free – The Sun

A mother-of-two who attacked three flight attendants after being denied alcohol while flying to a rehab has been spared jail.

Emma Langford, 47, had to be handcuffed and strapped to her first class seat when she was denied a Bloody Mary cocktail.

The court heard Langford flipped a tray of plates and glasses onto the floor, cutting one of the staff members.

She punched one steward several times and pushed and held another against the plane door.

The mother of two, who has had problems with alcoholism since 2007, had been on her way to stay at residential rehabilitation in South Africa for her alcoholism when she demanded six Bloody Marys within 15 minutes of taking off.

She rapidly became violent after she was refused more alcohol.

Staff had to throw a blanket over her head and handcuff her after failing to calm her down verbally.

She taunted them about the £8,000 return fare, asking if they could ever afford to pay for the luxury seats.

Prosecuting, Douglas Adams said: “They restrained her and gave her a violation notice to which she said “blah, blah, blah”.

“She was later carried out using the approved techniques but she struggled and the staff were helped by an off duty police officer.”

A crew member told the court in a statement: “She called me chubby and fat a**e. It was massively offensive and hurt my confidence. I felt humiliated in front of the whole cabin.”

An off duty police officer restrained Langford until the British Airlines flight arrived at Cape Town and the 47-year-old was carried off the plane and arrested by waiting police.

Langford, of Old Basing, Hampshire, had been going through a “difficult time” following the breakdown of her marriage, the court heard.

She admitted three charges of assault, one count of criminal damage, one of being drunk on an aircraft and threatening, abusive, insulting and disorderly manner towards cabin crew.

Judge Nicholas Wood sentenced Langford, who has drink-drive convictions from 2019 and 2009, to a total of 12 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, at Isleworth Crown Court on Friday.

In sentencing, he told Langford she presented a risk to the public and also ordered her to pay £1,000 compensation to three victims and £1,000 in costs.

Judge Wood said: “I have no doubt whatsoever there were passengers on that pane that were fearful of their lives and of what you would might do, on that alone this court is perfectly entitled to send you to prison today.”

“There is no exit route at 30,000 feet.”

“You became abusive to the crew and demanded alcohol, you had already been drinking before boarding the plane.”

“You were flying, ironically, to get cure and help your alcoholic addiction.

“You’ve had sever alcohol problems since 2007 and you have bipolar disorder. On the one had, being drunk on a plane is an aggregating feature of the offence, having bipolar might reduce your culpability.”

“You have fought back and fought hard and are now 129 days sober which is a feat in itself.”

Defending Langford, Guy Wyatt said her anxiousness about flying had “got the better of her”.

Mr Wyatt added: “She started to drink before she boarded the plane, tried to continue… lost control of herself catastrophically.”

“Through me, she apologises and expresses her contrition towards cabin crew, other passengers and all involved.”

Mr Wyatt said Langford, who has a bipolar diagnosis, suffered from a “catastrophic addiction” to alcohol, but had been in rehab and stayed sober since her release.

He added: “It’s striking that she was travelling to (South Africa) to book herself into residential rehabilitation.”

“She knew she needed it, she made enquiries and had been told that this particular clinic was best and was on her way.”

Mr Wyatt highlighted Langford’s “clean scores” from wearing a Scram bracelet, a device that monitors the wearer’s ingestion of alcohol, and that she was supported by a 24-hour sober companion in court.

Time in custody risked “destabilising” her recovery, which included attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Mr Wyatt warned.

Judge Nicholas Wood said the decision to suspend the sentence was “borderline” but it was driven by the impact that custody would have on her recovery and children.

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Busy mum reveals how she created a ‘school station’ to help with the morning rush – and parents love it

A MUM has revealed how she eases the stress of the morning rush with a school station that she made herself.

Taking to the Facebook group, Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman called Hayley shared a snap of her invention which she uses to reduce the panic that comes with the school run.

The mum-of-four has set up the station in her hallway with a chalkboard calendar so that she can keep on top of her kids’ schedule.

Her three school-age children have a box featuring their name containing their bags and coats meaning they can just grab and go when it is time to leave.

Captioning her snap, the mum wrote: “Anyone else have a school station?

“I have 3 children at school and a baby. This massively helps with the morning rush and organising after school clubs also my anxiety.

“My favourite is that we do not have to worry about coats and bags cluttering up the hall way.”

And fellow group members were seriously impressed, with the post receiving over 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments from parents praising her handiwork.

My favourite is that we do not have to worry about coats and bags cluttering up the hall way.

Commenting on the post, one wrote: “Brilliant, especially if the children put it away and everything is clean and tidy, it’s teaching them.”

Agreeing a second added: “Awesome! Wish I had done something like this when my boys were school age.”

“We need something like this, I love this idea” wrote another mum.

In other DIY news, this woman glitzed up her old TV with diamantes for just £2.

While this mum transformed her cupboard under the stairs into Mrs Hinch-inspired cleaning den using B&M paint & eBay stickers.

Plus this dad turned his cupboard under the stairs into an amazing Harry Potter snug.

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Mum transforms spare cupboard into incredible sensory room for her son for less than £50 – and there’s even a ball pit

A MUM has shared the incredible sensory room she made for her son – for less than £50.

Ivyanne Collinson transformed a spare built-in wardrobe into the creative space, where her eight-year-old even has his own ball pit.

Speaking to Fabulous, the mum explained her son has learning difficulties – and shop bought sensory rooms cost hundreds.

She said: "As soon as you put the word sensory in front of anything everything turns expensive so we decided to make absolutely everything from scratch all it was was a few lights a bit of paint some wood."

Ivyanne and her husband bought the raw materials from Dunelm and used sample paint pots from Wilko.

They scoured car boot sales and charity shops for bargains, as well putting scrapwood to good use.

The clever parents transformed the white cupboard using paint splodges and fairy lights.

Their lad can learn in the room thanks to times tables sums and a calculator, different locks for him to play with and an abacus.

The mum added: "To buy the actual sensory boards – you’re looking at around £120 each and that’s just for cheap ones. His is very basic but it’s what he needs.

"All the balls would've been about £40 but I picked mine up from the car boot or charity shop over the years and only ever paid £6 for them.

"All the curtain lights are £17 on Amazon but I paid £10 off a friend (for a) brand new pack unopened.

"We also put a little padding on which was £5 a metre, we only got two metres for the kickboard at the front so it was soft for him.

"The paint was £1.25 for tester pots from Wilko. My husband was very lucky to be gifted scrapwood from work for free which saved us a lot of money too."

Ivyanne posted pics of her hard work on the DIY on a Budget Facebook page, where it racked up hundreds of likes.

Commenting on the post, one woman wrote:"That is amazing! You ought to build this for other families…advertise!

Another raved: "This is great, you’ve done a fab job! Your an amazing mum".

And one inspired mum said: "This is a brilliant idea I’m doing my sons room as nowhere else big enough".

Others gushed: "I think it is fantastic", "wow that's so cool", "that is the best idea ever", "you have a great imagination" and "lucky boy. Well done."

A humble Ivyanne told Fabulous: "The reason I shared this is because I am the least artistic person you would ever meet.

"I just wanted to show people but if you put your mind to things you can make things that will benefit your children for next to nothing."

Yesterday, another mum showed off the incredible jungle room she created for her boys without spending a penny – using a KFC bucket for the bin.

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