How Kate Middleton and Prince William Will Continue to Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The U.K. has finally ramped up its response to the coronavirus pandemic with Prime Minister Boris Johnson enacting a stay at home order. Like much of America, residents should only venture outside if absolutely necessary and if their job is considered essential. As figureheads of the U.K., the royals’ appearances aren’t really considered essential, but Prince William and Kate Middleton seem committed to continuing their outreach to organizations that deserve support.

One of William and Kate’s last appearances was at NHS111, the national healthcare service’s hotline for medical advice, on March 19. This visit came long after many countries already issued stay at home orders but shortly before the prime minister issued the U.K.’s.

While the Cambridges have relocated to Norfolk in the meantime and haven’t made a public appearance since March 19, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams spoke with The Express and suggested they will continue to help in some way because they have a ‘considerable responsibility’ as “morale boosters.” Richard also added that because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are in Canada and “are likely to be sidelined,” Will and Kate will take on a bigger role.

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Catherine and I were proud to visit staff working at NHS 111, to pass on our personal thanks, along with those of my grandmother and father, to staff working around the clock to provide care and advice to those that need it most. • The last few weeks, and more recent days have been understandably concerning with the continuing spread of coronavirus. • But it’s at times like this when we realise just how much the NHS represents the very best of our country and society – people from all backgrounds and walks of life with different experiences and skills, pulling together for the common good. • Not only are NHS staff and emergency workers responding to the needs of the public, they – like the rest of us – are concerned about their families, friends and loved ones. • They need our support as much as we need theirs. • All of us have a part to play if we’re going to protect the most vulnerable. • That means acting on the latest expert advice, staying home if we or those we live with have symptoms, and avoiding non-essential contact to help reduce the spread of the virus. • — The Duke of Cambridge

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Katie Nicholl, another royal commentator, also suggested that William is apparently expected to “step up into statesman role,” in addition to contributing to social media with Kate. (William already addressed the nation in a video last week.)

At the moment, it’s unclear if William and Kate will make more appearances, but William did allude to them continuing to highlight services that will be helpful during the pandemic. Richard added, “Their movements are obviously followed avidly by the press and social media, and they are certain to rise to the challenge of boosting morale whilst complying with the behaviour recommended by the Government.”

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Ant Middleton isn't bothered about coronavirus: 'Use common sense'

Ant Middleton has told people to ‘calm the f**k down’ about the coronavirus outbreak.

In a lengthy message on Instagram, the SAS: Who Dares Wins star said the virus ‘doesn’t bother’ him because he is ‘strong and able and it has no benefit or positive impact on my life.’

He wrote: ‘If you are vunerable to covid-19 then the ‘expert advice’ is yours to take onboard, listen to it! Because it doesn’t affect me, it is merely “advice”!

‘That however doesn’t mean I am not sensitive towards the situation and towards others but I’m treating this situation like I would ANY given situation, with ‘COMMON SENSE’. Does covid-19 affect me?.. ‘NO’!’

Ant continued further on: ‘Even if you do contract the virus, some of you won’t even know about it or some of you will have a s**t couple of days at work wondering if you have it or not!

‘What about the vunerable I hear you say…”Self isolate” like the experts tell you, protect yourselves, let the strong and able (like the majority of us) look after you, let us do our bit for the community and the economy while trying to prevent our own personal lives and families from stooping into unnecessary depression and finiancial difficultly, let us re-establish a bit of normality and contain this fear.

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Covid-19 doesn’t bother me. Why?!? Because I’m strong and able like the majority of us and it has no benefit or positive impact on my life. If you are vunerable to covid-19 then the ‘expert advice’ is yours to take onboard, listen to it! Because it doesn’t effect me, it is merely ‘advice’! That however doesn’t mean I am not sensitive towards the situation and towards others but I’m treating this situation like I would ANY given situation, with ‘COMMON SENSE’. Does covid-19 effect me?.. ‘NO’! Should my life change?…‘NO’! Should I be sensitive towards others and the situation (like I always am)?.. ‘YES’! Am I going to do my best to protect and provide for my family first?.. ‘YES ALWAYS’ and in order to do that we must all stay calm and take on advice that’s relevant to our personal situation, and for the majority of us there is no threat. Even if you do contract the virus, some of you won’t even know about it or some of you will have a s**t couple of days at work wondering if you have it or not! What about the vunerable I hear you say…’Self isolate’ like the experts tell you, protect yourselves, let the strong and able (like the majority of us) look after you, let us do our bit for the community and the economy whilst trying to prevent our own personal lives and families from stooping into unnecessary depression and finiacial difficultly, let us re-establish a bit of normality and contain this fear. If the media went into self isolation for a month I guarantee that normality would resume. Please just go about your lives being humane, sensible and continuing to challenge any difficult situation that presents itself head on, like we always have! Stay calm, stay positive, and use common sense. If there’s ever a time to step up and show up… It’s now! #fuckcovid19 #calmdown #resumenormality #nochangenochange

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‘If the media went into self isolation for a month I guarantee that normality would resume.

‘Please just go about your lives being humane, sensible and continuing to challenge any difficult situation that presents itself head on, like we always have!

‘Stay calm, stay positive, and use common sense. If there’s ever a time to step up and show up… It’s now!’

The TV star added the hashtags ‘#fuckcovid19’, ‘#calmdown’, ‘#resumenormality’ and #nochangenochange’.

Stars such as Tom Hanks and Idris Elba have confirmed they tested positive for the virus, also known as Covid-19.

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Kate Middleton takes children shopping at Sainsbury's

Queen of the supermarket! Kate Middleton was spotted carrying Prince Louis in her arms during a Sunday shopping trip to Sainsbury’s while Princess Charlotte looked at dresses

  • Royal fan spotted Kate Middleton, 38, shopping in Sainsbury’s in Norfolk  
  • Kate Carter saw the Duchess of Cambridge visiting King’s Lynn store on Sunday
  • Royal was joined by Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1
  • Kate said Duchess held Prince Louis while Princess Charlotte looked at dresses
  • Kate revealed: ‘The children were beautiful. They were so well behaved’

An eagle-eyed royal watcher has revealed how she spotted Kate Middleton visiting Sainsbury’s in Norfolk over the weekend with her three ‘very well behaved’ children in tow. 

Kate Carter saw the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, popping into the King’s Lynn supermarket, which is located close to the royal’s countryside home Anmer Hall, on Sunday morning. 

She revealed that the royal carried Prince Louis, 1, in her arms, while Princess Charlotte, 4, browsed the dresses in the supermarket, with Prince George, 6, also joining the gang on the shopping trip.

Speaking to Hello magazine, Kate revealed: ‘She is absolutely beautiful, and the children were beautiful. They were so well behaved.’

Supermarket shopper Kate Carter revealed how she saw the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, with Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1, in Sainsbury’s over the weekend (pictured, together during the polo in Wokingham last July) 

Kate, who was shopping in the store for supplies with her two-year-old daughter, was in disbelief when she saw the Duchess was just two feet away from her during her shopping trip.

She said she’d initially spotted Princess Charlotte because she was wearing the green jacket she wore to the Sandringham Christmas day service.  

The little royal stole the show when she stepped out in the £140 Amaia’s Razorbil  emerald green coat in December.

Kate also revealed how the diligent royal was carrying Prince Louis in her arms and said she looked ‘lovely’ for the Sunday morning trip to the supermarket.       

The royal watcher said Kate Middleton looked ‘beautiful’ while the children were ‘so well behaved’ on their shopping trip  (pictured, the Duchess on a recent outing in Ireland earlier this month) 

The Cambridges were looking at the clothes and ‘having a little’ walk around the store, while Princess Charlotte had her eye on some dresses. 

Kate explained: ‘Charlotte was looking at the dresses, she was dead cute.’ 

It’s not the only low-key shopping trip the Duchess has taken recently, with the royal stepping out on her local high street in London at the beginning of the month.

According to the royal watcher, Princess Charlotte was wearing her £140 Amaia’s Razorbil emerald green coat, which she first wore on Christmas day, for the outing

The royal was snapped carrying a huge bag of books as she stepped out of the Waterstones store near her Kensington Palace Home.

A source told MailOnline that the mother-of-three had asked Waterstones staff for history and military-themed books for children.

Kate has a keen interest in the development of young children and could well have been stocking up on books for her own children; Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.  

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Kate Middleton Is in 'Confident Form' After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Exit, Royal Expert Claims

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wrapped up their royal engagements and will make their official move away from the royal family March 31. With the couple leaving their royal duties behind, many fans have been focused on how Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have been handling the transition. One royal expert is very impressed with the Cambridges, most notably Kate.

Prince Harry, Meghan, Prince William, and Kate reunited

As the Sussexes are on their way out, they had a handful of royal duties to wrap up, including attending the Commonwealth Day service, reuniting publicly with Prince William and Kate. It wasn’t, however, the warmest moment, as many noticed there was tension between the couples.

A video showed Meghan mouthing “hi” and giving a small waveto Prince William and Kate, and Harry saying “hello” and smiling. The greetingdidn’t appear to be returned, with body language expert Judi James sharing thetension between them.

“It wasn’t the warm reunion that we were all hoping for,”James told The Mirror. “The tension in Harry’s body language especially waspalpable. When Harry arrived, the minute he and Meghan had to drop hands,he immediately reached for his wedding ring which is a self comfort.”

Of their greeting, James noted: “Harry and Meghan looked alot more genuinely cheerful, and Harry especially, threw a really affectionatesmile at Kate.”

“As they took their seats Harry threw Kate an open-mouthedsmile and ‘hello’ of what looked like genuine pleasure and Meghan raised herbrows and smiled in an equally friendly ritual,” she added.

Kate has shown she’s in ‘confident form’

The Cambridges have had to carry on despite the exit dramaand have handled things flawlessly. Royal commentator Omid Scobie is ratherimpressed with how Kate has shown immense confidence over the last few months.

“It is great to see the Duchess in confident form,” Scobie noted during his HeirPod podcast. “I think we have been seeing a brand new Duchess of Cambridge 2.0 in the last few months.”

He continued, sharing, “Shereally seems to be relishing the role now and really going from strength tostrength. It makes it all very exciting.”

Scobie pointed to some of Kate’s recent projects, explaining,“On the royal beat we do getvery caught up with what is going on behind palace doors and we are allfascinated by that. But it is also great when the work itself is interestingand that becomes the talking point.”

He added, “For example,the recent engagements we have seen from Kate like doing the podcast.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined The Queen and Members of @TheRoyalFamily for the annual #CommonwealthDay Service at Westminster Abbey. The Commonwealth represents a global network of 54 countries working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals — the Commonwealth theme for 2020 is Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming. Her Majesty The Queen was 26 years old when she became Head of the Commonwealth in 1952 — important symbolic and unifying role. As Head, Her Majesty personally reinforces the links by which the Commonwealth joins people together from around the world. From working to protect the earth's natural resources and preserving the planet for generations to come, to championing fair trade and empowering the youth of today to transform the communities of tomorrow, this year’s Service celebrated the Commonwealth's continued commitment to delivering a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable future for all. #CommonwealthDelivers

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Prince William is also winning rave reviews

The Cambridges rarely make a misstep, but their currentefforts aren’t going unnoticed. While Kateis earning praise for showing a new confidence and strength, Prince William isalso grabbing some attention.

“Prince William was recently inNottinghamshire to speak about the importance of providing opportunities foryoung people in the world of business,”Scobie noted.

He added, “We saw himjump into a giant paving truck to help lay down some surface for roads. It wasunusual but I think it is great to see William willing to get his hands dirtyand involved.”

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Kate Middleton has taken Megxit 'badly', royal expert claims

Kate Middleton has taken Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure ‘badly’ while the Sussexes were ‘both emotional’ during difficult farewell tour, source tells Vanity Fair

  • Kate Middleton, 38, has taken Megxit ‘badly’ and feels what it is ‘very sad’ 
  • Meghan, 38, and Prince Harry’s, 35, farewell tour was ‘not easy not anyone’
  • Source close to the couple told Vanity Fair said Sussexes were ‘both emotional’ 

Kate Middleton has taken Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s split from the royal family ‘badly’, a source told Vanity Fair.  

The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, is said to feel Megxit is ‘very sad’, particularly because she was once in such a ‘happy trio’ with Prince Harry, 35, and Prince William, 37.  

Meanwhile other royal sources revealed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 38, have also found the process difficult, despite their beaming smiles at their final official appearances during the farewell tour over the last week.

Speaking to royal correspondent Katie Nicholl, a friend of the couple explained: ‘It’s not been easy for anyone. I think they’re both pretty emotional.’

The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, has taken Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle’s, 38, split from the royal family ‘badly’, a royal source told Vanity Fair

Kate Middleton is believed to feel Megxit is ‘very sad’ and has ‘taken it all badly’, according to the royal source 

Prince Harry and Prince William are understood to have made peace with one another before the Duke of Sussex left for Canada in January, but the brothers are said not to be in regular contact with one another. 

The rift between the once close siblings is said to causes sadness for the Queen, 93, and the rest of the family. 

One royal source revealed that Kate was particularly upset by Megxit, saying: ‘To be honest, I think Kate has taken it all badly. 

‘She, Harry, and William were once such a happy trio, she thinks what has happened is all very sad.’ 

Meanwhile another source revealed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were both ‘pretty emotional’ during their farewell tour over the last week

A source close to the Sussexes revealed they had ‘very little down time’ during their packed schedule over the weekend, as they wrapped up final royal duties in the UK. 

Meghan has already started her new life after flying straight to Canada from the Commonwealth Day Service to reunite with baby Archie, while Prince Harry has stayed in the UK. 

From March 31, the monarch’s grandson and American former actress Meghan will no longer use their HRH styles as they pursue a new life of personal and financial freedom, mostly in North America. 

Prince Harry and Meghan embarked on a farewell tour last week as they prepared to step down as senior royals at the end of the month. 

Kate is said to feel particularly upset over Mexgit due to the close relationship she once enjoyed with Prince Harry (pictured, with Prince William in February 2017)  

They joined the Queen, 93, and other senior royals at Westminster Abbey on Monday in their last official duty as working royals. 

The occasion marked the first time the couples had reunited since the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan’s plans to step down from life in as working royals.  

Kate was photographed offering a cursory, terse hello to the royal couple; an exchange that was at best polite and at worst, downright awkward. 

In the past, the Duchess has been particularly close to Prince Harry, with reports in January suggesting she ‘misses’ their bond.

An insider told Us Weekly that Kate had been left crying over the distance between herself and her brother-in-law, revealing: ‘She wishes she could speak to Harry. She misses him and fears she’ll never be close to him again.’

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As Kate Middleton Got More Comfortable with the Royal Family, Her Wardrobe Did Too

She’s been the futureQueen Consort for close to a decade and during that time, Catherine,Duchess of Cambridge has positively transformed everything about herself. Fromher wardrobe to her overall demeanor, royal fans cannot believe how differentlythe Duchess of Cambridge presents herself these days. It’s like she’s a whole newwoman.

There’s not one singular moment to credit for the change, though royal experts pinpoint her return to work after maternity leave with Prince Louis as a major milestone. But whether it’s age, experience, or simply discovering her true self, it’s clear that Kate has come into her own. And her wardrobe clearly reflects that.

Kate Middleton used to dress more formally when she firstwed Prince William

The duchess has always looked sophisticated and pulled together, especially compared to the rest of the general public. But a closer look at her wardrobe choices reveals a more confident version of the duchess these days compared to how she dressed before.

When she and Prince William first went public, Kate was known for selecting preppy, formal outfits for both fancy and laid-back royal engagements. The message she sent through her apparel was clear: when in doubt, it’s better to show up overdressed than underdressed.

Lately, Kate is looking quite different, however. She’s still dressing well and establishing her role as a fashion icon. But she’s also embracing comfortable sophistication when the occasion merits, proving her confidence in her role and her appearance.

She’s more relaxed and confident than ever recently

Back in 2011, you never would have caught Kate wearing athletic pants, skinny jeans, or shorts. But in recent times she has been seen in all three while still maintaining a sense of formality that’s required of working royals. The change is both with her outfits and her overall attitude.

And it’s not just her sartorial choices reflecting this –even Kate’s demeanor has changed. “There has beena change in her [Kate’s] body language rituals recently, suggesting changes inher life or attitude. She seems more confident projecting herself as a‘stand-alone’ royal…” body language expert Judi James toldStyle Caster. They say this shift occurred sometime after she gave birth toPrince Louis.

Kate Middleton has become a true fashion icon

It’s not too surprising to find Kate channeling her late mother-in-law Princess Diana or even coordinating outfit choices with Queen Elizabeth — she’s a woman who appreciates and respects tradition, which is a major part of her character that fans adore. But she’s also forging forward with her own sense of style that’s comfortable and chic.

Royal fans also appreciate how Kate is never afraid to mix high fashion with cheaper, mass-produced pieces, like the time she wore a $13 Zara skirt to an event like it was no big deal. The Duchess of Cambridge always looks like a million bucks but won’t spend that much on wardrobe, preferring to re-wear her favorite clothing over and over like a regular person.

In the last decade, Kate’s style has evolved into a sophisticated,effortless, laid back look that’s always polished and never boring. Just likethe duchess herself.

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Kate Middleton Cut Her Hair For Spring & It’s The Shortest She’s Ever Gone

Kate Middleton’s long, perfectly blown out brunette locks is her signature look. While the Duchess has added bits of blonde to her hair in the past, she typically keeps her ‘do the same. But Kate Middleton surprised us with a haircut that proves she’s changing her look for spring. Don’t worry if you’re a big fan of her blowout. The new cut retains her signature waves.

Middleton and husband Prince William are currently on royal tour in Ireland. The pair have multiple engagements while in the UK’s neighboring country, and Middleton decided to debut a new ‘do during one occasion.

According to Glamour, the Duchess of Cambridge’s brown locks are markedly shorter than they were just a few days ago. On Feb. 26, Middleton attended a performance of Dear Evan Hansen with her long locks in soft waves that fell just to her bust line. But in Ireland, her hair got a more spring-ready update. The new cut keeps her signature style — curtain bangs and a perfect blowout — but has shortened the length to perhaps her shortest ever. Her brunette strands now fall just an inch or two below her shoulders.

While this look is definitely shorter, it isn’t the first time that Middleton has chopped her locks. When she returned from maternity leave in 2018, she’d shorn her locks by about two inches. Back 2017, she debuted a similar style to the one she has now while at Wimbledon.

If you’ve been considering a long bob, Middleton’s haircut may be the perfect inspiration.

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Kate Middleton Wears Springy Green for the Cambridges’ Ireland Arrival

The Duchess of Cambridge is ready for spring.

In Dublin, Ireland, today, kicking off her and Prince William’s three-day visit touring the country, Kate was photographed exiting her and Prince William’s aircraft wearing an Alessandra Rich midi dress, complete with a mock-neck collar, flowing hem, and multihued printed pattern. She covered up with a mossy-green Catherine Walker double-breasted overcoat and pushed back her flowy tresses with a slightly oversized headband. The duchess accessorized her look with a vibrant green suede clutch and matching pointed-toe pumps.

William donned his usual navy blue attire with crisp trousers and an overcoat, but did color-coordinate with his wife by wearing a deep-green, polka-dotted tie.

The royal couple will spend time in Dublin, County Meath, County Kildare, and Galway to highlight and promote the strong cultural connections between the United Kingdom and Ireland. While there, they will visit with the country’s youth and local organizations, and learn more about Ireland’s conservation initiatives and environmental efforts.

The following week on March 9, both William and Kate will reunite with Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan as the royal family reconvenes for Commonwealth Day.

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Did Kate Middleton Have Severe Morning Sickness During All 3 of Her Pregnancies?

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge is someone who has lived out motherhood in front of the whole world. She is currently married to Prince William, and the couple has three children together.

However, while Kate’s life seems glamorous from the outside, the truth is that she still suffers from health problems like everyone else. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge has been known for having difficulties during her pregnancies. It has been reported that she often suffered from severe morning sickness.

Since not everyone is aware of Kate’s health history, some fans might be wondering whether this was something she went through with every pregnancy or not.

Kate Middleton has opened up about having hyperemesis gravidarum

Morning sickness is a normal thing to experience during pregnancy. However, Kate has suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, it is “characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and electrolyte disturbance.”

Unlike regular morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum does not go away after the first trimester. It also causes severe dehydration and keeps one from being able to keep food down.

The Duchess of Cambridge recently talked about her experience with hyperemesis gravidarum on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast. She shared that it was tough for both her as well as the people around her to deal with.

“It was definitely a challenge,” she said. “William didn’t feel like he could do much to help. It’s hard for everyone to see you suffering.”

Did Kate Middleton experience severe morning sickness during all three pregnancies?

Unfortunately for Kate, she did not just go through hyperemesis gravidarum during one pregnancy. Rather, she suffered from it during all three of her pregnancies.

As a result, Middleton revealed that she was generally “not the happiest of pregnant people.” However, the experiences with hyperemesis gravidarum taught Middleton a lot about her body and how to handle severe pain.

“It was through hyperemesis that I learned the power of the mind over the body because I had to try everything to help get me through it,” she said, noting that she learned how to get through the pain with hypnobirthing, which includes things like meditating and relaxation techniques.

Will Kate Middleton and Prince William have a fourth child?

Fans are always speculating about possible pregnancies within the royal family. Since last year, rumors of Middleton being pregnant have been appearing all over the tabloids. However, whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have a fourth child or not is still up in the air.

Sources seem to say that the couple are open to having another kid, especially since the ones they have now get along very well with each other. An insider shared: “They love playing together and being creative. Painting, baking and building things are all activities they enjoy, and now that Louis’ a bit older, he gets involved too.”

Many fans believe that a baby is in the cards for Kate and Prince William to the point where betting sites are seeing a lot of bets for a pregnancy announcement from the Cambridges sometime in 2020.

On the other hand, some fans think that it is unlikely that Kate and Prince William will have another kid. After all, Kate went through very tough pregnancies, and the couple is also hands-on parents to three young children. It would be difficult for Kate to go through another painful pregnancy and then take care of another newborn soon after.

However, of course, at this point, it is hard for anyone to know for sure whether there will be another addition to the Cambridge family or not.

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