Why Is My Skin So Dry In Quarantine? A Dermatologist Explains

Your dating life may not be the only thing drying up as we all stay inside to #flattenthecurve. Cue a whole lotta dry skin. In an unofficial poll of my group of galpals, I found a little bit of solace knowing that excessively dry—and sometimes flaky(!)—skin is something a lot are experiencing in quarantine (in addition to perhaps one too many Zoom happy hours).

“Skin is getting dry for a few reasons. When you are inside all day and the heat is on, the humidity in the air diminishes and that translates into less moisturizer for your skin,” says Nava Greenfield, MD, a New York dermatologist and advisor for Belli Skincare.

Dr. Greenfield explains that, usually, going outside and experiencing a change in climate typically helps with stimulating oil glands to produce more moisture, but that’s not something many of us can do at the moment. Pair that with an influx of showering and constant hand-washing, and we’re now stripping away the skin’s natural oils as well as any moisturizer that was applied earlier on in the day.

So, what’s a lady under quarantine to do? For your body, Dr. Greenfield suggests creams or oil-based formulas with hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, ceramides, cocoa butter, and avocado. “This is usually something you’d have to scoop for a jar or squeeze from a tube, as opposed to lotion which you typically pump.”

For your face, seek out products that are not as heavy, with ingredients including glycerin, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and E. “Aim to use these products two to three times more per day than what you would typically do,” she suggests. “Adding in afternoon and late-morning moisturizing in addition to morning and night might be all you need.”

The good news? There is a light at the end of this Netflix-and-WFH tunnel: Clear skin awaits. “I have seen many of my patients break out while in quarantine, but I would not be surprised if faces clear up once the stress is lifted and we are able to go outside again,” says Dr. Greenfield.

Ready to make dry skin a thing of the past? Look no further than these10 editor-tested solutions for your precious skin.

For Face

Burt’s Bees Renewal Firming Moisturizing Cream with Bakuchiol Natural Retinol Alternative – 1.8 ounces (Packaging May Vary)Burt’s Beesamazon.com$12.58SHOP NOW

Formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS, or petrolatum, this all-day moisturizer brightens skin and improves firmness. It’s also got Vitamin E and bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol.

GOOPGLOW 20% Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Glow Serum goopsephora.com$125.00SHOP NOW

This daily serum uses both 20% Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, which work together to help brighten the appearance of your skin while amping up the hydration factor. Put on your chemist hat and mix together the pure Vitamin C powder with the serum activator, and make sure to use the contents within three months of activation for best results.

Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Tri-Peptide Collagen Protecting & Brightening Serum – 1 fl ozblisstarget.com$24.99SHOP NOW

We’re all trying to amp up our body’s natural defense mechanisms against infection. Find comfort that this moisturizer has got your skin covered, too. Complete with green tea extract to help reinforce your skin’s natural defenses, this vegan, cruelty-free formula from Bliss will boost your skin’s elasticity while offering up intense hydration.

nature in a jarphilosophyphilosophy.com$49.00SHOP NOW

With prickly pear fruit extract and shea butter, this one sounds like a treat. Another prime ingredient: Cica, otherwise known as tiger grass. Fun fact: Injured tigers often rub against it to help heal their wounds (aka prepare to channel your inner lioness).

Moisture Lock Overnight Masktruebotanicals.com$75.00SHOP NOW

Is there anything more fun than waking up with a fresh face? This overnight mask hydrates, plumps, and smooths with the help of plant-derived hyaluronic acid, mango butter, and squalane.

F-Balm™ Electrolyte Waterfacial Mask Drunk Elephantsephora.com$52.00SHOP NOW

That play on words, though. This balm is meant for evening application, the last step in your turn-down routine. Wear it as an overnight mask, and layer it with a facial oil (try their Virgin Marula) for an extra hydration boost.

Skin Recovery Lotionreneerouleau.com$43.50SHOP NOW

If your skin is super aggravated, this is your new BFF. The combination of bisabol — a soothing plant-based anti-irritant derived from chamomile, and mallow extract — an anti-redness hydrator that gives some TLC to sensitive skin, are complete game-changers.

For Body

Resuscitate Hand Balmterres-dafrique.com$43.00SHOP NOW

Complete with jojoba and baobab oil, this balm prevents the loss of moisture while also penetrating deep into the epidermis to help restore your skin’s natural integrity.

Soothing Hand Cream – Almondweledaweleda.com$10.61SHOP NOW

Made with irritated skin in mind, this almond-oil infused lotion is fast-absorbing. I’ve gone through an entire tube of it within a week’s time in the past, craving the locked-in moisture feeling tapping away on my keyboard all day.

Vitamin B5 Body LotionMALIN and GOETZbloomingdales.com$35.00SHOP NOW

We know that essential fatty acids are a good part of our diet, sure. But they’re also really great for your skin when it comes to long lasting nourishment. This Malin + Goetz pick has avocado and grape seed oil to stave off dryness.

Body Cream HinokiLe Labonordstrom.com$44.00SHOP NOW

If the thick, buttery feel of this body cream doesn’t win you over, the smell will. The hinoki scent of this plant-based body cream, made with shea butter and coconut oil, is inspired by the soothing, fresh scent lingering around the Buddhist temples of Mount Koya in Japan.

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What time is the government coronavirus press conference today? – The Sun

THE Thursday press conference is being chaired by Health and Social Secretary Matt Hancock, Medical Director of NHS England, Prof. Steve Powis, and Prof Yvonne Doyle.

Here's everything you need to know about what's going on today and a recap of yesterday's briefing from Business Secretary Sharma.

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When is today's press conference?

Today's press conference starts at 5pm and is broadcast live by the BBC.

It is generally held in Downing Street between 4pm and 6pm and lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

The briefings have been ongoing since March 16.

Who is hosting today's briefing?

Today's briefing is to be hosted by Health and Social Secretary Matt Hancock.

He will be joined by Medical Director of NHS England, Prof. Steve Powis, and Medical Director and Director of Health Protection for Public Health England, Prof. Yvonne Doyle.

What is likely to be discussed in today's briefing?

The agenda of the daily briefing is not confirmed until speakers hit the podium, but the cabinet role of the chair-person tends to give a good hint toward what will be discussed.

We will also get an update on the death count, which rocketed again today as 569 people sadly lost their lives and 2,961 new cases were announced bringing the UK up to 33,178 hospitalised infected.

The agenda for today will likely be around PPE, the NHS and testing, as these have been of growing public concern this week, though the agenda is not certain until the briefing is underway.

Here are some of our related headlines from today:

  • A vaccine could be ready by June

  • 73 Great Ormond Street hospital workers test positive

  • PPE – Quarantined Boris Johnson bemoans ‘sad day’ after record 563 coronavirus deaths as he pledges ‘massive’ rise in testing

  • MP Doctor reveals paramedics only getting ONE set of protective equipment for a 12hr shift – and more doctors WILL die

  • Virtual parliament to be set up during coronavirus lockdown

  • New study shows when patients are most infectious


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  • Do n95 surgical face masks protect against coronovirus?

  • How can I get tested for Coronavirus in the UK?

  • How does the home test kit work?

  • When to go to hospital if you think you have coronavirus symptoms

  • What is PPE? Guidance on who needs protective equipment and when to wear it

  • Why are young people dying from coronavirus?

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  • Heartwarming notes left on bins to thank binmen for collecting rubbish during coronavirus lockdown

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Who hosted yesterday's briefing and what happened?

Yesterday's briefing was hosted by Business Secretary Alok Sharma.

He was joined by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and PHE Medical Director and Director for Health Protection, Prof. Yvonne Doyle CB.

Sharma opened the briefing to reinforce the action plan of aiming to slow the spread of the virus and protect the NHS.

He continued: 'The pandemic is the biggest threat our country has faced in decades but we are not alone.'

The Business Secretary recognised the extreme disruption (the lockdown) is having on our lives and thanked those making an effort to help tackle the pandemic, as well as frontline workers and businesses.

He also said local authorities have received £12 billion for grants to small businesses to help them survive.

Dr Yvonne Doyle mentioned there was a 'slightly concerning trend' – an increase in motor traffic.

She also said the target of conducting 10,000 tests a day has been reached, adding she is 'confident' the UK can reach 25,000.

In regards to the antibody test, Sharma said the government are 'urgently evaluating' it and that it is an 'absolute priority'.

On lockdown, Sharma said stopping restrctions too early could bring a second wave.

Dr Doyle added that the restrictions will be reviewed after Easter and will be guided by how the epidemic is progressing.

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April’s Full Moon Is Bringing Some Balance To All Zodiac Signs Amid The Chaos

Welcome to the first full moon of the new astrological year! On Tuesday, April 7, the April 2020 full moon will illuminate the skies, marking the lunar peak of Aries season 2020 and bringing all of the intentions we put out into the universe during the Aries new moon last month to an energetic surge. This is the climax of the first lunar cycle of the spring season, and it takes place in the relationship-focused sign of Libra — the cardinal air sign represented by the balancing scales.

While this lunation is super powerful when it comes to energizing our partnerships (in love, business, and friendship alike), we’ll also be hit with some classic full moon chaos thanks to some other planetary aspects that will be simultaneously stirring the cosmic pot. A tough square aspect between hot-headed Mars and unpredictable Uranus could mean chaos, freak occurrences, and unexpected fighting or discord. But with Libra’s energy, we’ll all find ourselves focused on balance, diplomacy, and love. Also, full moons have the power to illuminate. They bring things to the surface and shed light on matters that may have been lurking in the shadows. Breathing through the stress, tending to your closest partnerships, and seeking to bring balance to any part of your life that feels out of whack will be your shelter in this storm.

Check out your full moon in Libra horoscope for love, career, and friendship to find out how the April 2020 full moon will affect you, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Love: Love is definitely on the forefront of your mind. "You’re putting your relationships first with the desire to make it work, instead of only focusing on your needs," says astrologer Lisa Stardust.

Career: This luminary asks you to work out issues with your boss or within other business partnerships. It’s time to talk things through and listen with open ears.

Friendship: One-on-one bonding is what you’re craving, so carve out some time for a phone call or FaceTime session to catch up with your closest friends from afar.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Love: Pouring yourself entirely into work isn’t going to relieve any stresses, but neither is getting totally lost in love. Keep both feet on the ground during this luminary to buffer out any romantic road bumps.

Career: "Try to keep busy during these times and start a fun new creative project to keep busy," Stardust says. Focusing on maintaining a work/life balance in spite of all the chaos will help keep you sane, and this full moon is striking you with inspiration.

Friendship: You’re prioritizing your health and getting a routine in order — so bring your friends into the picture. Join an online yoga class or group workout with a pal to stay connected and feel more social.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Love: "You’re in the mood for love," Stardust says. "Get your virtual flirt on with your crush." Pleasure is at the forefront of your mind under this full moon, so seek it out wherever you can.

Career: Find new ways to apply your creativity to your day job. You’re bursting with fun ideas, and aligning your talents with your current career path can put you on a better trajectory.

Friendship: Just because you can’t link with your friends in person doesn’t mean you can’t keep up on your hobbies togethe. Host a craft night or karaoke party via Zoom so you can let loose and channel your full moon feels into creativity alongside your crew.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Love: This luminary offers you a lovely opportunity to get more vulnerable with your partner. Focus on opening up your heart and showing your partner the real you.

Career: Whether you’re working from home or not, having a functional space to get things done in your living quarters is a must, and the full moon offers you a burst of energy to carve that space out for yourself.

Friendship: Your friends feel like family right now, so pull your closest pals in close, even if that’s virtually. "Embrace your home life and try to have chill time with friends and family via Zoom in your PJs," says Stardust.

Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

Love: Communication is key for your love life right now, so express your feelings via text or e-mail so that you have it all down in words. It’ll mean a lot to your significant other now, too.

Career: Use the lunar energy to strengthen your business partnerships and open your communication channels. You’re thinking and expressing yourself with extra clarity and diplomacy, so use your skills to your advantage.

Friendship: It’s amazing how fast drama can start, even when you’ve barely left the house. "Shut down the gossip and rumors that are swirling around you without drama," says Stardust. Don’t get swept up in anything silly.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22)

Love: Show your partner or crush how much you care by sending them a token of your affection — a small but thoughtful gift can go a long way to boost morale and bring a smile to someone’s face right now.

Career: Don’t lower your value for anyone, Virgo, and allow the illuminating power of the full moon to light up your self-esteem. "Step up your game and know your worth when dealing with others at work," Stardust says.

Friendship: You’re separating the wheat from the chaff in your friendships right now. People’s true colors really show during hard times, and you’ll see who has your back clearly under this luminary.

Libra (Sept. 23 – Oct. 22)

Love: It’s all too easy for you to put your partner first, Libra, but right now, you need to tend to your own needs when it comes to your role in relationships. Make sure you’re speaking your truth when it comes to love.

Career: You’re full of bright ideas — and this full moon in your sign is bringing you the confidence you need to push forward with them. Don’t shy away from chasing your professional goals.

Friendship: Your friends love you for always offering an open heart and listening ear, but now’s a time to set some personal boundaries and put yourself first. "This luminary will make you focus on you and you alone," says Stardust. "It’s OK to be selfish once in a while."

Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Love: You’ll feel an almost transcendental connection between you and your lover under this luminary, so use this spiritual depth to support each other and open up about your fears. It feels good to have someone to lean on.

Career: "You’re too giving away too much of your energy at the moment," Stardust says. Put up some boundaries at work and don’t wear yourself out — you can only go so hard for so long.

Friendship: There’s an intense closeness within your inner circle of friendships and they may come to you for advice, but you won’t be able to see other people’s issues with much clarity right now. "Try to focus on your own needs," Stardust says.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

Love: You’re really missing the social element of your romantic life right now, so do your best to recreate it. Use the full moon’s energizing vibe to plan a virtual "date" with someone new by having dinner on FaceTime, or join a book club with your partner to stay connected.

Career: Collaborate with your colleagues as much as you can right now. Staying virtually connected with your team will really boost your morale under this luminary — and teamwork might spark some fresh ideas.

Friendship: Lean into your friendships and plan a full moon Zoom call with the crew. "Your friends are now a source of inspiration, offering you support and kindness," Stardust says.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Love: It’s time to put love a little higher on your priority list, Capricorn. Carve out extra time for your crush or partner and use the full moon energy to show them a new side of yourself.

Career: The full moon will give you the break you didn’t even know you needed now. "Work projects may be put on hold, offering you time to destress and center yourself," Stardust says.

Friendship: Use this luminary’s focus on balance to bring harmony into your friendships. Reach out to the people whose callbacks have been on the back burner, and call out the friends who haven’t been pulling their weight, too.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

Love: When it comes to love, the sky’s the limit, Aquarius — even if you’re stuck indoors.

Career: Now’s a great time to pour your extra time and energy into learning some new professional skills. Sign up for an online course or make a plan to start seriously pursuing some of your personal goals.

Friendship: "Taking the high road with others is necessary now to keep the peace and to avoid arguments," Stardust says. Don’t let yourself get emotionally involved in the drama and use common sense to guide you.

Pisces (Feb. 19 – March 20)

Love: When it comes to love, Pisces, listen to your heart. "Lean into your intuition," Stardust says. The full moon will light up the truth for you, and you’ll be able to see what you want with more clarity.

Career: You might be faced with some tough choices at work, and now’s the time for you to stand up for yourself and set boundaries. "Trust your gut when making decisions," Stardust says. Speaking your truth now will allow you a lot more freedom at work down the road.

Friendship: All you want in friendships right now is real, deep, and juicy conversation. Gather virtually with your closest crew under the full moon’s energy and get beneath the surface of how you’re all really feeling about things.

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Holiday lets landlord is ordered to pay £2,000 damages to family

Holiday lets landlord is ordered to pay £2,000 damages after forcing family out of their remote cottage during five-day ‘vacation from hell’

  • Iain Clark evicted Toby Cunningham and his family from a Scotland resort
  • Row started following concerns regarding insurance and over occupancy
  • Family had paid £1,500 for a fortnight’s holiday at the rural complex

A lettings landlord has been ordered to pay £2,000 damages after being accused of ‘bullying’ a family out of their remote holiday cottage in Galloway, Scotland.

In a holiday claimed to be a five day ‘vacation from hell,’ Iain Clark, 39, evicted Toby Cunningham, 26, his wife Emma, their two young children plus Mr Cunninghan’s 64-year old mother from his barn conversion.

The furore came following a row which started following another relative temporarily staying over a night, which led to Mr Clark being concerned regarding insurance issues for over occupancy.

Iain Clark has been ordered to pay £2,000 in damages after he was accused of ‘bullying’ Toby Cunningham and his family out of their remote holiday cottage

Although the family had paid £1,500 for a fortnight’s holiday at the rural complex, Mr Clark was said to have behaved aggressively and rudely to the Cunninghams before eventually telling them: ‘It is not working out – sorry just go.’

Mr Cunninghan tried to book another cottage in Galloway to rescue the remainder of the trip but with nowhere else to go they had to drive 150 miles home to Chorley, Lancashire.

Mr Cunningham, a mechanical engineer from Buckshaw Village in Chorley said: ‘This man completely ruined our holiday for no good reason. We are not wealthy and this was our one family holiday of the year.  

‘We did try and salvage the remainder of the trip by looking for other property to book in the area – but there was none available on the date we were thrown out so we were forced to return home nine days earlier than planned. Mr Clark would have known that we live some distance away but he obviously didn’t care as he had our money. He’s just a total bully.’

He later sued Mr Clark who runs Clauchan Holiday Cottages in Gatehouse of Fleet for unlawful eviction and breach of contract.

At Dumfries sheriff court Mr Clark who lives in a farmhouse on the complex initially denied wrongdoing but was ordered to pay compensation to the Cunninghams in a settlement hearing.

Toby Cunningham and his wife Emma endured a five day ‘vacation from hell’

The incident took place last summer after Mr Cunningham had booked the six bed Middle Byre pet friendly property for his family, two adult friends and two dogs to enjoy two weeks of water sports between August 3 and 17.

Trouble began when Mr Cunningham’s father who had accompanied the group on the journey to help tow a boat, stayed over on the sofa for on the first night so he could head back home the next day.

Mr Cunningham added that after being told they were over occupancy, he informed Mr Clark that his father would be leaving.

‘Mr Clark came round to service the hot tub and said “you’re over occupancy” and I said “I do apologise. I didn’t realise that my dad was going to be staying but he’s going today” and he said “that’s fine – it’s only an insurance issue.”

‘The property does sleep six but one of our daughters is under two and classed as an infant and was sleeping in a travel cot in our room. The next morning, I was leaving the property when Mr Clark pulled in front of me and was quite aggressive.

‘He said ‘how’s the numbers looking?’ and I said well my dads gone now so we are fine and he started counting on his fingers and he said well I know you’ve got two daughters and I said one’s under two.  He said: ‘That doesn’t make any difference you’re still over the numbers I want you to sort it someone is going to have to go’. He then walked off in quite a strop at that point.

‘My mum was in tears and he told her: ‘I’m not a f****** campsite.’

Mr Cunningham’s six-year-old daughter, Sophie agreed to stay with friends who had booked nearby accommodation but Mr Clark ordered a meeting after he discovered the two puppies left faeces on the grass outside the cottage.

The Cunninghams were staying in a remote holiday cottage in Galloway, Scotland

Mr Cunningham said: ‘It was kind we were in the headmasters office and he was in his big laid back leather armchair and we were standing up. He was looking down his nose at us and straight away my mum felt very threatened.

‘He said: ‘This is my working environment. I think it’s disgusting.’ I said: ‘all I can do is apologise I’ll go get it sorted straight away.’ But he kept on going on and getting angrier and angrier and he said because we had booked for 2020 he said ‘Your holiday for next year won’t be going ahead, I’m cancelling that straight away’. I said: ‘That’s fine to be honest I don’t think I want to return.’

‘I think that might have triggered him a little bit and he went off again and mum just got more and more upset and said you’re a very nasty man and he said I think I want out, pack up your stuff I want you to leave.

‘I sent an email and got nothing back. I waited and you kind of feel like you’re sitting in limbo, we felt very threatened then. And my mum straight away said I’m not staying here and she packed her car and left and she said I don’t feel safe. She was crying and packed her car and she left and she actually took my youngest daughter with her.

‘We were just left with the four of us and I sent him another email saying we’re not leaving until we are told for what terms you have actually broken. I just got the reply ‘sorry Toby please leave’. He came over to one of my friends who was packing their car up and he said to them: ‘Tell Toby if he wants his money back he’ll have to take me to court’ – so that’s what I did.

In their court claim the Cunninghams sued for £2982 including a refund for the holiday plus mileage and £1,050.00 for ‘loss of amenity and enjoyment’ plus ‘disruption, disappointment and unjustified ejectment from the rented premises.’ 


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John Mellencamp Is Dating Jamie Sue Sherrill After Meg Ryan Split

Love is always just around the corner. John Mellencamp is dating Jamie Sue Sherrill, a.k.a. Nurse Jamie, following his split from fiancée Meg Ryan.

The singer, 68, and the celebrity skin expert were spotted at Evil by the Needle tattoo parlor in Bloomington, Indiana, in February. “Today I tattooed Jamie sue sherrill and she brought John Mellencamp with her for support,” an artist at the store captioned a Facebook photo of Mellencamp at the time.

The couple have been together “since the beginning of the year,” according to E! News.

Mellencamp and Ryan, 58, dated from 2011 to 2014 before calling it quits. They briefly reconciled but then split again in 2015. “Oh, women hate me,” he admitted during a March 2017 appearance on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM show. “I loved Meg Ryan. She hates me to death.”

The Grammy winner elaborated that her feelings toward him stemmed from his behavior. “I think it’s because I’m a child,” he explained at the time. “I throw fits, I gripe, I complain. I’m moody. Every bad thing that a fella can be, that’s me.”

However, Us Weekly confirmed in July 2017 that the two had been back together for months.

Ryan announced her engagement to Mellencamp in November 2018. “ENGAGED!” she wrote via Instagram.

The crooner gushed over the You’ve Got Mail star one month later. “I’m engaged … at 67 to a very funny woman,” he noted during a December 2018 interview with Today. “The funniest woman [I’ve] ever met.”

He added of their on-again, off-again relationship: “I’m probably not the easiest guy to get along with, so … let’s leave it at that.”

Us broke the news in October 2019 that Ryan and Mellencamp broke up for good. “She’d had enough and ended [their engagement],” a source revealed at the time. “She has no regrets.”

The “Jack and Diane” singer was previously married to Priscilla Esterline from 1970 to 1981, Victoria Granucci from 1981 to 1989 and Elaine Irwin from 1992 to 2011. He has five children from past relationships: daughters Michelle, Teddi and Justice as well as sons Hud and Speck.

Sherrill, meanwhile, is the mother of triplets.

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Elliot Stabler Is Returning to the 'Law & Order: SVU' Universe in a New Spinoff and Fans Can't Handle Their Excitement

This isn’t an April Fool’s Day joke. Christopher Meloni is returning to the Law & Order universe as Elliot Stabler. The actor will reprise his role from Law & Order: SVU in a 13-episode NBC crime drama series where his character leads an organized crime unit. For SVU fans who’ve never really gotten over Stabler’s departure from the long-running series, the news is cause for major excitement. 

Christopher Meloni left ‘Law & Order: SVU’ in 2011

For some fans, Law & Order: SVU hasn’t been the same since Meloni’s departure. For 12 seasons, the actor portrayed Stabler on the NBC drama, working alongside Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson to solve heartbreaking, sexually-based crimes. But he exited the show in 2011, leaving behind a hole in viewers’ hearts when his character suddenly decided to retire. 

But on March 31, Deadline reported that Meloni would be reprising his role as Stabler in a new series. While the show doesn’t yet have a name, it could be part of the larger Law & Order franchise. And it will be set in New York, which means there’s also the possibility of a Stabler-Benson reunion. 

Fans are thrilled that Stabler is coming back to TV

SVU fans were beyond excited when they learned that Stabler would be returning to television. But at least one wasn’t quite sure whether to believe the reports, so they went straight to the source. 

“Sir can you pls confirm you’re coming back as Stabler so we can all sleep easy for the first night since quarantine began??!!!?” they tweeted at the actor. 

“Sleep tight,” Meloni replied. 

One fan reacted to Meloni’s confirmation that he’d be back as Stabler with a gif of Kevin McCallister from Home Alone freaking out. 

“We’re all gonna be okay, people,” another wrote. “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

People are eager for a reunion between Benson and Stabler

Meloni won’t be back on SVU, which is in its 21st season and has been renewed for three more. But crossovers between Dick Wolf shows are common, and people are hoping that we’ll eventually see a Stabler-Benson reunion, either on the new show of on SVU

Several fans pointed out that Stabler’s abrupt departure meant there was little closure for his character and that the status of his relationship with Benson was left unresolved. They’re hoping that Stabler’s return will allow writers to revisit those stories.

Others just want to see the two share the screen again. 

“Do you think Stabler and Benson will ever have a run in or meet for coffee at some point?” asked one fan. “That would make my heart so happy!” 

Will there be a Benson-Stabler romance?

While some are just thrilled that Stabler will be back, many SVU fans are dreaming of something more than just a brief meeting. Some in the fandom have long shipped the pair and wished that their professional relationship would turn romantic. They’re hoping the new series will finally deliver that storyline.   

“So, is Stabler’s wife dead? Or did they eventually get divorced? I’m okay w/either option, tbh,” tweeted one person.  

“Can they finally make Benson and Stabler an item?” asked another. 

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What is Gordon Ramsay’s net worth and how many restaurants does he own?

GORDON Ramsay is one of the world's most famous and successful chefs after building an empire of award-winning restaurants around the world.

And yet the sweary fella's still angry, which has now become a key part of his charm. Here's all you need to know about him.

How has Gordon made his name?

Gordon Ramsay was born in Renfrewshire, Scotland, on November 8, 1966, and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon, West Midlands, before moving to Banbury, Oxfordshire, and finally London.

He started out working for Marco Pierre White and Albert Roux, though he'd originally planned to be a footballer.

After working with Pierre White on the restaurant Aubergine, Gordon opened his own first venue in Chelsea in 1998 and earned three Michelin stars in as many years.

The first TV show he made was fly-on-the-wall documentary Boiling Point in 1998.

Since then he hasn't stopped popping up in shows like Hell's Kitchen, The F Word and Kitchen Nightmares.

Having now earned a total of 16 Michelin stars from his work as a restaurateur, in 2019 Forbes ranked the 52-year-old as the 33rd highest-paid celeb in the world.

Does Gordon have a family?

Gordon and his wife Tana, who he married in 1996, have five children – Megan, 22, Matilda, 18, who's known as Tilly, twins Jack and Holly, 20 and one-year-old Oscar James.

Their dad has vowed not to let any of his children have access to his £177 million fortune as he says this will "ruin" them.

On April 4, 2019, Gordon and Tana welcomed their fifth child Oscar James.

Meanwhile, Matilda is following in Gordon's footsteps, launching a career as a TV chef.

She presented BBC cooking show Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch alongside her family.

She also starred with her father in a segment on This Morning, named Big Chef Little Chef.

Which restaurants does Gordon own?

Gordon owns 12 bars and restaurants in London alone.

They include a posh eatery in the Savoy Hotel, plus venues in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Chelsea – the latter of which has held three Michelin stars since 2001.

Outside of England, Gordon owns or has owned restaurants in Scotland, Dubai, the US, France, Japan, Canada, Ireland, Qatar, Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Czech Republic and South Africa.

Jason Atherton and Angela Hartnett are among Ramsay's proteges, and he had a nasty falling-out with Marcus Wareing of MasterChef fame over the Michelin stars awarded to the restaurant Petrus.

In 2009 a controversy surrounding pre-prepared food being served in his restaurants rocked his reputation, but his eventual response was: "When I was working at the Gavroche all those years ago, the duck terrine wasn't made there.

"It was made outside, then brought to the restaurant wrapped in plastic. This is standard practice. What on earth was the fuss about?"

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When is Passover 2020? – The Sun

AS we reach April, we are approaching one of the most important Jewish celebrations; Passover.  

But when is Passover, what does it commemorate and what foods are consumed during this religious holiday?

When is Passover 2020?

Each spring, Passover is celebrated.

The exact date of the holiday varies from year to year.

This year’s Passover begins at sundown on Wednesday, 8th April 2020.

Passover will end at sundown on Thursday, 16th April 2020.

Traditionally Passover is eight days long, although some Jewish reform groups celebrate it for seven days.

What does Passover commemorate?

Passover is a Jewish holiday which celebrates the liberation of Jews from Egypt, known as the Exodus.

Passover (‘Pesach’ in Hebrew) gets its name from when God told Moses to instruct Israelites to mark their doorposts with lamb’s blood so God would ‘’pass over’’ their homes and let their firstborn sons live.

What foods are eaten?

A range of traditional Jewish foods are consumed during this religious holiday.

Some examples of which are the following:

  • Matzo (flatbread)
  • Fish
  • Roasted chicken
  • Brisket
  • Potato Kugel (similar to casserole)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Egg drop soup

These are all typical foods which are consumed during the Passover holiday.

In terms of beverages, wine plays an important role during the Jewish ritual.

At least four glasses of wine are to be consumed during the Passover.

Each glass of wine represents a different theme.

The four themes symbolised by the glasses of wine are:

1. Salvation from harsh labour
2. Geographically leaving Egypt
3. Moses’ parting of the seas
4. Becoming their own nation

At some celebrations a fifth glass of wine is included to represent the prophet Elijah, but no celebrants are meant to drink from this cup.

When is the second Passover?

The second Passover is from Thursday, 7th May to Friday, 8th May.
The second Passover provides an opportunity for those who were unable to participate in the first Passover celebration.

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Why is the UK so far behind countries like Germany in coronavirus testing? – The Sun

MASS testing for coronavirus is the key to lifting the lockdown, experts have said.

But while countries like Germany test around 70,000 people a day, the figure here is a measly looking 8,000.

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Just 2,000 of the frontline NHS staff self-isolating with suspected coronavirus have been tested.

Yet as many as 85 per cent of NHS off sick may not even have the bug, experts say – and are being kept away from hospitals because of a failure to speed up testing rates.

Head of NHS Providers Chris Hopson said the health service is facing "some of the highest staff absences" ever seen.

One in four doctors and one in five nurses are believed to be off, heaping pressure on colleagues facing an influx of patients.

Yesterday, Michael Gove admitted the Government must go "further, faster" to increase testing capacity.

And Boris Johnson is said to have taken charge of efforts to source the kit needed to do that.

Hospitals were today told to test more of their workforce, yet the Government admits the nation's labs are short of the right equipment to do it.

So why is the UK's testing programme behind schedule? And what more needs to be done?

1. What tests are actually needed?

There are two main tests we need, to get a grip of the coronavirus epidemic.

The first is a nasal swab test – which is currently used in hospitals to tell if a person has the virus.

Known as an antigen test, it detects traces of the virus RNA or genetic code.

Samples are taken using a swab – a large cotton bud up your nose – to take samples from the back of the throat.


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The samples are then sent to the lab for testing. Results can take between a few hours to a couple of days to come back.

The second test is the much-awaited antibody test – hailed a "game-changer".

The test is a finger-prick test and is being designed to be performed at home, giving results almost instantly like a pregnancy test.

It detects antibodies that the immune system produces to fight coronavirus so can tell if you have had the bug, and are immune.

These tests would give the green light for NHS staff, key workers and the public to go back to work, and could help relax lockdown measures.

2. Why is testing so important?

Testing for coronavirus serves a number of important purposes.

The swab test can tell us how many people currently have Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the antibody test can tell us how many people in the population have had it.

It can also give an idea of the asymptomatic population – how many people have had coronavirus, but have shown no symptoms.

Knowing who's had the bug and who hasn't will drastically speed up our route out of lockdown.

It will allow us to identify who is safe to go back to work, and in some countries like Germany there are plans to give people certificates to identify they are safe to move about.

Labour deputy leadership candidate and A&E doctor, Rosena Allin-Khan, who has gone back to work on the NHS front line, said another important aspect is staff wellbeing.

She wrote to Matt Hancock telling him the "lack of testing is having a huge mental health impact on our NHS workforce".

Meanwhile, ex-health secretary Jeremy Hunt has expressed his concern over the lack of mass testing, branding it "very worrying".

He said it had been key to finally controlling the outbreak in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the pandemic originated in December.

3. How many tests are being done in the UK?

Yesterday, Department of Health figures showed 8,240 people had been tested for coronavirus, in the previous 24 hours.

That falls short of the Government's promise to test  10,000 people a day.

Last night, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries said we have capacity to test 12,700 people.

Meanwhile, the PM has expressed his desire to reach 250,000 tests a day.

Today, Health Secretary Matt Hancock told hospitals to test more of their workforce, lifting the restriction that trusts could only use 15 per cent of their capacity to test staff. The remaining 75 per cent was reserved for testing patients.

4. How do we compare to other countries?

In the UK around 8,000 people are being tested every day.

In total since the start of the outbreak 152,979 people have been tested, with 29,474 testing positive.

Meanwhile, in Germany, 70,000 tests are carried out each day – that's more than half a million a week.

In total, South Korea has tested around 490,000 people since the start of the outbreak.

Both countries have far fewer deaths than the UK.

5. So what's the problem?

Testing for viruses is not a simple process.

It requires the right equipment, testing conditions and as the Government's top doctor keeps reminding us, "one thing worse that no test, is a bad test."

But critics have pointed out, this crisis has been building since the start of the year, accusing the authorities of acting too late.

Tim Colbourn, associate professor of global health epidemiology at University College London, said: "The UK was complacent and didn't think it could happen here.

"We didn't see the signs quickly."

If they were doing 400 tests a day, we would be up to Germany levels of testing and that is perfectly feasible

Anthony Costello, professor of global health and sustainable development at UCL, said part of the blame rests with Public Health England.

He told Radio 4's Today programme: "We have 44 molecular virology labs in the UK.

"If they were doing 400 tests a day, we would be up to Germany levels of testing and that is perfectly feasible.

"Public Health England were slow and controlled and only allowed non-PHE labs to start testing two weeks ago, but that was after the strategy to shift to end community tests."

Prof Costello is referring to the announcement on March 13 to stop testing people in the community, as the Government announced a move from "containment" to "delay" in their plan to tackle the outbreak.

From that point, only people in hospital have been tested for Covid-19.

6. What's the latest the Government is saying?

The Government has repeatedly said their goal is to increase testing capacity across the UK.

Boris Johnson has said he wants to reach 250,000 a day, while Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries said at yesterday's daily briefing we have capacity to carry out 12,700 tests.

Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office Minister, said the Prime Minister and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, are in talks with pharmaceutical companies across the world, after admitting a shortage of chemicals is partly to blame.

The chemicals are needed for the antigen tests – or nasal swab tests currently being used to test NHS staff and patients.

Mr Gove said last night that the Government must "go further, faster" to increase testing.

"We are increasing the number of tests," he said.

One of the constraints on our capacity to increase testing overall is supply of the specific reagents

"One of the constraints on our capacity to increase testing overall is supply of the specific reagents, the specific chemicals, that are needed in order to make sure that tests are reliable."

When asked when the Government started placing orders for key test parts, the PM's spokesman said today: "We've been working with industry throughout.

"But as the Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer have both set out, there is a global demand for reagents.

"It's clear from industry that they are working as hard as they can in order to support the NHS, and we are working alongside them."

7. What chemicals are we missing?

The chemical reagents the Government admits the UK is short of are needed for the nasal swab tests – the antigen test.

Dr Colin Butter, at the University of Lincoln, explained there are two main bits to the chemistry.
The first is how scientists remove the virus RNA – it's genetic code – from swabs.

"Many companies make suitable kits for this," he said. "Universities and others will have lots on the shelves."

The next step involves ingredients and chemicals to run the test itself.

Prof Lawrence Young from the University of Warwick explained:  "The test is complicated, and requires many different synthetic components which probably accounts for the shortages given the unprecedented demand."

Coronavirus testing: What is the difference between antigen and antibody tests?

Coronavirus tests are key to getting a clearer idea of the scale of the outbreak in the UK.

In recent days, there's been a lot of talk about the two different types of tests that the government are ramping up.

The government refers to them as the 'have you got it' antigen test or the 'have you had it' antibody test.

Here we explain the difference between the two…

What is an antigen test?

Antigens are found on the surface of invading pathogens, including coronavirus.

Testing for antigens can determine whether someone is currently carrying the virus and are actively infectious.

The NHS is currently using antigen tests in hospitals to determine if someone is currently infected with Covid-19.

Samples are taken using a swab – which resemble a large cotton bud – from deep inside the nose and throat before being sent off to a lab for testing.

Most labs use a method called the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), which takes several hours to get a result.

It can take days for labs to run the tests and tell people their result.

Several companies are working on ways to fast track this type of testing.

What is an antibody test?

When a person gets infected with antigen, the body starts making specially designed proteins called antibodies in response – as a way to fight the infection.

After they recover, those antibodies float in the blood for months, maybe even years.

That's the body's way of defending itself in case it becomes infected with the virus again.

So an antibody test specifically looks for antibodies which will be able to tell whether you've already been exposed to Covid-19.

Anyone who has already had the illness is presumed to be immune to getting it again – at least, in the intermediate term.

This would allow them to go back to work safe in the knowledge that they are unlikely to become infected again or pass the virus on.

The check that has been developed for Covid-19 is a finger-prick blood test, with the samples sent to laboratories and results available within a few days.

Dr Hilary Jones, a GP and resident doctor on Good Morning Britain, explained that it works "almost like a pregnancy test, except you need a drop of blood".

These tests are being developed by several different firms and Public Health England (PHE) is also working on its own test.

They still need to be validated to ensure they give accurate results.

Dr Al Edwards at the University of Reading's School of Pharmacy added that there are a "lot of ingredients" that go into a swab test.

"Any of these might be hard to get hold of in the current rush," he said. "The world is seeing more of these virus tests conducted than ever before.
"This shortage could be the enzymes – called polymerase – that detect the virus.

"But they could also be simply the swabs or containers for collecting samples.

“The real catch is – we are very good at making a highly accurate test fast.

There is a massive demand for raw materials, this is not unique to the UK and many places no longer have stock of essential reagents

"But to make that test accurate, you need to keep the ingredients fixed. So we are likely seeing a shortage of the exact ingredients used in the approved tests.

"Although other versions might work it’s not easy to simply switch to a different type.

"There can be tiny changes that make the test fail – for example, if you use the wrong swab to take the sample, the virus might not be detected."

Professor Stephen Baker, an expert in molecular microbiology at the University of Cambridge, said: "There is a massive demand for raw materials, this is not unique to the UK and many places no longer have stock of essential reagents."

8. What does the industry say?

The Chemical Industries Association told The Times that demand for key chemicals is "increasing".

But it said reagents are being made and they are being delivered to the NHS.

It said: "Every business here in the UK and globally is looking at what they can do to help meet the demand as a matter of urgency.

"To clarify the exact NHS  need and meet it, all relevant UK industries are continuing to work closely with the Government."

9. How is South Korea doing better?

The first hint of the coronavirus pandemic emerged at the end of December in China.

While few countries could have predicted it's rapid spread, some, including South Korea were better prepared.

The nation had vast stocks of face masks and testing kids on standby, making them better placed to cope.

Having endured the 2003 Sars epidemic and the more recent Mers outbreak, South Korea built up huge stockpiles and had significant testing capacity ready and waiting.

10. What about Germany?

Germany, which is testing 500,000 patients a week and has plans to test 200,000 a day, was quick to learn from the response of countries in Asia and began ramping up testing at an early stage.

Professor Lawrence Young, from Warwick University, said countries like Germany also benefit from a more "joined up approach".

A better relationship with the biotech industry, more German virologists producing tests in January and central coordination by the Robert Koch Institute all gave Germany a head start, he said.

When asked why this was such a challenge for the UK, he added: "It just requires better national coordination.

"It highlights a lack of investment in virology over many years."

11. What's the solution?

Professor Stephen Baker, of Cambridge Uni, said there is "no overnight solution".

He warned: "There are multiple steps to ensure that the methods used and results that are a correctly validated, as there is nothing more dangerous at the moment than reporting incorrect negative or positive results to staff or patients."

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Coronation Street’s Yasmeen is ‘hiding a secret past’ as Geoff is exposed by Alya TONIGHT – The Sun

CORONATION Street's Yasmeen Nazir is hiding a secret past amid her fight to survive Geoff Metcalfe's abuse.

The chef – who is played by actress Shelley King in the ITV soap – is estranged from her family for mysterious reasons that are set to be explored by the soap.

Shelley told Metro: "Yasmeen began as quite a bombastic, strong person but we will learn more about her.

"As you know, her husband left, her grandson has gone away and we find out more about him next week and Alya has her own life really.

"Yasmeen is alone in this country to an extent, she has alienated herself from her family for reasons we will learn and she is vulnerable.

"We will learn more about Geoff too – not to exonerate his actions but to try and look into explaining them or at least gaining some knowledge about that behaviour."

In tonight's episode Geoff's abuse starts to be exposed when Alya confronts him about his lies about the five star hotel he claimed to have booked for Zeedan's wedding.

On Monday night he faked a heart attack in an effort to manipulate Yasmeen into not going to her grandson's wedding in Spain.

But tonight Alya will catch him out and it will lead to a violent confrontation.

Yasmeen will be horrified when she sees Geoff attacking Alya and realise exactly what kind of man her husband is.

But will it be enough for her to leave him for good?

* Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 7.30pm on ITV

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