Liar fans fume as Laura easily pickpockets DS Maxwell and breaks into his phone – The Sun

LIAR fans are furious as Laura easily pickpockets DS Maxwell and breaks into his phone.

The second season of the show Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) as she is accused of killing her rapist, Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd).

Laura is desperate to prove her innocence and tries to uncover evidence of a set-up.

Viewers are suspicious about Rory after he's told Laura's sat-nav has no fingerprints off it – meaning someone wiped them – and he tenses up.

Later, Laura follows DS Maxwell to a restaurant, where he is having a meal with his family.

She stops him by pretending she is drunkenly confronting him, before falling into his arms.

While Rory threatens her with arrest, it turns out that school teacher Laura had managed to pickpocket his phone.

Not only does she steal from the senior police officer without him noticing, she breaks through the security too.

She manages to guess the passcode after three tries, and it turns out to be 3333.

Then she finds emails, one of which has the subject line "What is Laura Nielson's freedom worth?"




Fans didn't think this was the most realistic scene and took to Twitter to complain.

One person said: "She guesses the phone password in three attempts?"

Another added: "How did she knowvthe code of Rory's phone?!?"

A third remarked: "Now she’s a professional pickpocket and hacker?!"

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The Chase fans go wild for ‘hot’ contestant John as Bradley Walsh brands him the show’s ‘most handsome’ player – The Sun

THE Chase fans went wild for "hot" contestant John this evening – with host Bradley Walsh branding him the show's "most handsome" player.

The 25-year-old biology student from Swansea appeared on the teatime quiz show earlier today, delighting viewers up and down the country as they tuned in during coronavirus lockdown.

While John and his teammates attempted to beat the Chaser and secure a big money payout, those watching at home were distracted by his dashing good looks.

Flocking to Twitter, fans swooned over the hopeful, with one gushing: "Not even focusing on John's questions, just admiring his beauty."

Another added: "John's devilishly handsomeness is somewhat offensive and also commendable!"

A third agreed: "Thank you to John for making self isolation just that bit better."

Bradley, 59, even noted the Welsh hunk's looks during the episode, which originally aired in 2015.

He said: "I've got to say John, the girls in our office are now crammed around the television.

"They said you're the most handsome contestant we've ever had on."

John had hoped to secure enough money to get a surfing van, giving him a space to get changed after hitting the waves.

However, he and his teammates lost their £36,000 prize pot to Chaser Paul Sinha.

After realising that he was trending on social media, John took to Twitter himself to acknowledge the episode repeat.

He wrote: "Repeated my episode of #thechase tonight.

"I got some simple questions wrong fair play. Great laugh seeing it again."

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Rihanna fans convinced she is returning to music tonight for the first time in THREE years on new PartyNextDoor album – The Sun

RIHANNA is reportedly set to make her return to the music industry after THREE years away with a guest spot on PartyNextDoor's new album.

The musician will be dropping his new album at midnight on Thursday and fans believe that Rihanna will feature on track number ten, Believe It.

"New partynextdoor and Rihanna tonight?? Let’s gooooooo," shared one excited fan while another added: "RIHANNA IS ON PARTYNEXTDOOR’S ALBUM???? Finally something good is about to happen in 2020."

However, others were dubious as PartyNextDoor shared a minute-long snippet of the track on Snapchat.

"That’s his girlfriend’s vocals not Rihanna’s," suggested one fan while another claimed that he was playing a demo version and Rihanna was on the final track.

The Sun Online has contacted reps for Rihanna for comment.

Rihanna released her last album ANTI in 2016 and fans have been eagerly anticipating new music ever since; in 2017 she collaborated with DJ Khaled on a single Wild Thoughts.

The 32-year-old has been focusing on her fashion and make-up businesses, and in February she celebrated her birthday in raucous style as she toasted to another year with her family and friend in Mexico.

According to reports, the Fenty designer enjoyed a candlelight dinner with pals before a mariachi band entertained her guests and they downed tequila shots.

However, the Bajan beauty mogul hasn't posted any videos or images from the fun-filled trip yet, which comes shortly after her reported breakup from billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel.

The Grammy winner was notoriously private about their relationship, with the two making very few public appearances together over the course of their romance.

And in the wake of their split, speculation began to mount that the designer was dating Fashion Killa rapper A$AP Rocky.

However, sources have told E! News that the musical pair aren't in a relationship but rather "hanging out" and "having fun".

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Harry Styles Tells Fans to Find 'Moments of Happiness' Amid Coronavirus

Speaking from the heart. Harry Styles encouraged fans to keep a positive mindset during the uncertainty of the coronavirus scare.

The “Adore You” singer, 26, dropped some words of wisdom during a FaceTime call with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe on Thursday, March 26, and shed some light on how he’s been spending his time in self-quarantine.

“I think we’re kind of adjusting to the new normal,” Styles began. “I think for a lot of people, the reality’s setting in … At first, it’s like, ‘Oh, we’re all in and we get to watch movies and eat burritos,’ and live the kind of meme life. And then you speak to people around the world … it’s really scary.”

The “Two Ghosts” crooner continued, reminding people that while they’re staying home, they don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the negativity and confusion in the news.

“If you’re in your house, you get to remove from it a little bit,” he added. “But you get that humbling moment where you remember this is a very serious thing. It’s important to have conversations with friends, laugh, and have those happy moments right now … that’s the stuff that will get you through everything. It’s a time when everyone is on pause and gets to have a minute to reassess.”

While following the guidelines put in place by health officials and politicians around the world, the former One Direction member is taking some time to appreciate the little things in his life. Styles revealed to Lowe, 46, that his days have been filled with meditation, reading and running to keep his energy up. Though he confirmed the previous day that his upcoming European tour would be postponed, Styles is feeling the creative power of having extended periods of free time.

“I’ve been writing so much,” the ex-boybander admitted. “I think a lot of powerful music is going to come from that because ultimately you have people who have a need to express themselves through music and writing and film and so many different ways, who are now having a lot of extra time with no distractions … It gives you an ability to have almost a bird’s eye view of the world and your life.”

The “Watermelon Sugar” singer isn’t the only artist who’s been feeling inspired during their time at home. On Monday, March 23, Styles’ friend and mentor Stevie Nicks took to Twitter to thank him for his second album, Fine Line.

“Way to go, H,” the 71-year-old Fleetwood Mac singer wrote. “It is your Rumours.”

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Designated Survivor fans freak out as they realise show ‘predicted coronavirus pandemic’ in episode THREE years ago – The Sun

DESIGNATED Survivor fans are freaking out as they think the popular Netflix show may have predicted the coronavirus pandemic.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts while self-isolating at home due to the global COVID-19 crisis happening around the world.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Feeling seriously spooked, viewers shared their opinion on social media referring to a storyline from season three of the political thriller drama series – which is available to stream on Netflix.

In a clip found on Twitter, President of the United States Tom Kirkman (played by Kiefer Sutherland) is seen being briefed about a current situation regarding a new disease spreading in the United States.

One character is heard telling the President: "There's been 32 cases in the past 24 hours, 12 fatalities," while another adds: "Which means thousands are infected."

"So what does the CDC say?" he says, before asking if it's the same as another disease they have dealt with.

"Worse, it’s influenza A. Highly contagious, short incubation period, facilitates the spread," the female worker replies.

"Could this be the superbug you’ve been worried about?" the President asks her, as she responds: "This flu appears to be a H7N9 sub-type, like the Delta Flu."

Walking over to a screen which shows a map of the United States, he then asks her: "And no one here has immunity? How fast will this spread?"

"Our simulation says the age seven and nine will appear in surrounding states in 36 hours. In 72 hours… that’s what it will look like," she explains, before pointing to the map.

"Oh my God," Kiefer's character can be heard saying with a look of complete shock on his face.

And fans of the Netflix series were equally as shocked as they realised there were many similarities to the current coronavirus threat.

"The TV show “Designated survivor” has it all predicted," one person tweeted, while another asked: "Does anyone else feel like Designated Survivor predicted everything!?"

A third person commented: "Bruh #DesignatedSurvivor season 3 predicted the corona virus situation we in rn last year 👀 @netflix what do you have to say for yourself? (sic)"

A fourth person simple asked: "Did s3 of #DesignatedSurvivor predict #COVID19."

Designated Survivor is just one of several shows that appear to have predicted the coronavirus pandemic.

It has also emerged that fellow Netflix series, My Sercret Terrius, predicted it two years ago.

Fans of the show were left with "goosebumps" as the drama mentioned the deadly virus which has killed over 21,500 people around the world.

Viewers of the show were left stunned as the Korean drama seemed to guess the coronavirus pandemic as far back as 2018.

The show, which features Korean stars So Ji-sub, Jung In-sun, Son Ho-jun and Im Se-mi, featured an episode which shows a coronavirus being mutated to be used as a weapon, with a doctor keen to find a cure.

It's also been suggested that popular cartoon series, The Simpsons, predicted it too – in particular the diagnosis of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks.

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Duggars in Distress: Fans Convinced Counting On Has Been Canceled Amid Isolation

All across the country, millions of Americans are feeling uncertain about their future employment situation.

And there’s reason to believe that group may include the Duggar family of Tontitown, Arkansas.

Don’t get us wrong. patriarch Jim Bob will be fine, what with his house-flipping business and car dealerships.

But once again, myriad reports of Counting On getting canceled are circulating on social media this week.

And without the reality show that serves as the foundation of their media empire, the Duggars will be in rough shape.

The latest reports began back in February, as fans noticed that an 11th season of the show had not been announced by TLC.

Counting On ratings have been on the decline for years, and this was widely taken as a sign that the show was on life support.

Earlier this month, however, fans received some unexpected good news.

It seems the Duggars are filming Counting On Season 11 in some capacity. But will this be the show’s farewell season?

Fans are convinced that’s indeed the case, and low ratings aren’t the only sign of trouble in the Natural State.

Many believe the biggest indication that the Duggar kids are planning a future without TLC is altogether different:

The family is newly, and surprisingly fixated … on web content.

For most of their adult lives, the Duggar children have adhered to strict guidelines – in every regard, including what they’re allowed to do online and post on their social media pages.

Now, it appears that all restrictions have been lifted.

These days, everything from big announcements in their lives to minor slice-of-life moments end up on Instagram or YouTube.

Recent milestones like Jessa Duggar wearing pants for the first time went straight from the Duggars’ living rooms to their fans.

All without TLC acting as intermediary, or Jim Bob intervening.

The situation has many viewers convinced that the Duggars have been given the go-ahead to produce their own content.

Is this because their days of reality stardom are over?

It’s not such a tremendous leap, particularly as moments like Joy-Anna’s pregnancy were left in the youngster’s hands.

In the past, such events would be at the center of a special episode, and/or an Exclusive spread in People magazine.

These days, the next generation of Duggars make the announcements themselves via Instagram and that’s about it. 

Of course, there’s another possibility here.

It could be that filming for Counting On, like everything else has been put on hiatus due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Duggars may be focused on their own content only on a temporary basis out of necessity until the pandemic subsides.

Who knows.

In any event, their ratings remain at an all-time low, and it seems unlikely that TLC will be willing to shell out much longer.

21 Bizarre Duggar Family Rules That Are Somehow a Thing in 2019Start Gallery

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Rita Wilson Asked Fans to Text Her During Coronavirus Recovery

The Coronavirus has made a major impact on the entertainment industry. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks were some of the first celebrities to contract COVID-19. After being asked to self-isolate, Wilson and her husband needed to find creative ways to keep themselves entertained. Wilson is keeping herself busy by answering texts from her fans.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for Coronavirus

The famous couple has been in Australia filming an Elvis Presley-inspired film with Baz Luhrmann. On March 11, Hanks released a statement on his Instagram account announcing that he and his wife were experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

Hello, folks. Rita and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive.

Throughout their recovery, Hanks and Wilson have been keeping their fans updated on social media. 

Rita Wilson is asking fans to text her 

To keep herself entertained during quarantine, Wilson took to Instagram to ask fans to text her.

To keep herself busy, Wilson reached out to her 973,000 followers and asked them to text her while she practices social distancing.

Wilson gave out her cell phone number requesting fans to text her suggestions for her “Quarantunes playlist” or to see what she’s up to. She also offered to let fans know when she would be in their city “once we can leave our houses.”

She even offered to clue fans in on upcoming projects before they happen. “I will get back to you in due time, ’cause I’m gonna be probably spending a lot of time on text!” Wilson said. 

In case fans missed Wilson’s number in the video, she included it in the caption of the photo as well. Once all of this is over and life goes back to normal, Wilson’s may need to change her number! But for now, she’s chatting it up with her fans to pass the time.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s recovery

Hanks and Wilson have been very vocal about combatting the Coronavirus. They have both shared they were well taken care of in Australia, taking a “one-day-at-a-time” approach to their recovery. 

Hanks recently posted an update to Instagram, letting fans know the status of his condition and encourage fans to help “flatten the curve” by practicing social distancing: 

Hey folks. Good News: One week after testing Positive, in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same. No fever but the blahs. Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch. Bad news: My wife @ritawilson has won 6 straight hands of Gin Rummy and leads by 201 points. But I have learned not to spread my Vegemite so thick. I travelled here with a typewriter, one I used to love. We are all in this together. Flatten the curve. Hanx

Leslee Dart, a representative for Hanks, told People: “Tom and Rita are doing very well and continue to recover. Their recovery is very much on course for healthy adults with this virus. They are feeling better each day.” 

Wilson appears to be on the mend in her most recent Instagram post. Her physical appearance and overall attitude towards her recovery are encouraging to people around the world. Hopefully, both she and Hanks make a full recovery soon. 

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Mortified Mrs Hinch fans draws a massive willy on her wall before redecorating – but now it won’t come off

A MRS Hinch fan is mortified after drawing a willy on her wall which was about to be redecorated only to find it won’t come off. 

The woman decided to jokingly draw the penis on her wall – in Sharpie – as she thought it would be quickly covered up. 

To her horror she discovered paint only made things worse, and after a last ditch attempt to remove it by sanding the pen off she was left with a ‘c**k shaped cement mark’. 

She desperately turned to the internet for advice after being left with the phallic shaped drawing on her wall. 

The cleaning fan posted hilarious snaps of her handiwork on Facebook group to Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, showing off her drawing as she begged for cleaning tips. 

She said: “Okay soooo I thought it'd be funny to draw a huge d**k on the wall before decorating because I thought the paint would cover it. 

“Every layer of paint I put on makes my d**k brighter and more prominent.

I've tried deodorant, spray, a little bit of sanding (I'll get my partner to try this properly) , it will not go.

“Someone mentioned hairspray but I don't have any..

“Someone help!”

She added she drew the willy in Sharpie, but “didn’t know why” she decided to use a permanent marker for her artwork. 

And she later updated the group after her attempt at sanding, saying: “Sanded it down to a big c**k shaped cement mark.”

Her hilarious post has received more than 4,000 likes, as people said it was the funniest thing they’d seen in a while.

One person commented: “This made my day thank you.”

Another said: “No tips sorry but did make me laugh and we could all do with a laugh especially with how crazy the world is right now.”

A third wrote: “MADE-MY-DAY. But I do hope you get it off.”

While this person added: “This have just made me laugh so much thank you.”

Aside from laughing, some people did offer some useful tips such as painting over it with high gloss, while others said wallpaper was her only option.

Plus this Mrs Hinch fan transformed her bracelets using a £1 cleaning paste after damp ruined them.

For more incredible cleaning hacks, Mrs Hinch got her jewellery looking sparkling new with a £1 Stardrops spray.

And this cleaning fanatic used an 89p paste to transform her crockery which was so scratched she almost binned the whole set.

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'Scrubs' Fans Were Thrilled to Learn That J.D. and Turk Are Best Bros in Real Life — 'I've Never Felt Such Chemistry'

In the historyof television romances, there are a few classic pairings that stand outmore than others. Ross and Rachel, Lucy and Ricky, Homer and Marge, Edith andArchie… and of course, the sweetest love of all, J.D. and Turk on Scrubs.

The two best friend medical students may have had a platonicrelationship. But that doesn’t make their love any less real — or less admirable.Fans of the hitNBC comedy-drama couldn’t get enough of Dr. John “J.D.” Dorian (ZachBraff) and Dr. Chris Turk (Donald Faison) and their epic bromance.

The sweetest thing of all? These two television besties are closefriends in real life, too.

J.D. and Turk’s bromance made ‘Scrubs’ a joy to watch

From their adorable nicknames for each other to the way theyonce teamed up to become the world’s tallest doctor, the most admirable thingabout Turk and J.D.’s friendship is that it was always based on mutual respectwith a huge dose of humor.

Even as these two were going through the difficult time ofmedical residency, they always had each other’s backs and kept on supportingeach other in big and small ways. Even if J.D. disagreed with Turk, or when theygot in fights, they always made up because deep down they loved each other.

And it gets better. Braff and Faison took their onscreen bromance to the next level by becoming friends in real life.

Braff and Faison have both on-screen and off-screen chemistry

Not everyone who plays best friends on TV really feels that way in real life — after all, actors are paid to pretend for a living. However, the friendship you see between J.D. and Turk on Scrubs probably feels so real because it truly is.

“He is my best friend, yes,” Faison said duringan interview with Fuse. “When Scrubs was over, we remained bestfriends. I loved working with Zach; it’s easy. He’s a great director, too. He’san actor’s director. He’s an actor, so because of that, his communication withother actors is amazing.”

Faison knew instantly it would be a good workingrelationship

Meeting new people can be awkward, especially when you haveto work together. But according to Faison, things between him and Braff clickedimmediately.

“As soon as I met Zach, I knew…You know when you meetyour significant other, if it’s a real relationship, you kinda felt it rightaway?” Faison continued. “I’ve never felt such chemistry.”

Their Scrubs co-star Sarah Chalke agreed, saying: “It was love at first sight.”

They didn’t have a typical male friendship

And it helped that their characters weren’t portrayed in atypical way, especially compared to other shows. Instead of taking a stereotypicalapproach, the writers made J.D. very affectionate and loving toward his friend,always willing to give him hugs or voice his feelings rather than hiding them.But then again, J.D. was always the type of person unafraid to admit how muchhe loved appletinis.

Scrubs has been lauded for portraying medical residency in a very realistic way. And even though J.D. and Turk’s bromance might not come around every day, it’s nice to know it’s just one more real thing about Scrubs.

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Taylor Swift fans call Kanye West a liar after video of 2016 call emerges

The Kanye West-Taylor Swift drama never ends.

A 2016 phone call between the pair that rocked the pop world, igniting a feud as to whether the rapper had gotten the singer’s permission to include a controversial lyric about her in one of his tunes, resurfaced Saturday on Twitter.

The phone call commotion first ignited when Swift claimed West never told her he planned to rap the line, “I made that bitch famous” – a reference to the moment he stormed the stage during Swift’s acceptance speech at MTV’s 2009 Video Music Awards.

West’s wife, reality star Kim Kardashian, later shared a heavily edited video clip of a call between the musicians, which seemed to support her husband and inspired backlash against Swift, whom Kardashian branded a “snake.”

A #CancelTaylorSwift campaign quickly swelled on Twitter, and many attributed it to Swift’s brief hiatus from the spotlight.

The new video of the call tells a different tale, and had many on Twitter branding West as a liar.

The latest clip appears to depict West explaining to Swift he planned to rap “a very controversial line at the beginning of the song about you.

“I don’t think it’s mean,” he adds. “It says, uh… and the funny thing, when I first played it and my wife heard it, she was like, ‘Huh? What, that’s too crazy,’ and then when Ninja from Die Atwoord heard it, he was like, ‘Oh my god, this is the craziest s**t, this is why I love Kanye…’ and now, it’s like my wife’s favorite f–king line… I just wanted to give you some premise of that.”

Then he drops the hammer: “To all my Southside n–as that know me best / I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex.”

Swift laughed: “That’s not mean.”

But the pop star made it clear she wasn’t willing to rubber stamp the mention.

“I need to think about it,” Swift tells him. “When you hear something for the first time you need to think about it, because it is absolutely crazy…”

Then the clip cuts off.

Swift’s fans have used the latest version to claim victory in the decade-long fight.

The hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty was trending Saturday on Twitter, along with #KimKardashianIsOverParty.

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