France records highest daily death toll with 833 covid-19 fatalities

France records its highest daily death toll with 833 coronavirus fatalities in the last 24 hours – takings its grim tally to 8,911

  • France, which had recorded several days of improvements, was setback today 
  • It had recorded 357 new deaths on Sunday and 441 fatalities on Saturday
  • But the previous record of 588 on Friday was exceeded by 245 today 
  • ‘We have not reached the end of the ascent,’ Health Minster Olivier Veran said

France on Monday reported that 833 more people had died of COVID-19 in hospitals and nursing homes over the previous 24 hours, its highest daily toll since the epidemic began.

‘We have not reached the end of the ascent of this epidemic,’ Health Minster Olivier Veran told reporters, as he announced the new toll which brought the total number killed in the coronavirus epidemic in France to 8,911. Only Italy (16,523) and Spain (13,169) have suffered more in Europe.

The figures were a reminder to France – which has been in lockdown since March 17 in a bid to slow the spread of the virus – of the long road ahead after several days where key data had improved somewhat.

On Sunday it reported 357 new deaths and the day before that 441, as compared with its previous record for daily fatalities (588) which was recorded on Friday.   

A patient suffering from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is treated at the intensive care unit at the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris (IMM) hospital in Paris on Monday

A woman walks on the deserted Trocadero square in front of the Eiffel Tower during nationwide confinement measures to counter the covid-19

France is now giving a daily combined toll of deaths in hospitals and nursing homes. Previously it had only given the hospital toll on a daily basis. 

Of the new deaths, 605 were registered in hospitals, Veran said.

‘It is not over. Far from that. The path is long. The figures that I have announced show this,’ he said. ‘Stay at home and continue this confinement effort,’ he added.

Veran said that 478 more people had gone into intensive care over the last 24 hours, a higher figure than in previous days.

The total number of cases, combining hospital and nursing home statistics, increased by 5,171 over the last 24 hours to 98,010, meaning France will likely become the fifth country, after Italy, Spain, the United States and Germany, to cross the 100,000 threshold on Tuesday. 

But in more positive news, he said that counting patients who had left intensive care, there were just a net total of 94 more patients in intensive care, the lowest such figure since the confinement began.

View of the deserted Opera avenue during nationwide confinement measures to counter counter the Covid-19, in Paris

‘We see that the confinement has a palpable impact. In France we are beginning to feel it.’

Veran said that the latest figures from statistical modelling showed that the reproduction rate (R0) – the number of people an average infected person infects – was falling in France.

If the number is under 1.0 it means the average victim infects less than one person, giving hope that the epidemic will end.

French Police officer checks the authorization at ‘Saint Michel near Notre Dame during a nationwide confinement to counter the Covid-19, in Paris, Monday

‘Thanks to the confinement, this R0 is around 1.0 and probably a little under and in some regions clearly under.

‘In other regions it is above 1.0 so this is why we must stay at home.’

Veran said that in nursing homes – where a total of 2,417 people have died since the start of the epidemic – a ‘vast operation’ of testing would begin to better protect residents.

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Money Heist season 5 release date: Will there be another series of La Casa de Papel? – The Sun

MONEY Heist season 4 has only just dropped on Netflix but already fans want to know if there will be a fifth offering.

Here's what we know so far about La Casa de Papal season 5.

  • The 20 best series on Netflix
  • The 25 best films on Netflix

Will there be Money Heist season 5?

Money Heist, which is also known as La Casa de Papal, could see another series but Netflix has not made an official announcement yet.

Season 4 only dropped on April 3, so you could be in for a wait.

Also with the coronavirus pandemic shutting down a number of production for TV shows, this could mean season 5 is a long way off being made.

We will keep you posted right here with any new information.

Who will be in the cast of Money Heist season 5?

The show would likely see the return of the key characters, which includes:

  • Ursula Corbero returns as narrator Silene Oliveira (Tokyo)
  • Itziar Ituno as Raquel Murillo (Lisbon),
  • Alvaro Morte as Salvador Martin (The Professor)
  • Jaime Lorente as Daniel Ramos (Denver)
  • Darko Peric as Yashin Dasayev (Helsinki)
  • Pedro Alonso as Andres de Fonollosa (Berlin)
  • Miguel Herran as Anibal Cortes (Rio)
  • Esther Acebo as Monica Gaztambide (Stockholm)
  • Mario de la Rosa as Suarez


What happened in Money Heist season 4?

WARNING: Contains spoilers from season 4 of Money Heist

Season 4 followed on from a number of cliffhangers from the end of the third season – with Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) presumed dead and The Professor trying to save Nairobi.

Tokyo  and Rio were busy fighting off a military tank and their lives were left hanging in the balance.

Fans were relieved to see in season four that Lisbon was alive – and following this, there was an intense rescue plan which saw Lisbon broken out of confinement.

She was rescued via a tunnel the gang had dug to the parking lot of the court, and she is then sent straight back to the Bank of Spain.

Find out more here about the season 4 finale.





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Hero of the day: Artist Luba Drozd making face shields for hospitals

For nearly two weeks, Luba Drozd has barely slept. 

“I feel guilty about sleeping when doctors are in danger,” said Drozd, a 38-year-old Brooklyn artist who’s been using a 3D printer to churn out plastic face shields day and night for Big Apple healthcare workers.

“I wake up around 8 a.m. and I go to sleep around 3 or 4 a.m. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night to finish printing and start a new one.”

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic came knocking at New York’s door, plunging the five boroughs into the epicenter of the crisis, Drozd has used her background in 3D motion graphics and her own 3D printers to make supplies for healthcare workers grappling with a nationwide shortage of protective gear. 

“I saw an article about an Italian teen who 3D printed for hospitals in Italy because the situation is so dire. I thought that the situation would be just as dire here, and I looked on forums within the 3D printing communities [to find designs,]” Drozd said. 

“I never thought I would be making things for the medical field or during a pandemic. I wanted to do the right thing for everyone. It seems like I had the tools to help and that’s what I wanted to do.”

As word of her project spread on social media, Drozd recruited more than two dozen volunteers to help and together they’ve delivered nearly 200 of the sorely needed shields to hospitals across the city to thankful healthcare workers. 

“A doctor wrote to me saying, ‘you are truly saving lives, we are so grateful to you,’” Drozd said.

She asked that The Post not name the hospitals she’s sending supplies to because healthcare workers are afraid of getting in trouble for admitting their infirmaries don’t have enough personal protective equipment to keep them safe.   

When Drozd’s friends heard about what she was doing, they set up a GoFundMe page to help her purchase 3D printer filament, Duralar acetate sheets, bags, bands, glue and other supplies. 

The fundraiser has now brought in over $15,000, allowing the team to buy two more 3D printers for a volunteer equipped for printing, along with gas money and hand sanitizer for those making the deliveries. Drozd said she doesn’t “touch the money at all” and has put a volunteer in charge of managing the funds. 

My commitment is to donate the 3D printers we bought with people’s money and donate to schools or hospitals so they can print themselves and make them,” Drozd said. 

“I am hoping more people will make the shields. I am hoping whatever is happening on a larger scale with larger companies will come and rescue health workers because the response is slower than it should be,” the artist added. 

“I am hoping at some point hospitals won’t have to risk the lives of their workers.”

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DragCon LA Has Been Canceled Due to Coronavirus — Is RuPaul's DragCon NYC Happening During September 2020?

Everyone wants to see all of the RuPaul’s Drag Race charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent up close. Unfortunately for people living in Las Angeles, that event is now about a year away. Will there be a RuPaul’s DragCon NYC during 2020? Will the cancelation of DragCon LA impact future conventions? Here’s what we know about this weekend event.

RuPaul’s DragCon was scheduled to return to Los Angeles during Spring 2020

A weekend of glitter, tea, and shade — every year, LA gets a little bit more fabulous, thanks to RuPaul’s convention, DragCon. There, former Drag Race contestants, current performers on the series, and drag fans strut their stuff. This year, RuPaul’s DragCon LA was scheduled for May 1 through May 3, 2020.

This comes hot off the heels of DragCon’s debut in the United Kingdom. There, contestants on the spinoff series, Drag Race UK, in addition to Drag Race alumni and local performers enjoyed the world’s largest drag convention. However, RuPaul’s DragConLA has since been postponed, due to coronavirus fears.

RuPaul’s DragCon LA has been canceled

Due to fears regarding coronavirus surge both in LA and across the United States, DragCon LA has been canceled for 2020. On the website for the event, there’s an announcement regarding the canceled convention. 

“Unfortunately, there’s no way for anyone to know what the situation will be like in May. Due to that uncertainty, and out of an abundance of caution, we’ve decided that it’s in the best interest of the talent, staff, and attendees to cancel RuPaul’s DragCon LA 2020,” the statement reads. “DragCon LA will return in 2021, better than ever.”

Those who already purchased tickets for this convention will be refunded. Other events taking place in California, and the United States as a whole, have since been postponed due to the pandemic. That includes the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, which will now take place during October 2020. 

New York’s Governor’s Ball, originally scheduled for June 2020, has been canceled altogether. That leaves some New York City drag fans wondering whether or not DragCon will take place later during 2020.

Will there be a DragCon NYC during Fall 2020?

There’s no word regarding if coronavirus will impact RuPaul’s annual New York City convention. As of March 2020, there isn’t even an announcement stating if, and when, DragCon will return to the Javits Center. 

Because DragCon LA was canceled, and not postponed, some fans believe that means the convention is scheduled to stop in New York City during the fall. (In the past, DragCon NYC has typically taken place during early September.) However, nothing has been confirmed by RuPaul or the convention’s website. 

Presumably, more information regarding DragCon NYC (and the 2021 DragCon LA) will be announced in the coming months. In the meantime, fans can watch videos of some of their favorite drag performers, thanks to six new shows coming to WOWPresents Plus and new episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race premiering on a weekly basis. 

Episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race are available for streaming on To learn more about DragCon, visit their website. 

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Donald Trump begins to water down commitment to Easter opening

Donald Trump begins to water down commitment to open the country up by Easter saying some areas will NOT qualify – and promising to ask Tony Fauci for advice

  • Trump talked about opening ‘big sections of our country’ that he said were little affected
  • There are spiraling outbreaks in New York, California, Washington and Louisiana
  • Other states have far fewer cases and death, but the numbers are rising
  • Trump exploded at reporter who asked about experts who challenge the Easter opening idea 
  • Trump said people who go back to work are ‘not going to go walk around hugging and kissing each other’ 
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

President Donald Trump made comments appearing to back away from his push for bringing an Easter end social distancing directions as the coronavirus proliferates and hospitals begin to be jammed with patients. 

‘So we’re going to be talking, and it could be we’ll do sections of our country,’ Trump said Wednesday at the White House. ‘There’s big sections of our country that are very, you know, little affected by what’s taking place, then there are other sections that are very heavily affected,’ the president said.

‘Then there are other sections that are very heavily affected, so there’s a big difference,’ Trump said.  

‘I would say by Easter we’ll have a recommendation,’ he said – indicating he would be guided by health experts and other advisors.

‘I would say by Easter we’ll have a recommendation,’ President Trump said Wednesday, when asked about a timeline for reopening the economy amid lockdowns across the country

Trump’s push for an Easter reopening of the economy worried some public experts and the idea also drew alarm from some lawmakers in both parties, who fear it could cause the death toll to spike and would not spare the economy if the harshest periods of the coronavirus outbreak had not yet passed. 

Although there are dramatic regional differences within the country, public officials worry that without a continued clamp-down, the disease will spread unabated bringing a deadly crush on hospitals. The coordinator of his coronavirus task force warned Tuesday that New Yorkers who leave the state should self-quarantine for 14 days so as not to spread the disease, amid prevalence there. 

Trump also suggested those against a quick reopening might be trying to harm him politically, after being asked a question about experts ‘on both sides of the aisle have said that reopening the country by Easter is not a good idea.’ 

‘I think there are certain people that would like it not to open so quickly,’ he said. ‘I think there are certain people that would like it to do financially poorly, because they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls.’ 

Trump continued to attack the CBS reporter who asked the question, saying: ‘I think it’s very clear that there are people in your profession that write fake news. You do.”

Then he attacked her and claimed without his team there wouldn’t be a country. ‘You’re lucky that you have this group here right now for this problem, or you wouldn’t even have a country left,’ he said. 

 Trump described a scenario where parts of the company would be allowed to reopen, with people observing strict hand-washing and other prevention they learned from the outbreak.

‘They’re not going to go walk around hugging and kissing each other in the office when they come back, even though they may feel like it.’

His statements came as officials in hart-hit areas like New York and California were ratcheting up their own clampdown. Washington, D.C., the city from where Trump spoke, is closing non-essential businesses until late April, the city announced in an emergency alert. 

‘I’m not going to do anything rash or hastily — I don’t do that. But the country wants to get back to work,’ Trump said, speaking on the second day when the markets rose after the senators reached agreement on a $2 trillion bailout. 

On Tuesday, Trump repeatedly spoke about the goal of an Easter opening, which he indicated would have special significance. 

‘I just thought it was a beautiful time,’ Trump said. ‘It was based on a certain level of weeks from the time we started.’

Fauci, a respected government expert in disease outbreaks, has called for weighing the evidence on a day-by-day basis not not committing to a timeline. 



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We’ve Gathered All The Juicy Deets About ‘This Is Us’ Season 5

Has your breathing returned to normal after the insane Madison and Kevin reveal? Or that close-up of Nicky’s wedding ring? Have you already rewatched the season 4 finale of This Is Us? Um, as Toby artfully put it during the episode: “Do skunks stink?”

If you’re as addicted to NBC’s flagship drama as we are, you know one reveal is never enough. Thankfully, the network knows how to deliver, and they’ve ordered up a season 5. It might take a while to arrive, but we promise there are plenty of juicy fan theories to chew on in the meantime. Here’s what you need to know while you’re waiting.

Season 5 is likely to air this fall, but it could be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Given that the last four seasons have premiered each year in late September, we’d be surprised if the showrunners aren’t planning the same for 2020. But because filming and production usually happens in July, we don’t know yet if the coronavirus will affect plans. If the pandemic delays filming—as it has for other productions—we could be looking at a later start date.

It’s such an incredibly tough time for everyone but also for this industry where people are jumping from job to job and working week to week,” executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re scheduled to come back in the summer, so we have some time, and we’re hoping we can stay on schedule.”

All your favorite characters will return.

That includes Jack, Rebecca, the Big Three and their families, of course. But we’ll also see the return of pivotal characters such as Madison, Nicky, and Jack Damon, Toby and Kate’s grown son.

Season 5 won’t be the last season of This Is Us.

During season 3, the showrunners told Deadline they’re planning a total of six seasons. On a call with multiple reporters from outlets including the Hollywood Reporter, creator Dan Fogelman said, “We’re obviously picked up through season 6. [It was] a gift to be picked up for two consecutive three-season pickups, which we asked for, which was really kind of to plan out and map out our storytelling in a big-picture way. Yeah, that’s when the Pearson story will basically come to a close.”

We’ll learn more about Rebecca and Miguel’s marriage.

We’ve seen several deep dives into the relationships that make up the complex Pearson family, but Rebecca’s marriage to Miguel, Jack’s best friend before his death, still remains a mystery. We know Miguel slid into her Facebook DMs, sure, but that was 10 years after Jack died. How did a friendship built from mutual loss become something more?

Now that we know the couple will travel to St. Louis together for Rebecca’s clinical trial, Fogelman says we’ll have an opportunity to “see how their relationship bloomed and stalled and then bloomed again.”

You saw that wedding ring on Kevin’s hand, right?? But his love story might not be as straightforward as it seems.

Fans are already deducing who Kevin might have married, given the bling he was wearing during the finale’s flash-forward scene. He mentions in an earlier flash-forward that his pregnant fiancée is having morning sickness, and after the finale, we know he has twins with Madison. So could he have married Madison?

Fans aren’t sure. What about Sophie, Kevin’s high-school sweetheart and ex-wife? Or Cassidy, the veteran he befriends (and sleeps with) while helping Nicky into recovery?

In the finale, Madison also mentions having a health condition that made her believe getting pregnant was impossible (specifically, bulimia). Perhaps this condition comes into play later during her pregnancy, and that might explain her sickness.

“There’s an immediate answer coming to all of that, but I think that there’s basically many more chapters in Kevin’s romantic story,” Fogelman told reporters.

And we might learn more about Nicky’s wedding ring too.

When we see Nicky at Rebecca’s bedside, he’s also wearing a wedding ring—which, way to go, Nicky! He’s come a long way from his hermit days. But who’s the lucky girl?

Some fans on Reddit have posited that Nicky might have married Cassidy, the veteran he and Kevin befriended from AA meetings, but that would be…quite the age difference.

Kevin and Randall don’t seem ready to reconcile…yet.

Talk about a sibling rivalry. After exchanging such pleasantries as “Dad died ashamed of you” and “The worst day of my life was when they brought you home,” Randall and Kevin don’t seem keen on hugging it out.

But we know there’s eventually some healing. In the season 4 finale, the flash-forward scenes depict Kevin placing a gentle hand on Randall’s shoulder at Rebecca’s bedside. And considering Randall has clearly met Kevin’s children before—Kevin’s son says, “Oh, hi, Uncle Randall!” during this same scene—we know the finale is not the last time the brothers speak before Rebecca’s illness worsens.

We’ll see more of Hailey, Jack (Jr.)’s adopted sister.

We had no idea who she was when she first graced our screens, but after watching the birth of Jack Jr.’s daughter, we know Kate and Toby adopted a second child: Hailey (Adelaide Kane). We’re sure she has an interesting story of her own, considering her goofy friend, Zach, who’s clearly crushing on her.

Fogelman told reporters, “We love the actress we found to play Hailey. Our hope is to continue to keep people invested in these future stories so you feel that great investment.”

Madison’s Ob-Gyn plays an important role.

Remember that guy with the horse? And his fiery redheaded daughter? They aren’t going anywhere. According to Fogelman, “The doctor becomes an important character next season to Kevin.”

We might (or might not) learn Kate’s fate.

Many fans have pointed out the startling omission of Kate from any of the flash-forward scenes. In a particularly worrisome image, we see Toby in bed alone, and he also arrives at Rebecca’s bedside alone.

Upon his arrival at Kevin’s house, Toby tells the rest of the family, “I talked to Jack, and they’re on their way.” Of course, we have no idea who “they” are, and fans on Reddit aren’t so sure “they” includes Kate. Toby could be talking about Hailey, for instance. Fogelman didn’t reveal any details, but apparently, we should get some answers next season.

In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for scouring the finale for clues…again.

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How Old is Doja Cat and What Did She Do Before Becoming Famous?

“Mooo!” may have catapulted her into a new level of stardom, but Doja Cat was pumping out songs way before that viral hit. Her latest single, “Say So,” is taking off on streaming platforms as well as YouTube, and even inspired a TikTok craze.

She sings, raps, and makes visually creative videos that are hard to look away from whether you dig the song or not.

In short, Doja Cat relishes having fun, being provocative, and switching things up. If you didn’t know about Doja Cat or her fandom before 2020, here’s a little bit about her backstory.

Doja Cat comes from an artistic family

Born Amala Zandile Dlamini, Doja Cat was born to a South African father and American mother. Though she didn’t grow up with her father in her life, she’s shared that he’s an actor and producer who’s been in Broadway shows such as The Lion King.

Doja Cat told Dazed her mom was painter with an affinity for singing, and now she works in visual design.

As a child, Doja Cat was into dancing, but music took over

She moved around between New York and Los Angeles as a kid, but that didn’t stop Doja from cultivating her interests in dance and music. For four years during her childhood, she also lived in an ashram. She told Dazed:

“I was born in Tarzana, California, and moved immediately to the Bronx, New York for five years and moved back to Oak Park, where I was taking ballet, tap, and jazz. I stayed a lot in Malibu, and surfed in a surf camp for years around that time.

After moving from Oak Park around the age of 11 and a half, I started to take up break dancing. I danced in a crew and competed around Los Angeles in organized underground cypher/battles.”

Before committing to music full time, Doja ventured into beauty tutorials. As a teen, she had a brief stint where she created YouTube makeup videos to post online. According to an interview with Hot New Hip Hop, she says no one will ever be able to find the videos, so don’t search.

At age 16, she dropped out of high school and began topursue music at the urging of her friends. It took her a while to get into it,as she spent much of her time just hanging out and didn’t have a regular job beforemusic.

But trying her hand on platforms like GarageBand enabled her to make beats and write songs which eventually landed on Instagram and SoundCloud.

Doja Cat honed her craft in music and built up a socialmedia presence

Known for her collaborative music-making sessions with her followers and hilarious internet antics, Doja grew her fan base early through social media.

“So High” is one of her first tracks and although it hit SoundClound in 2013, it really started catching fire in 2014 and was just a sampling of her body of work. 2018’s “Mooo!” brought renewed attention to her discography.

Counting artists such as D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Lil Kim, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, and Jamiroquai among her musical influences, Doja experimented with different sounds and practiced singing at home in her room.

She also pulled inspiration from her love for gaming, skateboarding, and her experience living in the ashram.

All those elements – and her love for kids’ musical movies– contributed to her creative process and sound. Fans see that from watchingher videos and shows, and according to Doja, she plans to ramp things up and makethem “more interesting.”

How old is Doja Cat?

Signed to her first record deal at age 17, Doja Cat is now 25 and having her moment in the pop culture spotlight.

Day one fans note that you’ll hear rap, disco, trap, dance, reggae, and R&B in Doja’s music and as she continues to soar, she’ll keep sharing moments from her journey on social media. Stream any of her four projects now: Purrr!, One More, Amala, and Hot Pink.

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Our CBD lanes of broken cafe dreams

A cold wind blew through Melbourne's famous CBD lanes on Monday but it wasn’t just the onset of autumn.
Business owners and staff wore their sadness, dismay and fear on their faces as many of them were forced to close for an unknown period.

‘‘It’s like a morgue,’’ said one longtime trader, staring down a deserted Degraves Street, its tables removed by lunchtime.

Tony Roussos, owner of The Quarter Cafe: closing and cutting his losses.Credit:Joe Armao

In Block Arcade, one of our top tourist attractions, the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, were eerily deserted, their famous queue gone and their usually shiny cake display empty. A note from the owner on the window said they would be closed ‘‘for a little while’’ and ‘‘let’s choose to be positive and optimistic about the future’’.

Haigh’s Chocolates, usually buzzing in the lead-up to Easter, was taking one or two customers at a time, for hygiene reasons.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison ruled on Sunday night that, in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, cafes must open only for takeaway and delivery.

CBD business owners said while they understood the reasons, it spelled disaster for eateries dependant on sit-down custom. Ali Ibrahim, co-owner of family business Max Bar and Restaurant in Hardware Lane, said he was ‘‘shattered’’ to have to close and lay off 16 staff, including a chef who had worked for him for 14 years.

Usually this was a busy time of year but he had been running at a loss for two weeks and on Sunday, Max served just nine meals, compared to more than 400 on a normal Sunday.

Mr Ibrahim, son of a Lebanese factory worker, had borrowed from relatives to start Max restaurant from scratch 17 years ago with his brother Michael. They had worked hard and ‘‘tried to do the right thing’’ but now ‘‘we don’t know how to cope with it, to be honest,’’ Mr Ibrahim said, and can’t say if they can re-open at some point.

‘‘I don’t know what it will be like on the other side [of the coronavirus spread], to be honest,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s very worrying.’’ Mr Ibrahim said federal and state governments’ small business help packages were disappointing and amounted to tax relief which would be of little help: ‘‘We need cash injections. We’ve still got to pay our staff, pay bills, pay suppliers’’.

He said Australia should follow the UK government’s lead in paying 80 per cent of salary for staff who are kept on by their employer, covering wages of up to £2500 ($5062) a month.

Bob Bozinovski, owner of Degraves Espresso, in Degraves Street, said governments should have locked down the city earlier to contain the virus. His cafe served just 20 people in seven hours on Sunday and had not seen such bad times in his 15 years here.

‘‘It’s just dismal,’’ he said. He didn’t open at all on Monday — ‘‘It’s not worth it, taking in rent, wages, materials and utilities’’ — and can’t see when he will re-open.

Tony Roussos, owner of The Quarter Cafe, also in Degraves Street said he had been ‘‘working day and night’’ talking to accountants, banks and his landlord to find a way to continue, to no avail.
Closing was ‘‘devastating’’ and he felt for his 25 staff, but he had no choice: 90 per cent of his income is from sit-down customers, and with office workers no longer coming to town, the business was not viable.

‘‘Who would we be offering takeaway to?’’ he said.

He said tourist make up a large part of his business and with most having gone home and major events called off, on Monday business was down 99 per cent. He had decided to close and cut his losses.

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We test which online florist delivers Mother’s Day bouquets in the best condition – The Sun

YOU may not be able to see your mum in person tomorrow. So thankfully, online florists will send flowers to her door. But which bunch will put the biggest smile on her face?

LYNSEY HOPE ordered six bouquets to see which ones rose to the occasion, with marks out of ten . . .

Bloom & Wild

Our Florist's Pick, £30

Rating: 3/10

Lynsey says: “These came from a trendy company which sends the flowers in a flat box which can be posted through a letterbox, then you arrange the blooms yourself.

“They were the same price as the M&S flowers but looked less impressive.

“Lots of bits had dropped off in the box and it was a faff putting them in a vase.

“So unless your mum loves flower arranging, I’d give these a miss.

“But perhaps they will pick up after a day or two on the windowsill.”


Gift Wrapped Pink Hydrangea, £30

Rating: 10/10

Lynsey says: “This plant perhaps didn’t look as deep a pink as the online photo, but it is a truly beautiful gift that any mum would love.

“At £30 it was the same price as other bouquets but, with proper care, this could last for years to come.

“It is a bit different from the norm and was my personal favourite.”


This Mother's Day Bouquet, £30 

Rating: 4/10

Lynsey says: “On the face of it, these were super-pretty – but a closer look revealed quite a few flowers were squashed and some of the leaves had holes in.

“The lilies hadn’t bloomed on arrival, which made the bouquet look less impressive.

“I imagine by the time the lilies bloom, the rest will be dead.

“I wasn’t terribly impressed.”


Mother's Day Bright Sweetheart Roses, £30

Rating: 7/10

Lynsey says: “Vibrant and pretty, this bouquet is composed of 40 petite Sweetheart roses in shades of pink, yellow and orange.

“They come delivered in blocks of colour, ready for you to arrange.

“Flower-arranging is not my strong point so I’d have preferred it if someone had done that for me, but they were gorgeous and in lovely condition.”


100 Daffofils, £19.99

Rating: 6/10

Lynsey says: “A great budget option, and it seemed good value for money when you can pay £1 for about six daffs in most supermarkets.

"Even though the flowers hadn’t bloomed on arrival, the sheer quantity made up for it.

“There was something I really liked about this bouquet and I’m sure it’s a gesture many mums would love.”


Mother's Day Pastels Hand-Tied, 38

Rating: 9/10

Lynsey says: “A really beautiful bunch of flowers, which arrived looking pristine.

“At £38, plus the delivery charge, they were the priciest bunch in our test.

"But if you can’t see Mum for lunch this year, you might be happy to spend more on these.

“They were in much better nick than some of the others I had delivered.

“I’m sure they would put a big smile on any mum’s face.”

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Madonna, 61, to make hip-hop debut on new track with aspiring rapper boyfriend, 25 – The Sun

THERE was a four-year gap between her last two albums but Madonna’s fans may not have to wait as long for new music next time.

I can reveal she has collaborated on a track with her boyfriend, backing dancer Ahlamalik Williams, who is an aspiring rapper.

The hip-hop song sees the Queen of Pop sing in French, borrowing lyrics from Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose — a song she has covered ­several times before.

In the chorus she repeats: “Je voie la vie en rose”, which ­translates as “I see life through rose-tinted glasses.”

And I can see why that would be relevant, after the few months they have had together.

Ahlamalik was Madonna’s rock ­during her Madame X tour, during which she suffered crippling hip and knee injuries which she is still recovering from.

Some shows were also cancelled due to production problems and the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Ahlamalik, who had danced with her in the show, played a snippet of the track during an Instagram Live broadcast on Thursday evening, although Madonna was not there when he teased fans with the clip.

It is her first music since the release of her 14th studio album, Madame X, last June.

Earlier today the star released a baffling video in which she danced around her home singing into a hair brush, while crooning about eating fried fish in isolation.

The couple went public with their romance in December but were believed to have been dating in secret for the previous 12 months.

Their 36-year age gap may have shocked some but if Madonna, 61, and her fella are happy, they should go for it.

Duffy's got Something Beautiful for everyone

Duffy marked her return to music on Thursday night with a surprise premiere of her new song, Something ­Beautiful, on BBC Radio 2.

The Welsh pop star, left, shared the track with host Jo Whiley, who also read out an emotional email from the singer.

It came just weeks after Duffy told her fans she had endured an horrific ordeal in which she was kidnapped and raped.

Reading live on air the email she had received from Duffy, Jo told her ­listeners: “Earlier on, I received an email into the show and we’ve just been checking the situation.

“It’s Duffy, who I haven’t seen in a very long time. The email goes as follows, ‘You may have read the words I wrote a few weeks back. I feel freer. I wanted to follow it up with a ­spoken interview but it’s harder than I thought.

“‘I’ll follow up in writing soon. Here’s a song for you, it’s called Something Beautiful.’”

In her email, Duffy, who last released music in 2015, also said she wanted Jo to play the song to cheer up her listeners.

She wrote: “It’s just something for you to play people on the radio during these troubling times, if you like the song of course, if it lifts spirits. I don’t plan to release it.

“I just thought a little something might be nice for people if they’re at home, if they’re on lockdown. Loads of love to you.

“Please feel free to share it on the radio, to anyone who might like to listen.”

After enjoying it on repeat, I have to say Something Beautiful is just that.

Welcome back, Duffy. We really have missed you.

Lottie is going flat out

Kate Moss’s little sister gave her fans a Lott to like with this sexy snap.

Model Lottie posed in a ­corset and velvet trousers on the balcony of her swanky London flat as she celebrated the first day of spring yesterday.

She shared the snap with her 250,000 Instagram followers and told them she was feeling “super happy” as she hung out with her ex-Made In Chelsea star pal Jess Woodley.


ANNE-MARIE’s latest hobby is not one you would usually associate with a pop star.

She told Hits Radio: “I’ve started to grow my own veg. I done it as a ­general love for growing food but I feel like it’s working out now.”

Perfect timing, too!

A dark Weeknd

For a man who is media-shy, The Weeknd is very open on his new album.

He released After Hours yesterday, on which he talks about his split from model Bella Hadid last year and his mental health battles, suggesting it drove him to an overdose.

In Save Your Tears, the singer refers to Selena Gomez breaking his heart when they romanced in 2017 and him then doing the same to Bella, who he dated before and after that.

He sings: “I broke your heart like someone did to mine. And now you won’t love me for a second time.”

And in opening track Alone Again, he refers to almost dying.

The lyrics say: “Check my pulse for a second time, I took too much, I don’t wanna die.”

It must be one of the darkest albums of 2020, but also one of the best.

bizmeter charts

US rapper Saint Jhn has toppled The Weeknd from No1 after five weeks.

Roses has climbed to the top despite first being released in 2016.

Joel Corry’s Lonely is now the highest-charting tune of his career. It is up to No5.

Niall's nailed the No1

Congratulations to Niall Horan, who has scored his first UK No1 album as a solo artist.

His second record Heartbreak Weather saw off competition from The Shires and Lewis Capaldi yesterday, with just 2,300 copies separating the top three.

Niall said: “I’m going to be celebrating tonight. Ryan Reynolds sent me some of his lovely Aviation Gin so we could be on for a few G&Ts at home tonight.”

Official Singles Chart

  1. Roses – Saint Jhn
  2. Blinding Lights –  The Weeknd
  3. Rain – Aitch & AJ Tracey feat Tay  Keith
  4. The Box – Roddy Ricch
  5. Lonely – Joel Corry
  6. Don’t Start Now – Dua Lipa
  7. Physical – Dua Lipa
  8. Say So – Doja Cat
  9. Godzilla – Eminem feat. Juice Wrld
  10. Intentions – Justin Bieber feat Quavo

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