Meghan clearly wasn’t ready to wave goodbye to Hollywood…she and Harry need the chance to give it a go – The Sun

SO Bel Air has a fresh Prince.

News that Harry, Meghan and Archie have settled in Los Angeles doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

And after standing down as senior royals and moving to Canada I believe it’s very much the right thing for them to do.

Living on remote Vancouver Island and cutting themselves off from the outside world was never going to work.

Despite being in the Commonwealth, it was never somewhere I felt they would put down permanent roots.

So now Harry has gone to Hollywood.

They tried palace life in Britain but it didn’t work out. So they have switched from Harry’s home town to Meghan’s.

In a way it’s exchanging one gold fish bowl for another but it’s a city where Meghan has deep personal and professional connections.

In LA they’ll be close to Meghan’s mum Doria – her only family member at her wedding to Harry – who will love having Archie so close.


It’s where her team of agents and PRs are based. It’s where many of her friends are.

The weather isn’t bad either.

So I totally understand why the Sussexes have made this bold move and hope people give them a chance to give it a go.

Meghan clearly wasn’t ready to wave Hollywood behind as news of her new voiceover role with Disney shows.

Royalty and Hollywood is a heady mix. Meghan will doubtless have the pick of film roles, if she wants them.

It’s also an ideal base for Harry to encourage the great and the good to back his charities and campaigns.

Hollywood is Meghan’s world and I believe relocating there will make her happy. And if Meghan is happy I believe Harry will be too.

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