Queen Elizabeth Has A "Particular Sensitivity" Toward Prince Harry

Despite all the royal drama spurred by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to step down from their roles as senior royals, the queen seems to empathize with her youngest grandson. According to royal historian Robert Lacey, Queen Elizabeth has a “particular sensitivity” toward Prince Harry because some of his struggles remind her of what she went through with her younger sister, Princess Margaret.

Speaking to People on February 27, Lacey stressed that Queen Elizabeth may feel an intense sense of duty and sees the monarchy as her top priority. “Her job is to survive," he said. However, that doesn't mean she isn't aware of the complicated emotions that come with royal expectations.

“She has a particular sensitivity to what Harry has been going through because of her closeness to Margaret and seeing the same dramas and tensions played out two generations ago,” Lacey said. He added, "The younger-sibling syndrome is an enduring problem. The system has not found a way of giving them the recognition that they need.”

Her understanding of the couples' feelings could be helpful as the duke and duchess navigate their new normal. As they begin their transition and work out new titles (Prince Harry is fine with just "Harry."), several unnamed sources suggest that the couple has felt "picked on” over some of the new rules the Palace has put in place. For example, their spokesperson recently shared a statement on their website explaining why they must remove the word "royal" from their branding.

“While The Duke and Duchess are focused on plans to establish a new nonprofit [organization], given the specific U.K. government rules surrounding the use of the word ‘royal,’ it has been therefore agreed that their nonprofit [organization] will not [utilize] the name ‘Sussex Royal’ or any other iteration of ‘royal,’” the statement said.

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“After many months of reflection and internal discussions, we have chosen to make a transition this year in starting to carve out a progressive new role within this institution. We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen. It is with your encouragement, particularly over the last few years, that we feel prepared to make this adjustment. We now plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America, continuing to honour our duty to The Queen, the Commonwealth, and our patronages. This geographic balance will enable us to raise our son with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born, while also providing our family with the space to focus on the next chapter, including the launch of our new charitable entity. We look forward to sharing the full details of this exciting next step in due course, as we continue to collaborate with Her Majesty The Queen, The Prince of Wales, The Duke of Cambridge and all relevant parties. Until then, please accept our deepest thanks for your continued support.” – The Duke and Duchess of Sussex For more information, please visit sussexroyal.com (link in bio) Image © PA

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Through it all, the queen plans to be there for her grandson. “She won’t dwell on the exit,” royal biographer Ingrid Seward also told People. “She is very pragmatic. She has left the door open for Harry especially.”

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Demi Burnett Says She's the 'Happiest' She's Ever Been in New Romance

Demi Burnett’s new romance has her feeling like she’s on cloud nine. 

The Bachelor in Paradise star recently went public with her new boyfriend, Slater Davis, and as she told ET on Friday night, she’s “never been happier in my life.” 

“I’m so happy,” she gushed at the Bachelor: Live on Stage after-party in Los Angeles. “I’m obsessed with him. He’s the best ever. I feel like such a weird little sap, but he’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met and I can’t get enough of him.” 

Burnett and Davis started dating about a month ago, after being introduced by Burnett’s good friend and fellow Bachelor alum, Katie Morton. Morton, who had been friends with Davis for about two and a half years, invited Burnett out to lunch one day — with Davis in the backseat of her car. 

“I was like, ‘Oh no… he’s so hot,'” Burnett remembered, letting out a huge laugh. “Then we just literally got obsessed with each other in the day that we met. We haven’t spent a day apart since. We’re with each other all the time.” 

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The present I never knew I needed 🤍

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Burnett, who first appeared on Colton Underwood’s 2019 season of The Bachelor, made history last summer on Bachelor in Paradise. She and then-girlfriend Kristian Haggerty got engaged on the show’s season finale, becoming Bachelor Nation’s first same-sex couple. The pair announced their split in October 2019. 

Davis and Burnett couldn’t stop smiling at Friday’s event. “We’re just happy and I can’t get enough of him. I never want to be not around him. I feel like such a weirdo because I’m not like this normally, but I’m just obsessed with him,” she shared. 

“I just love Demi’s brain the most, how she operates, what she thinks, says, feels,” Davis told ET. “That’s the hottest thing about her, honestly.”

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babe, look at me

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As for the next step in their relationship, that’s still up in the air… or out of this world. “Hopefully [we’ll go] to the moon and back with Elon Musk, because in the next 10 years, we’re going to have to get out of here. So, hopefully I’m taking her with me to space,” Davis said. “That’s ideal. We’re both aliens.” 

The Bachelor: Live on Stage is hosted by Ben Higgins and Becca Kufrin. Find tour stops and purchase tickets at www.bachelorliveonstage.com.

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Farrah Abraham Alluded That Her Daughter, Sophia, Is Getting a TV Deal With MTV

Farrah Abraham was once featured on 16 and Pregnant, and she attained further fame with Teen Mom. And now that her daughter, Sophia, is 11 years old, we’ve had plenty of years to understand who Farrah is and what she’s all about. On Teen Mom, she attained a diva reputation. And now that she’s no longer associated with the show, she continues to share her lavish lifestyle with her daughter on social media.

Now, it seems Farrah has big dreams for her daughter. Sophia has her own Instagram page that Farrah manages, and she’s already pushing her giveaways, budding modeling career, and musical singles. There’s even a post on Sophia’s account that indicates Farrah might be hoping she gets a television deal with MTV. Here’s what was posted.

Farrah Abraham is no longer featured on Teen Mom OG

It’s no secret that Farrah is no longer associated with the Teen Mom shows. She was known for her dramatic behavior on the set of the show, and there’s plenty of footage showing her having trouble with the people working behind the cameras. But it may have been her work in the adult film industry that was truly her undoing.

According to People, Farrah believes she was unfairly fired and sued MTV’s parent company, Viacom, $5 million. Because Farrah has released adult videos and been very vocal regarding her past in the industry, she believes this led to MTV firing her from the show. According to MTV, however, this wasn’t the case.

“We respect Farrah’s decision to pursue other endeavors and we wish her the best. Regarding her suit, the claims are without merit,” a Viacom spokesperson told People.

Farrah later backtracked her statement and said MTV didn’t terminate her contract, too. Either way, she’s no longer part of Teen Mom.

She’s hoping her daughter, Sophia, can become a star

Farrah’s still trying to remain relevant despite her absence on the show that gave her major fame. She promotes tons of products on her Instagram, and she also posts photos from her modeling gigs and lavish vacations. But Farrah’s Instagram account isn’t the only one she controls. She also makes sure plenty of posts are added to Sophia’s Instagram.

On Feb. 27, Farrah added a post showing Sophia promoting hew new single “Bestie Best Friend.” Thanks to all the promotion, it seems the song is already getting tens of thousands of listens. Farrah also frequently posts promoting Sophia’s Tik Tok, another social media platform that could jumpstart the child’s fame.

We can’t forget that Farrah homeschools Sophia as well. As for why, the ex-Teen Mom star said it’s so that Sophia can have additional opportunities other kids her age might not have. “It’s focusing more on her studies, traveling the world if she wants to do that while she is going to school,” Farrah said.

An Instagram post of Sophia talks about the child’s ‘TV career’

Could Sophia break out into the TV world? It seems it might be in the plan. “Surreal day seeing my mom on the #MTV Wall on way to my own meeting – now getting to work hard on my next chapter in my tv career I’m working hard thank you mom, my agents and the creative development team at #viacomcbs,” Sophia’s Instagram caption reads.

The first photo in the post shows Sophia in front of the MTV wall. And she’s also with Farrah in several of the other photos.

“Proud of you – coming from a Iowa teen mom , not bad. Love you,” Farrah commented on the post.

It seems Farrah may have repaired her relationship with MTV and Viacom, as she appeared on Ex on the Beach after her Teen Mom exit. So, will Sophia enter the world of MTV now, too? We’re not yet sure — but we’ll certainly find out.

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Hailey Baldwin Reveals How Her Party Trick Led to Justin Bieber Marriage

“After the interview had aired, I got a certain phone call from a certain someone,” she recalled of her late-night appearance two years ago.

It looks like Hailey Baldwin owes Jimmy Fallon a big thank you.

While appearing on "The Tonight Show" Friday night, the 23-year-old model revealed how showing off a party trick during a previous interview on the show in April 2018 led to her marriage to Justin Bieber.

According to Baldwin, after Bieber witnessed her unique skill — she can open a bottle of Corona with her teeth — the "Intentions" singer called her up and reconciled their relationship.

"Did you do any party tricks?" Fallon asked Baldwin about a recent photo shoot on Friday night’s episode. "Well, I say this because the last time you were on our show, you did something that was the most amazing thing ever. Everybody was talking about it, you opened a beer bottle with your teeth. It was the raddest thing ever."

"It was really fun and there’s actually another funny story behind this and that is that last time I was here, we did this little party trick where I opened a Corona bottle with my teeth," Baldwin recalled. "The next morning — after the interview had aired — I got a certain phone call from a certain someone."

She continued, "And it was a little like, ‘Hey, how are you? I saw you on Jimmy Fallon last night. You were looking really good. I loved that trick that you did, I had no idea that you can do that. It was so cool.’ Cut to, I’m now married to that certain someone."

"I feel like Jimmy gets a little credit," she added with a smile.

Fallon then joked, "Thank you very much. You think I’d be invited to the wedding." In all seriousness, the late-night host gushed how the couple, who married back in September 2018, are "magic" together.

My wife and I 🙂 where it all began

A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

The "Drop the Mic" host also recalled the moment she and Bieber first met back in 2009 when her father, Stephen Baldwin, took her to the set of the "Today" show to see Bieber perform. At the time, Baldwin was only 13, while a "Baby"-aged Bieber was 15.

"I know, it sounds like this weird arranged marriage situation," she joked and then added, "We met because my dad, he brought me to the ‘Today’ show when Justin performed there. He was no more than 15 I think… He was so new that I didn’t really know a lot about him yet. It was really kinda before anything."

"I met him and his mom and my dad kind of just connected as friends and we invited them over to our house the next day," she continued. "Him and his mom just came over for family dinner with me and my family and we went bowling."

A few months after reconciling their romance in April 2018, Baldwin and Bieber, now 25, married in a New York courthouse ceremony the following September. A year later, the two tied the knot again in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their family and friends — and an A-List guest list — in Bluffton, South Carolina.

Also during her "Tonight Show" interview, Baldwin spoke about appearing on her hubby’s revealing YouTube docu-series, "Justin Bieber: Seasons." See what she had to say about the experience in the clip, below.

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Ex-lawmaker Katie Hill dating Playboy writer Alex Thomas

You’d think Katie Hill might want to stay off the dating scene for a hot second.

Beltway babble has been rumbling for some time that Hill — the California congresswoman who resigned in October when her “throuple” relationship with a younger female campaign staffer and her now-estranged husband spectacularly exploded — is dating . . . who else . . . a Playboy writer.

And Page Six is told that the rumors seemed to be confirmed when Hill, 32, surprised the political journo set by showing up to a Manhattan book party this week with the alleged Bunny beau, Alex Thomas, Playboy’s political correspondent out of DC.

“They arrived together, they were together all night, and they left together,” said a spy at the Upper East Side party for Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng’s book, “Sinking the Swamp.” Said another of Hill and Thomas, “They kept going outside to smoke together.”

But reached for comment, Thomas insisted that he and Hill are just pals and, in fact, they’d attended the bash with two other friends. Hill didn’t respond to our requests for comment.

Also at the party were CNN’s Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy and Vicky Ward, and New York Times Styles reporter Taylor Lorenz.
When the Hill scandal first broke, and it was revealed that she, then-husband Kenny Heslep and 20-something aide Morgan Desjardins had been in a polyamorous threesome for a year, nude photos were leaked online, including one of a naked Hill brushing Desjardins’ hair.

Thomas defended Hill — who is now divorcing Heslep — online at the time, and even wrote that the National Republican Congressional Committee was “shopping around” the nude shots. The NRCC strongly denied this.

Hill, who called the photo leaks “revenge porn” and demanded that Capitol police investigate, then resigned amid a House investigation into her relationship with another, male staffer, her legislative director, Graham Kelly. She has denied this affair.

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The Sussex's Royal Exit Could Affect Prince William and Kate Middleton's Family Plans

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made waves around the worldwhen they abruptly announced in early 2020 that they would “stepback” as senior royals. Since then, the logistics have caused the two toleave the family entirely. But there is still a lot to work out with their departure.

Having two fewer working royals means that the royals will either have to cut back on the number of engagements they have or shift Harry and Meghan’s load to other royals. And with Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly considering another pregnancy, Harry and Meghan’s exit could put their family plans on hold.

William and Kate have seemingly stepped up their royal duties since January

When news broke that Meghan and Harry were leaving thefamily, it came as a surprise to everyone. And rumor has it that William and Katewere unaware of the couple’s departure prior to the announcement, too. But whenthe news broke, the Cambridges didn’t bat an eye. They continued their royal dutiesas planned and, if anything, it appears they’ve stepped things up.

William and Kate’s Instagram account became even more active once they learned of Harry and Meghan’s departure. It was almost as if the two were picking up the slack. And those close to the royals said that, while William is “sad” about Harry’s departure, the two are ready to step into the spotlight even more.

European bookies just revealed the odds are high that William and Kate will have another baby

Ever since Kate gave birth to Prince Louis, the couple’s third child, people have questioned whether the two would have a fourth baby. Though neither Kate nor William has confirmed, the consensus has been that they will eventually announce a pregnancy.

Now that 2020 is in full swing, Express reports that bookies think the odds are higher than ever that the Cambridges will expand their family. Kate recently appeared on the podcast “Happy Mum, Happy Baby” to discuss life as a mother of three, and though she did not discuss having a fourth child, people are still confident that she and William will welcome one more child before ultimately deciding to stop growing their family.

Meghan and Harry’s exit could cause the couple’s family plans to be put on hold   

Though the public evidently seems confident in William and Kate having a fourth baby, it doesn’t seem that it would fit into the royal agenda these days. With Meghan and Harry stepping down, there is more pressure than ever on William and Kate to carry the royal family into its next generation. And focusing more on royal life might mean putting their family plans on hold.

If William and Kate do take on more royal duties, their lives might simply become too busy to properly care for a fourth child. They might be relieved that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are starting to get old enough to have a bit more independence (such as going to school every day.) But time will tell if they do decide to welcome another baby.

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Reality Steve Claims He Knows Who The Next ‘Bachelorette’ Is & It’s Not Who You Think

Potential spoilers ahead for The Bachelor Season 24 and The Bachelorette Season 16. With just days to go until ABC’s official announcement, Reality Steve reported on Saturday, Feb. 29 that Clare Crawley will be the next Bachelorette. Reminding followers that the network will reveal The Bachelorette‘s new lead during Good Morning America‘s March 2 broadcast, the reality TV blogger laid out the case he’d made two days earlier for why producers could’ve chosen the Bachelor Nation vet. (Clare was the runner-up on Juan Pablo’s 2014 Bachelor season and went on to appear in two installments of Bachelor in Paradise, as well The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018.)

Reality Steve (real name: Steve Carbone) opined that Clare would be a "random" pick, but, given that she’s "not on anyone’s radar really," it would infuse the announcement with a level of shock value. Plus, he tweeted, the 38-year-old hairstylist would provide the reality dating series with an "older" subject who’s in a position to be a female combination of Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Nick Viall. As he explained via Twitter on Feb. 27: "Arie came out of nowhere. He hadn’t even been on Bachelor programming for 5 years. It’s only been 2 for Clare since Winter Games. And Clare has had chances, just like Nick did multiple times, that for whatever reason didn’t work. Would it still surprise me? Absolutely."

Once Reality Steve had confirmed the Clare news via his sources, however, he said he knew that fans who’d had other women in mind for the job would come up with reasons why he must be wrong — but he stands by his reporting regardless. "Guess you’ll have to wait 2 days, but it’s her and you’ll see Monday morning on GMA," he tweeted, also noting the men who have been cast so far seem to be mostly in their late 20s and early 30s.

Given then Pilot Pete still has three women — Madison, Victoria F., and Hannah Ann — left on his Bachelor season, the announcement’s timing had already led many fans to quickly deduce the new face of the franchise wouldn’t be one of his finalists. Even so, Peter recently told E! News that he believes there are "a lot of very deserving women" from his season, including his Bachelorette picks: Mykenna Dorn and Kelsey Weier, who’d be a good fit for the role.

Kelsey, who made it to Peter’s final four, had, indeed, been interviewed by producers, according to Reality Steve. The Iowa native told People at the "Women Tell All" taping, however, that becoming the next Bachelorette "was never my intent or goal" before appearing on the show. Many had also predicted that Hannah Brown could return to The Bachelorette for another shot at love, but others have pointed out that her commitments to the Dancing With the Stars Live Tour in March would conflict with filming. Meanwhile, former contestants Tia Booth and Tayshia Adams were also being considered to be the next Bachelorette, according to Cosmopolitan.

Whether or not Clare is the new Bachelorette, Peter does have some advice for whomever his successor may be. As he relayed it to E!: "You have no idea how important [tough skin] is. And be able to tune out a lot and be able to really just focus and be in touch with what your heart’s telling you and what it wants. . . . There’s going to be opinions galore."

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Kylie Jenner Fuels Reconciliation Rumors With Travis Scott

Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott back together?

The 22-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted on her Instagram Story on Friday three photos of her and the rapper chatting and staring at each other affectionately while sitting courtside at an Oklahoma City Thunder-Houston Rockets NBA playoffs game in 2017, when they first started hanging out. Kylie’s throwback photos fueled recent rumors that she and Travis have rekindled their romance following their 2019 split.

“It’s a mood,” Kylie wrote in her latest post.

 The reality star shared the pics hours after she shared on Instagram an image of herself wearing a pair of sneakers Travis had designed for Nike.

E! News had learned in October that Kylie and Travis, parents of 2-year-old daughter Stormi Webster, were “taking space apart,” two years after they began their relationship.

The reality star and rapper have been on friendly terms and have reunited a few times since their split announcement, mainly to spend joint time with their daughter.

In January, they celebrated her birthday at Disney World and earlier this month, Travis attended Kylie’s big star-studded birthday party for the toddler.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

“Kylie and Travis are not officially back together but are pros at co-parenting Stormi at this point,” a source had told E! News a few weeks ago. “Stormi keeps them very close and they are on amazing terms.”

“Organizing Stormi’s birthday party and her day-to-day life has brought Travis and Kylie closer than ever,” the insider continued. “They have not had a deep discussion about getting back together and are very happy at the stage they are at right now. It has been brought up many times but they are going with the flow.”

In late October, a source told E! News that Kylie “doesn’t have a grand plan as to whether she will get back together with Travis or not. She’s bonded to him for life by Stormi Webster so she knows it’s a possibility.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Which Performance of Hers She Considers a 'Disaster'

Gwyneth Paltrow is an Oscar winning box office star. With over 50 credits since she began acting in the ’90s, Paltrow is an unmitigated success. She even has successes outside film and television, with her GOOP brand. Like any successful person, she has a few regrets.

Paltrow revealed one of those regrets in a video for Netflix. Netflix streams her series The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow which premiered Jan. 24, 2020. On Feb. 27, Netflix posted a video on their social media. For four minutes, Paltrow interviewed her assistant of 10 years Kevin Keating for The BFF Test. 

The rise of Gwyneth Paltrow

The daughter of Bruce Paltrow and Blythe Danner, Gwyneth Paltrow’s first movie credit was the 1991 drama Shout with John Travolta as an inspirational music teacher. She had roles in significant movies like the thrillers Malice and Flesh and Bone, the costume dramas Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle and Jefferson in Paris, and also appeared as Young Wendy in Hook and an uncredited student in Higher Learning.

The first breakthrough movie role for Paltrow was Se7en, in which she played Det. Mills (Brad Pitt)’s wife in the grim mystery. After the rom-com The Pallbearer, Paltrow got her breakthrough lead role as the title character in Emma. Costume dramas would continue to prove successful for her with Great Expectations and Shakespeare in Love, the latter of which won her an Oscar for playing the love of William Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes)’s life.

In between she had hits Sliding Doors, A Perfect Murder and The Talented Mr. Ripley and roles in Hush, Duets and Bounce, reuniting Paltrow with a Shakespeare costar Ben Affleck. Even the less successful films did not make her list of regrets. 

Gwyneth Paltrow calls this 2001 film her biggest regret

2001 also saw Paltrow cast in The Royal Tenenbaums. That wasn’t her regret. She names the Farrelly Brothers comedy Shallow Hal as such. One minute and 45 seconds into the video, she asks Keating if he knows what performance is her least favorite. He calls it “Shallow Hallow.”

“That was before your time,” Paltrow says. “See what happened, disaster.

Keating agreed, “I’m not sure who told you to do that one but it wasn’t me. I wasn’t there working for you. Not around for that.”

In Shallow Hal, Tony Robbins hypnotizes Hal (Jack Black) to see women’s inner beauty. Paltrow plays an overweight woman and wears a fat suit for her real world scenes, but when Hal sees her she appears as skinny Paltrow. 

Her favorite performance was not a movie

Before she asked Keating her least favorite, she also asked him what her favorite was. He guessed the Grammys and she said he was right. Paltrow performed “Forget You” with Cee-Lo Green in 2011.

“You know what is so weird, I was literally thinking about that in the car on the way over and I think you’re right,” Paltrow said.

Keating added, “I mean, who doesn’t like to see a girl get up on the piano with high heels on. Hello, done.”

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Watford 3-0 Liverpool: Unbeaten record falls as Sarr and Deeney strike

Watford 3-0 Liverpool: Ismaila Sarr brace and Troy Deeney strike sees unbeaten record come crashing down as Jurgen Klopp’s side lose for the first time all season

  • Premier League strugglers Watford pulled off a sensational victory over Jurgen Klopp’s high-flying Liverpool
  • Ismaila Sarr opened the scoring and poked home as Watford took a shock lead on the 53rd minute of play
  • Sarr then doubled the lead by chipping Alisson with calm and composure as the Hornets broke on the counter
  • As Liverpool surged forward to respond Troy Deeney scored Watford’s third goal after a defensive mistake
  • The only negative for Watford was the loss of forward Gerard Deulofeu, who left the field on a stretcher 

Sooner or later, everything changes. Everything comes to an end. Garbo talks. And Liverpool lose. 

We knew it would happen some time but of all the places in all of England, no one expected it to happen at Vicarage Road on a bitter evening in February against a Watford team fighting for its life. Disbelief lingered in the cold night air.

The defeat will only be cosmetic. It will not stop Liverpool winning their first league title for 30 years. But it felt like a seismic shock nonetheless. They had, after all, only dropped two points in 27 matches before this encounter. It had begun to seem likely that they would gild their title triumph by going the whole season unbeaten but two goals from Ismaila Sarr and another from Troy Deeney put paid to that tilt at history.

Sensational scenes unfolded at Vicarage Road as Troy Deeney lashed home Watford’s third goal of the afternoon

Watford turned on the form as the right time, as Liverpool wobbled for the first time all season and failed to respond

Ismaila Sarr had doubled the lead for his side after scoring a sublime chipped effort over the onrushing Alisson 

Vicarage Road exploded in celebration after the hosts took a surprise 2-0 lead and had leaders Liverpool on the back foot

Earlier, Sarr had nipped in front of Andy Robertson to poke home a cross and give Watford the lead at Vicarage Road

Nigel Pearson’s team handed Liverpool their first league defeat since their loss to Manchester City on 3 January 2019. It means that their lead over City at the top of the table remains at a mere 22 points. This was a blow to their pride but it probably only means they will clinch the league in early April rather than late March.

But they will not emulate Arsenal’s Invincibles, nor will they surpass that team’s record of 49 league games unbeaten. Liverpool’s own unbeaten run ended here on 44 unbeaten games. It also scotched their chance of setting a new European leagues record of 19 straight wins. None of that will matter to them particularly when they are holding the Premier League trophy.

Watford thoroughly deserved their win, which moved them out of the relegation zone on goal difference. They were better than Liverpool in every department. ‘It will be tough and very physical,’ Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp had said before the game. ‘They’ll show how much it means for them, we have to make sure we show what it means for us.’ For once, Liverpool did not do that.

By the end of the match, the Watford fans were delirious. ‘Can we play you every week?’ they sang giddily. Liverpool will get over it. It will be remembered as a blip in a marvellous league season but this was Watford’s night. ‘I just can’t get enough,’ Depeche Mode sang over the loud speaker system as the last players left the pitch. Watford will want more of this.


Watford (4-2-3-1): Foster 7; Femenía 7, Kabasele 7, Cathcart 7, Masina 6; Hughes 8, Capoue 7; Sarr 8(Pussetto 82 6); Doucouré 7; Deulofeu 7(Pereyra 37 6); Deeney 7.5

Subs: Gomes, Dawson, Welbeck, Chalobah, Gray, Pussetto, Pereyra

Bookings: None

Liverpool (4-3-3): Alisson 5; Alexander-Arnold 5, Lovren 5, Van Dijk 6, Robertson 6; Oxlade-Chamberlain 5(Origi 65 5), Fabinho 5, Wijnaldum 6; Salah 5, Firmino 5(Minamino 79 6), Mane 5.

Subs: Adrian, Minamino, Lallana, Origi, Matip, Jones, Hoever

Bookings: None

Referee: Michael Oliver

MOTM: Sarr

Attendance: 21,634

Season at a glance

The youngster peeled away in celebration after breaking the deadlock against Jurgen Klopp’s high-flying side

Manager Nigel Pearson congratulated his captain at the final whistle following the emphatic and surprising victory

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson was called into action and kept his side in the contest early by denying Deeney from close range

Alisson was then called into action again to get a meaty palm onto the ball and deny a fizzing effort from Ismaila Sarr

Watford created the first chance of the game after ten minutes when Abdoulaye Doucoure burst through the middle and played the ball out wide to Gerard Deulofeu on the left. Deulofeu cut inside on to his right foot and curled his shot over Alisson but just too high and it nestled on top of the net.

Deulofeu returned the favour a few minutes later as some of Liverpool’s passing became uncharacteristically sloppy. Deulofeu cut the ball back from the byline into the path of Doucoure 12 yards out but he scuffed his shot and it hit Virgil van Dijk and bounced away for a corner.

Liverpool’s only effort in the first 20 minutes was a sidefooted shot from Salah that went high into the side-netting and tricked some of the Liverpool fans in their section at the other end that they had scored. It is always a shock this season when Liverpool don’t score.

Watford were dealt a grievous blow, not just for this match but for their hopes of avoiding relegation, 13 minutes before the interval when Deulofeu challenged Van Dijk and caught his right foot in the turf. As he turned, his right knee buckled underneath him and twisted and hyper-extended. Referee Michael Oliver recognised the severity of what had happened and stopped play. Deulofeu was carried off on a stretcher, clutching an oxygen mask to his face.

It was in the fifth and final minute of the stoppage time added at the end of the half for the injury to Deulofeu that Watford should have scored. Dejan Lovren appeared to be holding Troy Deeney as he nodded a high ball clear but when Will Hughes headed the ball back into the area, Deeney challenged Alisson for it and the ball squirmed from his grasp.

Deeney pounced on it with his back to goal six yards out and turned and tried to chip it over the goalkeeper. Alisson pushed it away and when Deeney made a second attempt, it drifted just wide of Liverpool’s right hand post as Van Dijk shepherded it into touch.

Concern spread around Vicarage Road after Gerard Deulofeu went over awkwardly on his knee and required a stretcher

Fabinho signaled to the referee to stop the play after Deulofeu screamed out in pain after twisting over on his knee

Both managers greeted each other warmly on the touchline as they waited for the action to get under way

It was hardly Liverpool’s most impressive half of the season. They were second best for much of the first 45 minutes but they have shown time and time again during this campaign that they have the stomach for a fight. ‘We have to be 100% ready for these fights,’ Klopp had said the day before. ‘That’s what I love about my boys: when it’s not clicking they don’t lose desire. It is the other way.’

But Watford started the second half more brightly, too. Roberto Pereyra, who had come on for Deulofeu, threaded a pass through to Ismaila Sarr who hit a rising shot towards goal and forced a smart save out of Alisson, who tipped it over the crossbar.

Liverpool finally sparked into life when Van Dijk played Robertson in behind the Watford defence and Ben Foster had to get down sharply to beat his shot away. When the ball was crossed back in, it was too high for Mo Salah and after a goalmouth scramble, Foster fell gratefully on the ball, laughing at Watford’s escape.

That escape turned into an improbable lead nine minutes after half time. Watford took a throw from the left and when it bounced in the box, Deeney allowed it to pass over him and his marker, Lovren. The ball fell to Doucoure, who took it on his chest and volleyed it across goal for Sarr to prod it over the line.

Vicarage Road was caught between elation and surprise but they barely had time to let it sink in before Watford went further ahead. This time, the goal seemed to come out of nothing. There was a jumble of tackles on the touchline and when Deeney squirted a pass out of the melee, suddenly Sarr was running through clear on goal.

He managed his approach perfectly and as Alisson rushed out to meet him, Sarr lifted it over him expertly and it floated into the back of the net. The home support exploded with joy. Everyone else gazed on in something approaching disbelief.

Lallana, who had come on for Gini Wijnaldum, nearly dragged Liverpool back into the game when his left foot drive beat Foster but cannoned off the outside of the post.

It was the first time Liverpool had gone two goals down in a match since they played Barcelona at the Nou Camp in their Champions League semi-final but there was no second leg in this match for them to mount a comeback and Watford would not be denied.

They put the game out of even Liverpool’s reach in the 72ndminute when Trent Alexander-Arnold underhit a backpass to Alisson. Sarr was there again to intercept it but this time he turned provider. He controlled the ball and laid it calmly back to Deeney who sidefooted it high into the net. Watford were 3-0 up.

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