You can now buy Caramilk Top Deck bars – and they look so tasty

We’re always up for trying a new treat, and this particular chocolate bar has made it to the top of our must-buy list.

Why? Because it looks so delicious that we can almost justify the price tag.

Behold: the Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramilk Top Deck bar.

As the name gives away, this is a bar of Dairy Milk chocolate, topped with a layer of Caramilk – a caramel flavoured chocolate.

The bar used to only be available over in Australia, as a limited edition special.

But now, those of us in the UK can get hold of a Caramilk Top Deck – but it’ll cost quite a bit.

GBGifts, who import exclusive items from around the world, is selling a 175g bar for £5.99… quite a bit more than your standard corner shop choc.

But clearly people are willing to pay up, as the product is currently sold out.

Kevssnackreviews, our go-to for foodie views, says the Caramilk Top Deck is ‘nice’, but not as good as the Caramilk Marble or Hokey Pokey (a Caramilk bar with honeycomb pieces. Both of these are still in stock on GBGifts, so you could always give those a go instead.

‘I’ve loved all the new Australian Caramilk spin-offs over the last year or so, and the latest is this Top Deck, which consists of Dairy Milk topped with Caramilk chocolate,’ wrote Kev.

‘It’s nice enough, and gives a good mix of creamy sweet caramel flavour and milk chocolate flavour.

‘But it’s not quite as amazing as other recent Caramilk spin-offs like Marble or Hokey Pokey. I think adding something else to the layers would have made it more exciting.

‘Overall though not bad, it’s certainly a nice novelty! I got this from @gbgifts.’

If you don’t fancy shelling out or waiting for a restock, we have an easy solution.

Just grab a bar of Dairy Milk and a bar of Caramilk, stack one on top of the other, and take a bite. Simple.

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