Yorkshire Tea reigns supreme as woman sparks social media frenzy with one simple question

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An American woman named Melissa Amateis took to Twitter to ask her 6,000 followers what the best kind of British tea is. She said: “Ok, UK followers, what is the best kind of British tea? I want to start drinking it and need to know what to try.”

Hundreds of Brits offered their advice, and it appears Yorkshire tea is the nation’s favourite. One woman said: “I drink gallons of tea, and my favourite by far is Yorkshire Tea. 

“But I am emphatically not gourmet – I don’t like any ‘fancy’ teas at all, not even Earl Grey, which is much loved by many Brits.”

Another added: “Definitely Yorkshire Tea, it always gets me a much needed caffeine boost in the morning, it is delicious.”

A third said: “Yorkshire Tea obviously. Family-owned. Eco-friendly. Ethically grown with fair wages paid. And easily the strongest teabag of the main brands.”

Another Yorkshire Tea-lover suggested an unconventional brewing method which got people fired up. She said: “You need warmed teapot NO tea bags. Yorkshire Tea is a good brew. Also, Ringtons breakfast loose. Fresh water, poured over tea as soon as it is at a proper boil. Let it brew couple of minutes, stir. Milk first.”

The milk-first debate reared its head once again with an outraged user replying: “Milk first?! Don’t we still burn people at the stake for such heresy?”

The debate then got really heated when one user controversially suggested PG Tips with oat milk.

Many were disgusted with the idea with one man replying: “Oat milk!!! PG Tips!!! Give Melissa a fighting chance to enjoy a brew.”

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Another joked: “This is a pretty controversial topic to dive into. Might be better sticking to something less controversial like the Israel/Palestine violence over the past few days?”

Just last month, a study confirmed that Yorkshire Tea was the nation’s best-loved tea with 25 percent of respondents citing it as their favourite.

Tetley and Twinings came in second and third place respectively. 

The poll from Gorgeous Cottages also revealed that 35 percent of people put milk in their tea before water and more than one third claim to have four cups of tea a day.

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