Women Team with Struggling D.C. Restaurants to Feed Health Care Workers: 'It's a Warm Hug'

“When you order lunch for 75 people, that makes the restaurant happy,” says Tompkins. “And the response we’ve gotten from hospitals has overwhelmingly been, ‘Wow, people haven’t forgotten about us healthcare workers.'”

Tompkins and Cannova, who both live in D.C., find immense joy from this kind of reaction.

“It’s been amazing from top to bottom,” says Tompkins.

For the restaurant workers, “We give them a sliver of stability,” she says.

As for the healthcare workers? Tompkins recently received a text from a nurse who asked about the upcoming week’s meal schedule to tell her fellow nurses and doctors.

“So I sent her the list of where the food would be coming from,” says Tompkins, “and she screenshotted a text she got back and it said, ‘Tell them this is the only light I have to look forward to in this bleak hospital.”‘

Adds Cannova: “They think it’s a warm hug.”

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