Woman with big boobs shows bikini hack to protect your neck from chest pain

A plus size woman has shared a bikini hack to lift pressure from neck and give better support to the breasts – and people were amazed by the results.

Swimwear expert Allison Kimmey, from US, promotes body positivity in her vidoes on TikTok while sharing styling tips for big girls to pick a bikini that suits different body types.

The UK size 24 influencer said a halterneck style bikini could "hurt your neck" if wearing it for long hours but she has a way to fix the problem.

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Allison, who wears a pastel coloured bikini, explains: "We're going to flip this whole bikini top around, so these straps are now the ones that to be at the bust and take these two straps and we're going to twist them together.

"Doesn't really matter how many times, okay, as I'm going to put this over my head – don't let go of these.

"Now that it's over my head I'm going to separate them and it's going to get a little tricky – you might need a helper.

"What I'm going to do is tie it on the string on my back.

"Watch carefully how I put one under one strap underneath and one over top and I'm just gonna tie a knot."

She then lets go of her hands and turns around to show how the bikini looks from the front.

"It took the pressure off the neck and it distributed it evenly and it even looks cute," Allison says.

Viewers were stunned and loved Allison's alternate trick to wear a bikini.

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"This is actually so helpful, thank you so much!" one fan said and a second penned: "Oh my God, I have been struggling with the neck for my whole life, urgh, the pain.

"Thank you and you are so adorable."

Allison explained that flipping the bikini around gives you a little more movement and adjustability, but it's not a necessary step if you don't want to.


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