Woman who has never burped in her life gets Botox in neck in bid to belch

A woman who has never burped in her life received Botox in her neck in hopes she could finally belch.

Esme Reynard is physically unable to release the extra gas from her gut like the rest of us.

Instead of a mighty burp, the mum lets out her own 'personal' sound which does not have the same distinct belching sound.

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So in pursuit of being able to let out gas like the rest of us, Esme decided to get an injection in her throat sphincter in hopes of being able to burp for the first time.

In a TikTok clip that racked up 2.7 million views, the parent filmed a 'daily vlog' for her 44,000 followers to show behind the scenes of the big day.

She explained: "Daily vlog of a girl who literally cannot burp who is getting Botox injected into her throat sphincter today to allow herself to burp. As instead of burping makes these weird throat noises when the air tried to escape."

Esme then demonstrated the unique sound she makes instead of the common belching tone. She giggled after she made the croak-like noise.

"I got my family up and we jumped into the car and headed to the hospital that was in Chelsea", she continued.

"I'm having the procedure done by Lucy Hickman who is a surgeon who came well recommended."

Before her appointment, a "nervous" Esme ate an oat bar in case she felt faint during her burp inducing Botox.

Once she reached the private hospital, the mum said she had "no waiting time" and was hooked up to a machine that monitored her electrical activity which would help find the right muscle in her neck.

After the surgeon found the correct muscle, she injected the Botox is Esme's neck.

"It was so easy and honestly less painful than a vaccination", the TikToker claimed.

"It was all over in half an hour and I headed up to grab my family and head back home.

"Honestly, I was so nervous and it was like a breeze but now we wait. So either tomorrow and the day after I might do my first ever burp, fingers crossed."

It seems that Esme is not the only who has had trouble burping as many people took to the comments to relate to mum's inability to belch.

One person commented: "Throat gurgle people unite!!! I can’t believe other people have this! I’m so interested to see if it works for you!"

Another user added: "I’m so glad I’ve found my people!! No one believes me when I tell them I physically cannot burp!"

While a third voiced: "OMG I can't burp either!! So happy to know I'm not alone."

Someone else said: "I used to not be able to burp and then I tried so hard for so long and suddenly one day, I started burping the most voluptuous burps I’ve ever heard."

Meanwhile, a fifth expressed: "Omg growing up I could never burp but all my siblings could I was so jealous, I still can’t do it at will lol."

Fingers crossed for Esme…


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