Woman horrified after seeing tattoo artist branded her with their initials

A customer was left horrified after discovering that their tattoo artist had secretly 'branded' them with their initials.

Taking to Reddit to share the tale, the customer said she had visited a tattoo shop in their area armed with a photo of the design she wanted.

The "special" design was a duplicate of one that their father, late grandfather, and great grandfather all had, according to The Mirror.

So she requested that it looked exactly as it did in the photo.

Initially, the woman said she was thrilled with the finished tattoo – until her great-grandma pointed out something odd.

"A few weeks later when I show my great grandmother the tattoo she grabs my arm to look at and compliment it, then asks, 'Who's AJ?,'" she said.

"I asked her what she means, and she points out on the tattoo where the initials A and J or maybe T were hidden into the tattoo.

"I'm instantly p***ed, as my artist's name is Alice Trever [name changed].

"She tries to assure me it's no big deal if I hadn't noticed it until now, but I still reached out to the artist sort of irritated."

The woman requested a partial refund from the tattoo artists, but they wouldn't give it to her.

"They told me the style of art I got is called traditional and it's 'pretty trad' for all artists who do that style to do it," she said.

"I demanded a partial refund and they refused, so I complained to the owner who made the artist give me a full refund.

"Now the artist is running a full smear campaign, talking about moving shops, and all kinds of cr*p."

They concluded the post by asking users whether they were in the wrong for pushing the issue, but they said she deserves more than just a refund.

One person said: "I would even consider suing. They kind of branded you with their initials… And they should get fired."

Another put: "The artist had no right to hide their initials on your skin without your consent. I would be highly upset if it was done to me."

A third added: "[Original poster] should do a call out campaign and try to see if any other of her clients were unknowingly 'branded' just like them. Could be quite the big lawsuit…"

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