Woman fuming as husband would rather spend time with work wife than her

A woman was left feeling angry after her husband began speaking to his “work wife” more than her and shared photos of their life together with his coworker.

The wife posted her worries online asking for advice after her partner began referring to his colleague as his “work wife” and “work mistress”.

She admitted that she’d never really had an issue with the nickname, but began to feel on edge when he started spending more time with his coworker than with her, reports the Mirror.

And, he would constantly send photos of his time spent with his wife to his “work mistress”.

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Sharing the story on Reddit, in a post which has since been deleted, the woman said: "My husband and I have been together 11 years. He has had platonic friendships at work and refers to these women as work wife or work mistress.

"I have absolutely no problems with that. His job was making him unhappy at work and home so we sat down together and figured out he should switch jobs so he wasn’t as stressed.

"His work mistress had recently moved to another company about an hour away working for an ex-boss of theirs from the previous company.

"My husband was offered a job there and he is so happy there! I am so glad he made the move. Here is the problem I have."

She continued: "For example, we have a special needs child and when she does certain things to be funny we make a big deal out of it. She did one such thing as she was going to bed.

"My husband laughed at her antics then pulled out his phone to text his 'best friend' and tell her about it, as we were spending time as a family putting our child to bed.

"Then just yesterday we went to a local small zoo and while my husband was in the moment all throughout our walk in the zoo he was taking pictures.

"Not of me and my daughter enjoying the zoo but just of the animals. Then when we got in the car he started sending pictures.

"At first I thought he was sending them to me and I even thanked him. BUT, turns out he was sending them to her and then he sent them to me."

She asked the commenters whether she was wrong to take issue with the relationship.

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One person commented: "It's good he found a job he is happy in, but your feelings aren't unreasonable here, even if you found no evidence of cheating. Listen to your gut. NTA for simply wanting to have a conversation with him about it. It's probably a conversation worth having."

Another said: "This whole 'work wife' thing is weird. And IMO just an excuse people use to low-key emotionally cheat on their SO's.

“The actions of your SO are a red flag. Watch out."

A third added: "Emotional cheating is a thing, but it's something that needs to be defined within your relationship.

“No outsider can tell you if what your husband is doing is ok or not ok, it needs to be established amongst the two of you."

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