Woman fakes pregnancy to smuggle iPhones and tech across border in baby bump

A woman in China has been caught red-handed pretending to be pregnant, in order to smuggle hundreds of computer processors and iPhones across the border.

According to local news reports, the woman in question was entering China from Macau late in November when customs officers stopped and asked her about her 'unusual' posture.

She said she was five months pregnant but inspectors were suspicious given the sheer size of her belly.

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Once the officials ran her through a scanner, they quickly realised that she was not pregnant at all. Instead, she was wearing a prosthetic baby bump stuffed with more than 100 Intel processors and nine iPhones.

What reportedly gave the game away was the fact her belly was big enough for her to be 40 weeks pregnant, but the smuggler was able to walk quickly and told officials she was only five or six months pregnant.

This isn't the first time someone has tried to smuggle iPhones through border security around China.

In 2017, border officials at Hong Kong arrested a woman who had strapped 102 iPhones to her body as she attempted to cross into mainland China.

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Customs officials noticed she was wearing 'more clothes than was appropriate' for the weather

China has a huge black market in technology, with gigantic wholesale stores selling counterfeit, stolen and fake goods.

One Forbes report highlights how convenient it is to buy fake smartphones in China, where 'bandits' sell phones that have 'the superficial look and feel of brand-name handsets but at a fraction of the price'.

This is viewed as a means for poorer people to get their hands on similar gadgets to everyone else, and is even said to be viewed as a good thing for consumers.


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